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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 122
June 13 , 2009

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Tipai emits an air of eerie feelings
Ignoring its promise, India in the last four years has refrained from sharing technical information with Bangladesh about building the Tipaimukh Dam in the bordering Manipur state, triggering public uncertainty and outcry over its possible negative impact on the neighbouring country. While India has not started construction of Tipaimukh dam on the Barak river near Manipur-Mizoram border, it had floated international tender in 2005 and opened the bid in 2006 during the era of former BNP-Jamaat alliance rule. -The Daily Star, June 11, 2009.

62 'political' cases to be dropped
The government has decided to recommend withdrawal of 62 "politically motivated" cases filed against Awami League leaders, including 12 against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. State Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Quamrul Islam yesterday said they received 824 applications for withdrawal of cases filed during the tenures of the BNP-led four-party alliance government and the last caretaker government. "We have reviewed 113 of those cases and found 62 fit for withdrawal," he said. -The Daily Star, June 11, 2009.

Eviction drive extends to Shitalakhya
Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) and Narayanganj district administration launched a drive to evict the land grabbers along the river Shitalakhya and knocked down parts of five multi-storey buildings. Sources said part of a semi-concrete yarn coning factory and around eight to 10 small makeshift structures were also demolished during the daylong eviction drive against structures built illegally on the river. -The Daily Star, June 10, 2009.

Nizami found guilty of Tk 35cr misuse
A government probe team detected that former agriculture minister Matiur Rahman Nizami was behind misuse, waste and misappropriation of at least Tk 35 crore of Barind Multipurpose Development Authority (BMDA) during the four-party alliance rule. The team also found that Tk 81.27 crore more of BMDA was wasted, misused or embezzled during that period. In response, Nizami, who heads Jamaat-e-Islami, a partner of the four-party alliance, told The Daily Star, "I am surprised hearing about the probe report. I am in no way involved in the alleged corruption and misuse, waste and misappropriation of BMDA money. This is a politically-motivated move against me with an intention to defame me." -The Daily Star, June 10, 2009.

Tannery shifting must by Feb: HC
Demarcation of the rivers around the capital will be determined within four months apparently in a last-ditch effort to save the dying rivers from encroachers and polluters. Rampant pollution and indiscriminate encroachment on the Buriganga, Turag, Balu and Shitalakkhya continued as the government agencies pinned the blame on loopholes in the laws, while the court observed that the government was slow in taking action. Against this backdrop, a High Court bench on Thursday directed the deputy commissioners (DCs) of Dhaka, Narayanganj, Gazipur and Munshiganj to give their opinions on steps to save the rivers. -The Daily Star, June 09, 2009.

Girl dies, 400 fall sick
A six-year-old girl of Munshiganj died of what the parents claimed the after effect of Vitamin A capsule and deworming tablet. More than 400 children who were reportedly provided with Vitamin A capsules along with deworming tablets sought treatment at different hospitals across the country with diarrhoea, stomach ache and nausea symptoms. The government has formed a five-member investigation committee to find out whether the children's falling sick was related to the Vitamin A Plus campaign. The committee headed by Director of Primary Health Care Jahangir Alam will place its report in three days.
-The Daily Star, June 09, 2009.

Army seeks to form crisis unit
Bangladesh Army seeks to form a special unit named, Quick Reaction Force (QRF), to ensure the country's internal security, particularly to tackle on an urgent basis -- incidents like mutinies and bombings. Terming such an unit 'indispensable' for the country 'under the current circumstances', the army in a report claimed that QRF troops will be able to neutralise the threats to the nation much quicker, sources said quoting from the proposals stipulated in the report. Placed for discussion before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Defence Ministry, the report also suggested that the government approves formation of a QRF brigade. -The Daily Star, June 08, 2009.

Operation Clean Heart to be opened
The government as part of its stance against extrajudicial killings is likely to examine whether the controversial Joint Drive Indemnity Act, 2003 that indemnified all concerned for their acts during the Operation Clean Heart should be scrapped. Meanwhile, rights activists and eminent jurists who were strong critics of the law still believe it should be repealed to ensure fundamental rights of the people as enshrined in the constitution. Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shafique Ahmed told The Daily Star the government would examine the indemnity law if any person aggrieved by the joint operation wishes to get remedy or justice which has been prohibited by the law. -The Daily Star, June 08, 2009.

Demolition goes on, not the restoration
Officials involved in the ongoing government drive for demolishing illegal structures in the Turag river, expressed an urgent need for excavators to remove the debris, for recovering the river's encroached upon channel. Abul Bashar Md Amir Uddin, the on-duty magistrate from Gazipur district administration, who is helping Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) in the drive, told The Daily Star that they need another team, which will work with an excavator and some other modern equipment to remove the debris following demolitions. -The Daily Star, June 07, 2009.

One-stop land service Sept 1
Finance Minister AMA Muhith said a single counter at the sub-registrar's offices will receive all land registration fees to reduce existing registration hassles from September 1. Muhith said currently people pay different kinds of fees for registration at separate sections of an office, leading to payment of a significant amount of bribe by both buyers and sellers at each table. The minister urged the sub-registrars to restore the heritage of the sub-registry offices by serving the people without any repression, oppression, bribe or threats. -The Daily Star, June 07, 2009.

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