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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 309
February 23, 2013

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Advanced arbitration training for the professionals

Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC) and International Law Institute (ILI), Washington DC, USA launched the country's first-ever Advanced Arbitration training today at a local hotel. The program was inaugurated by Barrister Shafique Ahmed, Minister for Law. In his speech, the Minister lauded commencement of the advanced training on Arbitration organized by BIAC and ILI with the support of IFC. Minister Ahmed said our courts are burdened with huge backlog of cases causing delay in disposal. To address the problem, the Government has undertaken a number of measures to expedite disposal of cases. A number of significant amendments have been enacted making ADR as a method of settlement of disputes mandatory. But to get results of these changes in our laws we require trained ADR professionals in the country.

This training programme will help create a pool of ADR professionals which is critical to implement the amendments already passed. The Minister praised the important role played by BIAC in institutionalizing arbitration in the country. He hoped that BIAC's effort to impart training in arbitration will bring good results. A day may not be very far when BIAC's name will be mentioned as seat of arbitration in commercial contracts side by side with Singapore and Paris. He also praised the trainers from ILI and advised them to make their instructions relevant to the participants.

In his welcome statement, BIAC Chief Executive Dr. Toufiq Ali narrated the activities of BIAC. He said that recent amendments in our laws have made ADR mandatory in many areas. This training programme will fill the dearth of ADR professionals in the country. Dr. Ali referred to the on-going movement going on at Shahbagh Square, which is peaceful and disciplined. Although there has been some disruption to city traffic, business and industry is continuing normally. He observed that the whole nation is shocked at the gruesome murder of Blogger Rajiv and hoped that the killers will be identified and apprehended soon.

The Chairman of BIAC Council Mr. Mahbubur Rahman presided over the Meeting. He emphasized that trained manpower is essential to make ADR successful in the country. The three business chambers: ICC-B, DCCI and MCCI have established BIAC with the view to facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes through ADR. He said that, with the help of the IFC, the private sector arm of the World Bank, BIAC is conducting awareness building events and arranging training on ADR regularly. This training, conducted with the assistance of the International Law Institute, is a step in the right direction. He pleaded for Governmental support to BIAC.

Mr. Latifur Rahman, Member of BIAC Council & Chair of the Transcom Group, stated that the 2.7 million cases pending in our courts means that there will be a big delay in disposal of cases. For businesses, ADR is vital. He referred to the youth organizing the Shahbag movement as making a true contribution to society, and stated that he hoped that those guilty of war crimes and atrocities in 1971 are tried and get the punishment they deserve. He also hoped that the Shahbag movement would not disturb the pace of economic growth. Mr. Sabur Khan, President DCCI in his statement spoke of the need to pay greater attention to small and medium enterprises. Carlos Davila of ILI also spoke at the function.

The training programme will be in two segments, covering two weeks. About 22 participants are expected to participate in each segment.

Press release by BIAC.





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