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Sunglasses and glasses: Looks for the brighter side...

Weather nowadays is very unfriendly. It rains the entire day and next it is hot and sunny. Suggestions for your accessories list should include sunglasses along with the umbrella and raincoat. This will take care of your eyes and at the same time will add a touch of glamour to your ensemble.
There are many brands (and non-brands) to chose from. The designer ones are of course expensive and most coveted. The famous brands found in the market are: Adidas, Anarchy, Angel, Armani, Arnette, Black Fly, Bolle, Calvin Klein, Carrera, Chloe, Christian Dior, Diesel, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Dragon, Fendi, Fossil, Gargoyle, Giorgio of Beverly Hills, Gucci, Guess, Harley Davidson, Kenneth Cole, Killer Loop, Matrix, Maui Jim, Mossimo, Nike, Police, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Revo, Serengeti, Spy, Stussy, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, and X-Loop. The Elephant Road markets for glasses and Bailtul Mokkarram Market is famous for stocking the above mentioend pieces. Also you can check out Gulshan 1 and 2 markets, Eastern Plaza, New Market, Haveli, Plaza Central, Navana Tower and One Stop Mall.
These days the young people like to wear glasses that are lightly tinted. Yeah, they look good on people and they are popularly known as moon glasses. The sunglasses are also found in various categories. You can buy shades costing Taka 350 to Taka 3,000 and higher depending on the brand and availability. Quality plays a major role too. In fact, quality never comes cheap, as we all know.

Besides sunglasses you can also go for contact lenses. Ongoing developments in contact lens technology mean almost anyone can wear these. Contact lenses are inexpensive, convenient and safer than ever before. Everything from coloured to clear contact lenses offer an easy, affordable way to let the real you shine through.
Brand Contact Lenses deliver exceptional overall performance since they're easy to use and offer great comfort. Brands to look for are Lexus vision, Ciba, Deuro soft, Cooper vision, Johnson and Johnson, Surevue, Bausch and Lomb, Sunsoft Corporation, Opti Centre, Wesley - Jessen are the ones found all around the world. Some contact lenses offer the convenience of two-week daily wear-that is, you take them out each night and throw them away after two weeks. Because of this, they're a great choice for both experienced lens wearers and people trying contact lenses for the first time. Added features include UV-blocking in every branded contact lenses. Prices for the contact lenses starts from 1,500 to 4,000. The coloured ones will cost you around 4,000 Taka but the normal everyday wears contact lenses will cost you Taka 1,500 to Taka 3,000 only.
One thing you always should remember is you should wear glasses that suit your facial features. Sunglasses, contact lenses and glasses are a very important part of your fashion. So while shopping for them give preference to your quality and style.

By Bohemian soul

Shop talk

Tango in indigo
Take a rough ride with Denim. The fabric that never goes out of style. So hurry up grab 'em to make a bold fashion statement. Available at United Colors of Benetton, Gulshan I, at TK 2500.

Flowers in bloom
If you don't have enough space in your house to create a flower garden or a nursery then don't fret. Just pluck them from Lavender. The shop displays various kind of artificial flowers in vibrant colours like red, pink, yellow, purple, orange and many more. The spectacular collection will leave you totally charmed, as soon as you enter the shop. Available at Lavender shop, Gulshan-II, at Tk 415 only.

Cosy and comfy

During the monsoon when everything seems dull and gloomy, the attractive colours of the soft cushions available at B.J.Bed will lend a warm but a bright look to your home. Whether you're moving into a new flat or just redecorating your bedroom just get them to add a dash of colour to your life. Available at Gulshan-I at affordable prices.

Tough traveler
If you prefer hard tops, you'll love the range of trolleys that Samsonite has rolled out. Besides being light-weight and roomy, they comes in colours like black, blue and red. And of course the biggest plus is that they will keep your belongings resistant to conveyer belt battering. So before you escape for a holiday don't forget to purchase them. Available at New Market from TK 1200 onwards.

Style statement
It can be called a furniture library, and it's the perfect place to shop for formal yet comfortable heirloom quality furniture in naturally seasoned wood. Some pieces are available in limited editions only, so go check 'em out. Available at LEGACY furniture shop, Gulshan- I.

Aroma mood
If you have a crazy fondness for candles then you'll definitely fall in love with the colourful Aromatherapy candles that will help you to evoke a wonderful mood. When you are all tired and stressed from your hectic lifestyle then you should lay your hands on these beautiful waxes that will help you unwind. Hurry! Clear the shelves since they are worth buying. Available at Lavender shop, Gulshan-II, at TK 415 .

Hot buzz
The new craze all over the world - CARGOS. No, no don't dig out the old ones those are passé. The cargo trousers for 2003 are edgier, more buckled, more patched and bolder than ever before. Available at United Colors of Benetton , Gulshan-I, at affordable prices.





Troublesome auto rickshaws
You must have noticed the broken down CNG auto rickshaws during a rain. Have a little chat with your auto rickshaw driver when you ride one. He will give you an account of what he has experienced in repairing the rickshaw after he drove through a submerged street. It is also frequent that sometimes CNG auto rickshaws do not start when the driver stops the engine during a traffic jam or a signal. The death of three firefighters and the driver on 6th June in a collision with a covered van proves that these vehicles do not have a strong structure either. These auto rickshaws started to visit the workshops too soon. Auto rickshaw importers should think about what they are bringing home and paying money for that. Spending money for such a vehicle that will not run trouble free for at least a year is obviously a loss for the nation in the long run.

Notice how…
CNG auto rickshaws are not demanding extra bucks any more. Surprising isn't it? What is more surprising is that they are running with petrol instead of gas.

To the striking interns
Interns of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital went on a strike recently protesting the death of a fellow doctor. They held the hospital authority responsible for the death. Their mismanagement, lack of drugs and medical equipment in the hospital was to blame. It is obvious that the interns were going through a period of distress after the death of their colleague. However, that does not justify their action. Because of the strike patients of RMCH suffered immensely. Many of them had to shift to private clinics. Moreover, doctors never react like this or even care when innocent people die for the same reason. Patients are frequently neglected in our hospitals. It is the solemn duty of the doctors to serve the ill but they are regularly held responsible for maltreatment of patients. This strike by doctors has to stop. There must be a rational way to protest and solve the problems.

Non payment of bills
All but two of the telephone lines the Rajshahi City Corporation were disconnected by BTTB recently for non-payment. RCC owed Tk19 lakh to BTTB. There is also a list of other government offices that did not pay their telephone bill. We, the humble citizens of this country are wondering why did they fail to pay the bills?

By Shahnaz Parveen



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