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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 310
March 02, 2013

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Human rights monitoring report- Feb 2013

Extra judicial killing continues

According to the Human Rights monitoring report- February 2013, prepared by 'odhikar' an organisation working as a human rights defenders in Bangladesh, 37 people killed extra judicially. They provided a clear structure of the number killed in various occasions is given bellow.

In February 37 persons were killed extra judicially, allegedly by RAB and Police. The 28 killings occurred during the movement started in Shahabag, and in related incidents.

Shot to death: Among the 37 persons were killed extra-judicially, 28 persons were shot to death by police.

Crossfire/ encounters/ gun fights: In February 2013, according to information compiled by Odhikar till 4:30 pm on 28 February, 37 persons were killed extra-judicially. Among the crossfire/ encounters/ gun fights, seven were killed in 'crossfire/ encounters/ gun fights'. Among the deceased, four were allegedly killed by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and three by the police.

Beaten to death: Among the deceased, one person was beaten to death by police.

Tortured to death: Among the deceased, one person was tortured to death by Detective Branch (DB) police.

Identities of the deceased: Of the 37 persons who were killed extrajudicially, 17 were Jamaat-Shibir activists, three were members of other Islamic parties, one was a BNP activist, one a garment factory worker, two traders, a security guard, a college students, a madrassah student, a farmer, one was a youth; one was a vegetable vendor; and seven were alleged criminals.

Public lynching continues
In February 2013, eight people were allegedly killed due to public lynching. Many people are killed by mob violence in various places in the country. Odhikar believes that due to the weak criminal justice system, the tendency of taking the law into one's own hands is increasing, as people are losing their confidence and faith in the police and judiciary.

Imposition of Section 144 of the Cr.PC
According to Odhikar's statistics, in February 2013, a total of 10 instances of the imposition of Section 144 of the Cr.PC by the local administration, were recorded across the country; mainly to stop political gatherings and rallies from occurring.

For example, on February 8, 2013 Alinagar Union unit Chhatra Dal called a meeting at Kailganj field in Kalkini upazila under Madaripur district. The local Awami League, Jubo League and Chhatra League of Alinagar Union announced a meeting to demand the hanging of Abdul Quader Molla at the same place and time. As a result, the local administration imposed Section 144 of the Cr.PC.

Odhikar believes that stopping peaceful public gatherings by imposing section 144 is interference on democratic rights and contrary to the Constitution of Bangladesh. The Government must stop declaring 'counter' programmes of the ruling political party in order to obstruct programmes of the Opposition and cause the imposition of section 144.

Source: Odhikar, Human rights monitoring report February1 - 28, 2013. For further information visit www.odhikar.org





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