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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 102
January 17, 2009

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Intriguing laws…

Any person who shall pretend or exercise to use any type of witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment, or pretend knowledge in any occult or craft or science shall for any such offence suffer imprisonment at the time of one whole year and also shall be obliged to obscursion for his/her good behaviour.

Bicycles may not ridden without a license.
Raising a pig on Israeli soil will result in the murder of said pig.
Why does this law exist? Israel is a Jewish state and pigs are not "kosher" to eat. Therefore, raising of these animals has no purpose for the "good" of the country.
If you have been maintaining an illegal radio station for five or more years, the station becomes legal.
Why does this law exist? This law was actually passed by the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), but was immediately petitioned against to the Israeli High Court of Justice, which has power of judicial review concerning the Knesset's legislation. The Court ordered the law temporarily frozen two years ago, in order to allow the parties to plead their case. Meanwhile, no illegal radio stations could be "laundered" and none were legalized. In early 2002, the Court passed down it's verdict: the law was declared null and void (the first time in Israeli legal history that the power of judicial review has been so actively used, by the way).
It is against the law to feed animals in public places.
It is considered an offence to operate a mobile spay/neuter clinic - it is considered peddling.
It is forbidden to bring bears to the beach.
No loud voices or big lights are allowed during weekends.
The raising of Rotweiler dogs is prohibited.
Why does this law exist? Two young girls were killed by dogs of the Rottweiler breed, and to hopefully protect other citizens from such attacks, the prohibition of raising Rottweilers was put into effect.
Picking one's nose on the Sabbath is illegal.
Why does this law exist? The reports about the prohibition were widely circulated and misunderstood in the secular press in Israel - to say nothing of abroad. The press reported a religious directive, handed down by a Rabbi, prohibiting nose picking on Sabbath. The reasoning behind this directive was the loss of nasal hair, cause for bleeding, etc. which violated the religious code governing the sanctity of the Sabbath. Rabbinical directives, or any other form of religious law, are not legally binding and are not, and cannot, be enforced by the State of Israel. They are directed to believers of the Jewish faith (wherever they may reside), and not to citizens of Israel. Furthermore, they bind only those who feel religiously obliged to seek rabbinical authority on such lofty spiritual issues as boogers.

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