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DRAWING rooms may be reserved for guests but family rooms, by definition must function daily to meet the needs of those who live in the home.

Architect Louis Sullivan said, "Form follows function." If ever there was a room where this should be adhered to absolutely, it is the family room. What you do in the family room should dictate how you furnish it. Space planning is the key here, more so than decorating.

In this room the television is usually a part of the room's décor. If watching television is your main activity in this room, you will obviously need to arrange the seating within convenient viewing distance from the TV. Rule of thumb is 6 feet minimum and 12 feet maximum. The seats must be comfortable and you need to accommodate your entire family as well as a few occasional friends. Seating needs to be welcoming and convenient, whether the room is used for watching television, playing games or listening to music.

If a perfect sound system is your heart's desire, then locate speakers so they are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Allow shelf space for CD equipment and disc storage. If acoustics are important in this room be sure your music isn't bouncing off two glass walls or an all-tile floor.

This is the room where your family's personality should shine. If there is a collector among you, display the treasures in this room. If a painter or photographer graces your group, an art-gallery approach is ideal. Good storage space and cabinet drawers for books, magazines, and photo albums should be designed in, because of all the clutter that accumulates in any frequently used rooms.

Colour has a great effect on mood. If the family room is daytime-oriented, colour it bright and lively. If the ambiance is geared toward evening use, a warmer palate is appropriate. Light plays an important role in making the room comfortable and attractive. By lighting separate areas discreetly, a family room can be divided in to several spaces of different ambience.

The family room is where the casual living takes place. Select fabrics and finishes that require minimum care. The furnishing should complement the decor in the rest of the home yet hide the inevitable fingerprints, spills and stains.

For further details/information on this article or previous articles, contact Architect Rumana Malik email: afmalik@bangla.net.



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