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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 70
May 31 , 2008

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Daily Life blues

Remedy for cell phone blues

Modern technology aids us in every step of life. Without it life becomes difficult and we cannot bear to live without it even for a single day in our lives. Of all the technological sweeteners in our life; one of the most significant is the mobile phone. In recent years this device has been playing an enormous role especially in our country. Albeit there are lots of pros and cons, it is getting more popular day by day. In our country there are six mobile companies and they are very competitive in their call-rates. They offer lots of facilities, as a result of that people are very prompt in accepting all those offers. There are lots of people who use more than one cellular phone. More often than not the cheap rates of call and low SIM Card prices cause several problems and confusion, even people having one number may suffer a lot. One such scenario is depicted below.

A friend of mine named 'Nuzhat' is a university student. In general she has a group of intimate friends. It was helpful for her communication with friends by the help of mobile phone. Suddenly she found that frequent missed calls were coming from several numbers and many messages using some awkward words. Through call screening she created a group in her mobile phone to restrain unwanted numbers but it wasn't very useful. Being outraged by this she went to her service provider's office to get relief from this situation. The suggestions you may receive are almost same for all the mobile companies, which are as follows-

1. First of all a sufferer has to bring a written complaint mentioning all the details.
2. A copy of general dairy that is filed with the nearest police station should also be provided, but this is not necessary for Grameen Phone.
3. After receiving these documents, concerned company will close the number if that belongs to them.

In this way one can get relief from the worst situation of threat or disturbance. However, this seems to be a tedious routine in return for a solution. Another way out, as most choose to do, is shift to another number, inform contacts of the new number and hoping not to receive unwanted missed calls and messages.

- Law Desk.


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