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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 88
October 11 , 2008

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California (US) Laws

Vehicles may not contain sound systems which allow someone to hear noise outside the vehicle. However, this does not apply to a vehicle which is attempting to sell something

Citation: Section 9.07.010 Raucous Noise.
No driver of a vehicle shall operate or permit operation of any radio system intended to make sound audible outside the vehicle when the vehicle is being operated upon a highway, unless such system is being operated to request assistance or warn of a hazardous situation. This section shall not apply to authorized emergency vehicles or vehicles operated by gas, electric, communications, or water utilities. This section shall not apply to the radio systems of vehicles used for advertising, or in parades, political or other special events, except that use of radio systems on such vehicles may be prohibited by a local authority by ordinance or resolution.

All food in a children's camp must be approved by the director before being used
Citation: 11.08.080 Food supply.
It is unlawful to use any food in a children's camp unless such food is from a source approved by the director.

It is illegal to set metal balloons afloat in the air
Citation: 11.69.010 Metallic balloons.
B. Ban. It shall be unlawful to allow one or more metallic balloons to float, rise or remain aloft outdoors at a height of five feet or more for any advertising, promotional or commercial purpose.

No person may charge admission to a house party
Citation: 13.41.020 Charging admission to parties in residential zones prohibited.
It is unlawful to charge admission to any party conducted in a residential zone.

It is illegal to skateboard and roller-skate through the courthouse and library
Citation: 17.20.010 Skateboarding and roller-skating prohibited.
No person shall use or operate any skateboard or roller skates on county property at the following locations, except in areas designated for such purposes by the director of the county department having jurisdiction thereof:
A. The Los Angeles County Superior Court at 200 West Compton Boulevard, Compton, California;
B. The Compton Branch of the County Public Library at 240 West Compton Boulevard, Compton, California.

It is unlawful to give another fireworks
Explanation: Tumbleweeds abound in this region, so fireworks are a definite fire hazard. To prevent large-scale forest fires, this law was passed.
Citation: Section 9.20.020 Unlawful uses.
It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to have in his or its possession, or to keep, store, use, shoot, discharge, set off ignite, manufacture, sell, give, or transport, any fireworks, pursuant to a permit obtained under the provisions of Sections 12509, 12511, 12413, 12600 et seq. and 12650 et seq. of the Health and Safety Code of the State of California.

Growing oleander flowers is illegal
Citation: Section 6.08.010 Prohibition.
No person, corporation or public agency shall plant or cultivate the oleander plant at any place in the city for any purpose whatsoever.

It is illegal to fish from an overpass in the city
Citation: 9.36.010 Jumping or fishing from bridge or overpassProhibited.
It shall be unlawful for any person to jump or fish from any bridge or overpass located within the city limits.

No person may carry a fish into a bar
Citation: 6.05.410 Animals prohibited from food establishments.
It is unlawful for any person to allow or permit any animal in, or take any animal, whether loose, on a leash, or in arms, into any food establishment, such as a restaurant, grocery store, meat market or into any place where alcoholic beverages are sold, except guide dogs or dogs being trained as guide dogs.

One may not raffle off a dog as a gift in any public place
Citation: 6.12.020 Selling, giving away or auctioning animals. It is a violation of this title to sell or give away unaltered dogs and cats in any public places or to auction off or raffle unaltered dogs and cats as prizes or gifts. No person in the city shall publish or advertise to city residents the availability of any unaltered cat or dog unless the publication or advertisement includes: the unaltered animal's license number, provided, however that nothing in this ordinance shall prohibit licensed breeders from advertising in national publications for sale of a planned litter or litter(s).

Remote control cars can only be driven in designated areas of city parks
Citation: 10-1.03 Restricted acts.
It shall be unlawful for any person within the limits of public schools, parks, recreation areas, and open spaces which are now or which may hereafter be within the City, including all grounds, roadways, avenues, parks, buildings, campgrounds, swimming pools, equestrian trails, bicycle trails, hiking trails, and school facilities under the control, management, or direction of either the Simi Valley Unified School District and the Simi Valley Recreation and Park District:
(d) To play or engage in the flying of motorized or self-propelled model airplanes or rockets or motorized self-propelled model cars and boats, the driving of golf balls, archery, baseball, softball, football, soccer, volleyball, or any similar game of a hazardous nature, except at such places and times as shall be especially set apart for such purposes;

Source: www.crazy-laws.com


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