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July 4, 2004 

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Former Chief Justice Mainur Reza Chowdhury passes away
Former Chief Justice of Bangladesh Justice Mainur Reza Chowdhury has passed away on June 27, 2004. He was a champion of justice and passed some landmark judgements. He was chairing the full branch when Supreme Court passed verdict on Ekushey Television. Nation has lost a good citizen at his death.

His wife Ms. Nazma Chowdhury is also an educationist and was the adviser of a caretaker government in 1996. His wife also played a vital role as an adviser of the caretaker government in conducting election in 1996. Their children are also very successful in their professional careers.

Bangladesh needs such people in great number at this moment. His ideal of upholding justice and impartiality would inspire his predecessors, nevertheless.
Oli Md. Abdullah Chowdhury
Nikunjha Residential area, Dhaka.

Why not an Ombudsman
Bangladesh is one of the most corrupt country in the world. For the third time, this country has become top listed by the TIB report for the corruption and manipulation in its total activities. From the topmost officials of the Govt to the clarks or pions are involved in various kinds of grafts. The officials of private companies are not also excluded from this respect. We are an unfortunate nation that everyday we have to read the news of huge corruption. Hundreds of examples can be seen in newspaper. But our law enforcing agency and justice system have failed against it because of their corruption. Then what is the resort to have an honest country? Is there any effective enforcement mechanism to stop this corruption? Can the so-called independent corruption repression commission (recently made) eradicate this misfortunes? Where the constitutional provision (Art.77) lies and law (The Ombudsman Act, 1981) has already been made for its implementation and this has been proved successful in other countries. Then why can't we have it forceful by legislative action? Unluckily our Govt. was so eager to display the portraits of their heads in Govt. offices and other institutions even by the constitutional amendment, which was not so much necessary for the welfare of a nation. I think that there is no alternative way to enforce an Ombudsman to oppose the potential race of corruption and the waste of thousands crore of money and I expect that the civil society will agree with me.
Muhammad Jakarya
LLB 3rd year, Dhaka University.

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