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April 18, 2004 

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Tremendous !

Really this is a tremendous news for everybody .No doubt, someone may treat this as an interesting news simultaneously. I think most of the newspaper readers have gone through this news on 14 April in almost every leading newspaper of Bangladesh. There have a photo of a middle-aged man with a child in his arms, Iman Ali, three years old. Yes, he is Iman Ali who has got the bail from the CMM court of Dhaka in the cost of 5 thousands taka for having a complain of attempt to murder against him. In the prima facie this question may arise to everyone, is it really possible for a 3 years old child to take an attempt to murder, who does not know the idea of a crime. Even who has no worldly interest at all. No doubt, Iman Ali's brother or his relatives may commit a crime or there may have an enmity with them. But why an innocent child will be the intended victim of it? So, where we are going day by day? Our morality, humanity? Further, in the FIR of the case Iman Ali's name was not included, nevertheless his name has come to the charge sheet. Okay, let the complaint be! But how it is possible to include the name of a child in the charge sheet without having his name to the First Information report? So we may guess that police has taken up the case without investigation. And this is the real condition of our law and order situation in our country. Shame to me having a member of such a society where even an innocent child is also not safe from me! How I will be answerable to the next generation in future? Well, this is the time to escape us from such a worse situation. We should change our mentality that a child should be above of every enmity. After all, the police should be serious during the investigation. Otherwise a furious dangerous time will knock in our door to damn the whole society!

Atahar Ali Khokon, Student of LL.M, Islamic University,Kushtia


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