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CEILINGS are often overlooked for the decorative potential they hold. We have got into the habit of creating smooth surfaces, eliminating lumps and bumps, cracks and stains as much as possible, then simply painting them often in white. There are many decorative treatments that can give impact and create unforgettable ceilings.

Uninteresting rooms can be made to look altogether more distinguished by giving the ceiling a special treatment. Even manipulating the design of a ceiling in a room, you can change the character and proportion of the room.

Ceilings that seem too low can be made to seem less oppressive by visual means. If you paint the ceiling a much lighter colour than the walls this will create a feeling of spaciousness. Even vertically striped wallpaper or paint on walls or striped fabrics for windows will make the room seem taller. The stripes will lead the eye up, to give the illusion of more height. Using up lights to illuminate the corners of room will splash light on to the ceiling and make the room feel taller.

If on the other hand ceilings are too high, then painting the ceiling a darker shade than the walls will give a feeling of less height. Even lowering the ceilings in some areas, installing recessed lighting, will draw attention to what is on the walls. Therefore giving a feeling of reduced height in the space.

Simply applying colour through paint is the most versatile and inexpensive treatment for ceilings. Ceiling can have murals painted on them. Painting your own sky or murals of stars or clouds can give a dramatic effect to a room.
Ornamental ceilings can be created in wood paneling or plaster moulding. By adding ornamental moulding such as cornices or a ceiling rose in the form of plaster moulding can add elegance to a space. If the ceiling is high then an elaborate cornice design will give a feeling of grandeur. To add interest, if the walls and ceiling are painted in the same colour then the plaster mouldings can be painted in a contrasting colour.

For further details/information on this article or previous articles, contact Architect Rumana Malik email: afmalik@bangla.net.


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