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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 218
May14, 2011

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Law Book Review

Accessibility to legal matters

Publisher: Palal Prokashoni
Date of publication:February 2010
Price-150 (BDT)

In the book “Ainer Katha” Tanzim Al Islam endeavored to make a good deal of legal matters accessible of the general people. In the preface of the book Tanzim categorically mentioned the object behind his Endeavour. He believes that if people know rudimentary matters of law their sufferings will reduce drastically. Specially, laws of daily importance like family laws and land related laws.

The author in 5 different heads identified some legal anomaly in substantive and procedural matters. He pointed out some problems and suggested a number of viable cogent solutions.

Under the first head “Family matters” another lucidly explained the principle of family courts and family related legal matters including Hilla Marriage, rights of women in case of dissolution of marriage etc. He suggested some reforms in family law and ultimately he advocated for uniform family code.

Second part of the book deals with land related matters. Tanzim discussed in a very plain language rather than that of typical pattern of legal literature. It is almost exhume in our country that land related suits involve cost and hassle that at the end of the day neither the loser nor the winner wins at all. Third part of the book is named 'justice system”. Here Tanzim discussed both practical and legal aspect of justice system. This part splinted the book literally into two. In the second half he focused on some theoretical issues through these also have implications in daily life.

In this section author identified drawbacks in our legal system. First he explained the causes of procrastination in civil cases. Tanzim also criticized investigation system and procedure of bail.He also includes the complexities of the Hill tracts judicial system

Fourth part of the book namely Law and crime includes causation of crime from psychological perspective. Tanzim rightfully highlighted the flaws of jail system. Among other things worth nothing this chapter provides reader the causes of prevailing white collar criminality, Juvenile delinquency and nature of suicide incidents. Here the students of law, criminology and social welfare will find some match with their syllabi.Tanzim explained the malpractice of fatwa with some case studies and recent developments of judicial decisions.

At the very ending chapter of the part Tanzim succinetly noted how legal provisions are failing to protect the cause of citizens where people are subjected to doctor's negligence and his argued that though there are some legal provisions implication hardly seen. Tanzim that's why proposed to enact a new law to regulate the right of citizens health care.

From the very nomenclature of the last part of the book it is apparent to the readers that this part treats of constitution human rights and some other miscellaneous issues.

As Tanzim in the proem of the book mentioned that the articles published in the book were written for publishing daily newspapers. These are naturally very brief in shape; there was no scope to go for details. Writings were re-edited to include in the book, still there is scope for improvements.

Inspite of the shortcomings Tanzim showed good acumen in writing the book for the mass. Probably that is why than Ex chairman of Bangladesh Law commission Justice Muhammad Abdur Rashid in his forward to the book expressed his optimism that the book will be useful for general readers, researchers, lawyers, students and all people concerned with law including judges.

Reviewed by Mahadi Hasan Khan
LL.M(Hons) Dhaka University.





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