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August 1, 2004 

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Acid test for the United States
Defying the ruling of the International Court of Justice, construction of the barrier by Israel is still continuing on the Palestinian land. Couple of weeks ago, the learned judges of the ICJ representing 14 states including Britain, China, France were of opinion that construction of the 975 km long barrier by Israel on the land rightfully claimed by the Palestinians is illegal and the wall built so far should be dismantled immediately. By paying due compensation to the Palestinians who suffered for such construction. The only judge who was dissented the finding was from USA. When the question arose on the legality of the construction of barrier by Israel, then it was duly sent to the International Court of Justice for 'advisory opinion' on the issue. After a long legal hearing the court concludes that the construction of such barrier by Israel is not fair and it goes against the basic human rights of the Palestinians. But, according to the UN law the verdict of the court is not mandatory. Law empowers the UN Security Council to enforce the decision made by the International Court of justice. Now it is up to the Security Council to pass a resolution confirming the ruling of the Court. But the US wielding veto power in the SC may refrain from voting for a resolution raising the question of jurisdiction of the World Court in deciding such a case which is claimed by the US as a political one. What is unfortunate is that while the entire world is opposing the construction of that wall which impedes the Palestinians to exercise their fundamental rights, the Israeli Govt. turning a deaf ear to the strong voice continuing the construction of the barrier with the support of its mentor (US). It is time the US should unite itself with the voice crying for justice. Showing minimum respect to the International Law and to the opinion of the peace-loving people of the world, the US should facilitate the passing of a resolution in the Security Council of the United Nations. Otherwise the lesson of democracy and rule of law preached by the USA will be proved to be an empty practice.
Md. Kamal Hossain Meahzi
LL.B (Hons)
Chittagong University.

Thanks to minister of law
We, the students of law became so happy to hear the news that our honorable minister of law, justice and parliamentary affairs declared that the judiciary would be soon independent of control or interference from the executive according to the directions of the Supreme Court. And he will take no more increment of time from the court to complete this task. He also informed that it would be finished within July. It is a matter of joy that he is the only minister who implemented this great demand of our soul. So we, on behalf of all law learners and professional congratulate him. The independence of judiciary will bring a real development in our constitutionalism and ensure right and justice in our country. Bangladesh will reach a new stage of democracy.
In fine, we will expect eternal peace for the departed soul of Barrister Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed who have started this difficult and greatest activity.
Md. Jakarya, Shihab, Mustafa, Rubel
L.L.B. 3rd Year.
Dhaka University.

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