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FOR interior decoration, getting inspiration on how to decorate can be difficult. For home decoration a theme is one of the easiest ways to decorate. Finding a theme will automatically help the designer to include elements to consider and exclude elements that will not work in the interior design.

What is a theme? It is basically the main idea of your room. The list is endless and only limited by creativity. You can consider hobbies, dreams, locations, interests, collections or architectural design elements, any of which can be used as themes in your home.

Getting inspiration is very individual and personal. What one person sees to inspire them will probably not be the same for another. So, it is important to have several sources to get your creativity flowing.

Learn to really LOOK, take note of what pleases you and try to analyse why. Think about why a particular room gives you pleasure. Look through books and interior design magazines to get inspiration. Begin to look critically at the photographs and pictures. Make notations on the pictures. Even if you don't like everything in a photo, you can note what you do like. Take notice of backgrounds in movies and television programmes. Think about what sort of architecture pleases you.

Another way to get inspiration for your room is to walk through your home looking for similar objects. Perhaps you have a collection of pottery, dozens of teacups, accessories, travel souvenirs, toys, childhood keepsakes, family heirlooms and so on. Consolidate everything into one room and group collectibles into eye dazzling arrangements. Use your collection as an inspiration for the walls, fabrics, artwork, additional accessories etc. before you know it, you will have a fabulous theme room.

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