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DESIGNING a teenager's bedroom is a real challenge. Teenagers don't want to be reminded of childhood, they want a more adult look. Therefore their bedrooms need to be truly multi-functional spaces, rather like a "one-room living space". It is a room in which they will sleep, study and relax, and it needs to be designed to deliver on all three levels. It is important for teenagers to explore their individuality and examine what they like or don't like in the process of becoming young adults. Their bedrooms should be spaces where they can grow and explore their interests, hobbies and friendships. It is also important for their self-esteem to have a space of their own.

Sleeping/Storage Space
A bed occupies a large area in a room. Therefore in small rooms, beds could be designed so that space above or below can be put to practical use. Another possibility is designing multi-functional furniture incorporating beds, desks, seating and storage space if required. Storage is very important for a teenager's room. At this age teenagers are defining themselves by their clothes, make-up, magazines, CD's, electronic gadgets etc. Ottomans, boxes, hanging storage and extra shelves will all help to accommodate their paraphernalia.

Study Space
As these years are some of the most important for education and exams, anything that encourages studying has to be good. A desk is essential and doubtless, a computer too. A specific place in the bedroom for study- perhaps a raised area will help put a teenager in the right frame of mind for schoolwork. As less headroom is needed for sitting at a desk, a platform with some storage space below can also be designed. A change of flooring will also add to the impression of entering an area where a different function or activity is taking place.

Relaxation Space
It is also important for teenagers not only to have a bed but a sofa or a pair of comfortable chairs. They can use this space as a sort of personal miniature living room for entertaining friends or listening to music. These chairs must withstand a great deal of punishment. Therefore an old sofa can be individualized and revitalized by a loose cover. This is a very practical seating solution. Large floor cushions or a rug can also be perfect for lounging on too.

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