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Banking Tips

Nasreen Sattar Senior Business Development Manager Standard Chartered Bank

Q.1 I was travelling back from an overseas visit and saw on the Customs Declaration form that I would have to declare if I was bringing in more than USD 5000/. Could you please advise me what is the correct amount I can bring in without declaration ?

A1. As per Bangladesh Bank Circular (F.E. Circular No:03) dated Jan. 6th , 2003 a passenger can bring in USD 3000/ without declaration . The amount previously used to be USD5000/ .

Q. 2 I had purchased 'Shanchaya Patras' six years back from Standard Chartered Bank. but I have forgotten about the maturity which expired five years back. Although I have lost the original Shanchaya Patras I have the debit receipt. According to the bank they are unable to do anything without the original Shanchaya Patras. I seek your advice as to how to recover the money.

A.2 To be able to recover the money you need to take the following steps:

1. Apply to the Bank with the debit advice with a request to provide you with full details of the transaction.
2. Once you have received the response make a GD entry at a police station of the lost Shanchaya Patras.
3. Apply to the Bank again, this time to put a 'Stop Payment' of the Shanchaya Patras and request for duplicate issuance of the same.
4. Your bank will require you to provide a notarized affidavit on a non-judicial stamp paper with one passport size photograph duly attested along with other formalities as required by the Central Bank.
5. Once all the formalities are completed apply to your bank to issue a 'In lieu' Savings Certificate in your name.

Q3. My father passed away 10 years ago. He had an account at the American Express Bank which we didn't know about. Recently, we found a 8 year old note from the American Express Bank saying that his account will be handed over to the Bangladesh Bank if no reply is made in a month's time since the account had not been checked for years. The amount was not mentioned in the note. What we would like to know is, how we can find the amount of the account and what process we have to go through to get the money if it is still possible. Can you give the contact address and phone # with clarity.
Thank you
Trina Islam

Dear Ms. Islam,
A.3 In such circumstances to claim fund from any bank the legal heirs are requested to meet the branch manager of the relevant bank along with the succession certificate. However, in line with the Central Bank regulation if the balance is unclaimed for 10 years the fund is handed over to the Central Bank. This does not mean that the legal heir of the fund cannot claim it from Central Bank.

Q4. Mr. Taufique had two sons i.e. Shafique and Rafique. He had opened a Deposit Pension Scheme account with a private bank maturing after 5 years making his son Rafique his nominee to receive the proceeds in case of his (Taufique’s) death. After the death of Taufique, Shafique brought an injunction through court on the bank asking them to pay proceeds to Mr. Rafique. The bank said in its reply that since late Tawfique had nominated Mr. Rafique he is entitled to receive the proceeds.
What is the legal position of the case? Will Shafique being the legal heir receive the share from the bank?
Mr. Delwar Hussain

Dear Mr. Hussain,
A4 In the above case Rafique being the nominee will get all the proceeds from the bank account.

Iinterpreter of Maladies

Dr. Nighat Ara, Psychiatrist

Q: My almost seven year old girl was casually asking me, if friends can marry. When I answered 'yes', she told me very sweetly that she wanted to marry two of her class friends. My husband and I were naturally very amused, however only later did it hit me - how do I address such issues as boys, biological changes in her body that she'll soon go through, romantic notions that she'll obviously get through TV, etc, etc. I want to be very right in this regard and at the same time not allow her to think of such things. I know this is too early but I couldn't help pondering, can you help me sort this out? Thank you.

Ans: A girl of seven years is just becoming conscious of her sexual identity and social role. Messages from TV, cartoons, tales and friends are the contributory factors in making her aware of these issues. As a parent, it would be wise if you answer her questions in a matter of fact way. Give her a simplistic version of scientific truth, neither in minute details nor any false statement, which could confuse her. Knowing the accurate facts will help her in the future against being influenced by any glamorized or distorted version of these issues. You choose a time when you are not in a hurry and your daughter is ready to listen. Avoid attaching any sense of toxic shame with these facts, so that she doesn't develop any negative attitudes, guilty feelings or become too sensitive about boys, relationships or physiological changes. The body changes she is expected to go through in her adolescence can evoke various kinds of emotions. Our society and media are always creating tremendous pressure on developing children particularly girls by modeling and labeling a perfect body (e.g.: height, weight, complexion, measurements etc.) which eventually affects their self-esteem. Give your daughter positive feedback which will enable her to have a positive self-image. Try to make her happy the way she is and with what she becomes. It is important that she feels good and comfortable with her own body. I am not really sure about what you meant by saying-" not allow her to think of such things". It sounds as if you want to control your child even at the thought level. If you believe in individuality and that we all are different from each other- then let her be what she is. We can help our children by giving only accurate information. Her thoughts and feelings belong to her and allow her to choose what she wants to carry on.

Q: My daughter is very angry and is loosing weight, everything is an ordeal for her and me, and I just had a son. Can you help me sort out her troubles positively?

Ans: You have not mentioned the age of your daughter, your family environment and support available to you. It is possible that after childbirth, you can not pay enough attention to your daughter and are very much preoccupied with the newborn. Under such circumstances, she could be feeling frustrated and expressing it through anger. Sibling jealousy can occur if she feels displaced by the newborn and has to share things, which she never had to do before. If you are neglecting her otherwise and paying attention only when she is angry, that is probably reinforcing her behaviour. Try to give her time as much as possible and involve her in childcare (e.g. ask her to play with the newborn, bring the diaper, etc.). Make her feel important and appreciate her help and participation. Tell her that you still love her the way you used to, the newborn is there to give her company and love too. Involve her father or whoever else is available to fill up the gap. Loosing weight may mean not eating enough though it can be another attention seeking behavior. It can be a transitional phase till the child can adjust to her new role. However, if symptoms are persistent and alarming, please seek help from a child psychiatrist.



Manly Art

For a guy's wardrobe

Tips have been provided for women regarding numerous accessories and household products in the past. But, there have as yet been no exclusive tips for men in this section. So now, here they are.
For a man, especially the one who goes to office every day and needs to attend important official trysts, keeping a high quality wardrobe is more than just "necessary". Here are a few pointers that will unerringly keep your garments in top condition for a long time.
Suits are for formal occasions, so they also demand to be treated formally. When you hang these expensive garments, bear in mind that they must be hung on wooden or plastic hangers. Leave the buttons out of the buttonholes, and empty the pockets. Don't cram your cabinet with clothes; this helps avoid creases on your favorite suits and shirts. Avoid wearing the same suit everyday, leave a space of at least one-day between wearing. You know what? Some textiles used for manufacturing suits love dirt, so dust these apparels regularly. Ready-made suits are often accompanied by instructions, so learn these directions by heart to elongate your suit's life-span.
When you purchase a shirt, keep your eyes open to make sure that you have perfect stitches on it. A quality shirt will hold 15 to 18 stitches per inch for strength and a splendid look. Remember that shirts made from natural fibers are ready to breathe with your body and provide a cool feeling inside and out.
If you are an office-goer then you ought to wear neckties no matter what. However, store your ties untied to prevent wrinkles.
And as for shoes remember that calf hide is the best quality leather for the upper segment of your shoes. On the other hand, synthetic materials result in rift and peel after a few regular trials. Leather shoes are recommended because they allow your feet to breathe and release dampness.
Polishing shoes is indeed essential. There are various types of shoe polish available in stores. A paste polish provides a high-gloss with a long-lasting shine, but takes some time to apply. Liquid polish is quick and easy to apply, but must be applied more frequently. Cream polishes provide a happy medium. Some of the popular brands of shoe polish include Cherry Blossom, Kiwi, and BATA. Shoe shiners from Kiwi usually start from around Tk.65 and rise higher depending on the category.
There are a few simple tricks to wear the best executive look. For instance, wearing a short sleeved shirt under a suit is not at all recommended; showing a clean cuff is a must. Wear suits and ties when you show up for formal occasions; try something light and comfortable for an informal event. Wearing ankle socks is not preferred either, and discard socks which have already lost their elasticity.
Lastly, keep in mind that wearing clean clothes is not all. With clean clothes, a man must maintain clean and neat nails and hair. Almost every woman loathes uncut nails of men. Boost your personality along with your clothes. And last but not least, keep your mouth fresh. For men who smoke, avoiding bad breath is indispensable indeed. So in other words, quit smoking to avoid those unpleasing yellow stains from encircling your fingers.

By Wara Karim


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