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Bridal Asia in Karachi

Bridal Asia Karachi, the first of its kind, was held on 28th June 2003 at Hotel Marriot showcasing the wizardry of weaves and cuts of three designers - Ritu Kumar, JJ Valaya and Anamika Khanna. Pakistan was represented by two of its well-known designers - Bunto Kazmi and Faiza Samee

The occasion was to mark the 25th anniversary of MAG-The Weekly, Pakistan's oldest and most widely circulated publication. Bridal Asia's association with The Mag goes back to 1999, the year of its inception. In the past, Bridal Asia in India has received tremendous support from Pakistan in terms of representation on the ramp and coverage from the media.

The event proved to be a great experience for all and we hope for the best as we move towards the ideal notion of bringing peace between the two countries on the catwalk of fashion!

Hasna Rahman the beautician

Hasna Rahman has been working in the industry for over 12 years. She has in the past worked as beauty consultant for various beauty products (for example Jonson & Jonson) and acted as beautician for many events (such as the Fashion Institute of Design Show 2002, Organics Shampoo, Asiatic, 2001, Zonta Internation Show 1994/1995/1997, etc.). She has also worked with leading designers such as Maheen Khan, Roxana Salam, Rina Latif, Kuhu Plamandon, Afzal Hossain (Commercial Matra). She is presently providing her services to a group of valued clients and manages her Bridal makeover centre situated in Shamoli. She specialises in Bridal make-up, fashion-show hair and make-up and party makeover.

A talented, vibrant professional, she trained at Habib's Hair and Beauty Academy, New Delhi, and constantly fine tunes her skills to keep up with the ever-changing fashion scene.

Anjan's Monsoon and Autumn collection

The season changes and so does the colour of nature. In harmony with this flow, Anjon fashion house changes its collection and adorns itself in different colours.
Cotton is the fabric for this monsoon. For women it is the taat saree and the salwar kameez and for men it is the panjabi, fatua, shirt and T-shirt.
The image of nature is apparent on Tangail taat saree mostly ornamented with block prints and hand paint. The price for these sarees is Tk. 725-1150. There is also Rajshahi silk with a blend of block printing and embroidery, which costs Tk. 2250-3250.

To give the salwar kameez a special look, Anjan's designers used mixed media. The colours mainly used were blue, green, sky-blue, gray, black, maroon and orange. The collection is comprised of both long and short kameez with embroidery, block printing, karchupi, and spray-work. Short kameezes are combined with dividers and pants. Cotton kameez cost Tk. 1350-1495, endi cotton cost Tk1650-1850. Silk and muslin costs Tk. 2650-3500 and georgette Tk. 1350-1550.
The summer is over but the comfortable fatua still rules in men's fashion-wear. This time there are fatua for women as well. Cotton is the fabric with block printing, embroidery and tie-dyeing. The price for fatua is Tk. 275-650. Cotton, endi and silk panjabis cost Tk. 395-1250. Short shirts cost Tk. 395-550 and full-sleeve shirts cost Tk. 450-550.
The collection is available at all four outlets of Anjan in Sobhanbag, Bonani, Sidheshwari and in Rifles Square, Dhanmondi.
- LS Desk












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