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Shop talk

Face wash
Dust is everywhere and guys always use soap and water to wash up. They hardly bother about moisturizers. A few years down the road and their faces resemble the cracked backside of a well-tanned desert lizard. Even if the result is not so dire, using a face wash designed for gently cleansing dirt isn't a bad idea. Ponds has one of the best products on the shelves, one that is perfectly balanced according to the pH level of your skin. 50ml tubes cost about Tk. 85 and larger 150ml cost Tk. 120 at Agora. You won't feel your face stretched like a supermodels after plastic surgery which happens to be the case when using regular alkaline soap.

Hair styling
Brylcreem offers a whole range of products for hair styling within 75-170 taka at Agora. You get the regular cream in the red pot and the dandruff control formula in the green pot. The larger pots are Tk. 150 each. You also get these in tubes along with different hairstyling gels making it easier to carry to university or even the office. A little prepping now and then never hurts.

Brand Sandals
Men and shoes generally equal an odor a skunk would be proud of. The remedy is to wear something with good air circulation. Bata sell some simple designs that look smart and go easy on the wallet. With leather uppers they cost less than 600 taka. Funky designs cost a little more but be wary of the sub 600 taka pairs as the rubber soles do not stand up to a whole lot of stress. They crack just behind the toes but that is after a lot of mileage. Apex sells some fancy pieces within 600-1250 taka. There are simple slip-ons and others with straps. It's summer time and lazy people are better suited to a smart pair of sandals.

Kiwi Instant shoe polish
White leather shoes went out with the 80's, John Travolta, and Saturday Night Fever. Or so I thought. Agora stocks Kiwi shoe polishes for white leather along with brown, black, green and blue for both suede and leather. There is also one for tan shoes except the color is called 'camel'. It's better for the ladies who have shoes of all colors of the rainbow and then some. These are the liquid polishes that you glide over the surface for a quick glaze. Each 75ml bottle costs 100 taka. Also, you get the sponges soaked in special oil costing 65 taka. It's perfect for lazy men who want a quick shine.

Cool razor
The Gillette Mach III is the must-have accessory for any post-pubescent boy. In fact it's a must have for any man who has facial hair. It has a neat swirly swoopy designed handle and looks great on the sink. More importantly it has three spring-loaded blades that cut close without nicking the skin. Of course, press hard enough and you will reach the limit of the spring. A Mach III with two extra blades costs about 380 taka in most departmental stores. Wince a little because a set of four blades alone costs about 300 taka.

Gillette's latest
Gillette's range of after-shaves includes the Cool Wave, Wild Rain and Pacific Lights. The latest addition is called Arctic Blue and is as cool as the name. Strangely women love it more than men do. The price is about 350 taka.

Comfy cushions
It's the perfect way to lend a homey feel to your home by picking the colourful cushion covers that are available at the Nandan Mega shop. The beaded covers in colours like blue, green, yellow, black and even the floral printed ones will give your home a warm and a cosy look. The covers cost about Tk. 220.

Elegant alternatives
It's never to late to get eco-friendly. Check out the elegantly designed and hand crafted cane baskets that are available at Banglar Mela. The baskets come in various sizes and shapes so you can easily use them for various purposes. The shop is located at Banani and the baskets costs around Tk. 250.

Door mat
If want to keep your home free of dust which you hardly can in our polluted environment then just go and grab the mats that are available at Banglar Mela. The mats come in various shapes and sizes and also promise good durability. The price of these mats at about Tk 110. So hurry up, grab e'm before the piles are all cleared up.

Colonial shirt
Fretting about what to give your hubby on that special occasion? Don't worry, colonial shirts are the best option that you can choose. The shirts come in dark shades like grey, blue, beige and even white. These can be the ideal wear at parties and even for attending other special occasions. Available at Banani's Ecstasy at Tk. 590.

Pretty dolls
All you fathers who are thinking about what to give your young daughters on their coming birthdays, the pretty Barbie dolls that are available at Rojonigondha are the best choice for you. There are many varieties that you can choose from and your daughter is definitely going to fall in love with the present. Available from Tk. 350 onwards.

Delicious treat
If you are a born Italian food lover then we bet you'll love the cheesy lasagne that are available at Nanadan Maga Shop. The step by step easy preparation techniques will help you to prepare a mouth watering dish for your family. Available at Tk 220.

Freindship bands
The tastefully coloured braided bands that are available at Hallmark can be the ideal gift for you dear buddy. The bands come in intricate designs and colours like bright pink, yellow and red, and can go along with any kind of formal or casual wear. Available at Tk. 35.

Lucknow stich
If you are traditionally a lucknow-stich lover then the white panjabis that are available at the Khan brothers located at Banani's Iqbal center will leave you totally spellbound. The stiches are done very painstakingly and look wonderful when worn. These panjabis come in various sizes and are worth purchasing.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny and Sarah Zermin Huq







Did you know…
that after the Chandpur launch disaster the government reshuffled officials and employees of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) and Department of Shipping posted in Shadarghat launch terminal? Reshuffling and transfer is the first solution they usually come up with after an incident like this. It happened before but did it bring any notable changes in any of the situations?

Probing the probe committees
The government formed two probe bodies to investigate the tragic incident. Probe bodies were formed after many former occurrences of launch disaster and following so many other situations. Very few usually submit reports of their findings. Activities of the rest usually show down and fade out from the limelight. One may wonder what happened to them. Should we start probing the probe bodies to find out?

We wonder…
what happens after the verdict of a speedy trial. In all the sensational murder cases, the convict will have the right to appeal to the high court. The question is, to dispose off the appeal will there be a speedy tribunal too. If it is not so, then it will take the same amount of time it usually takes to solve a case. Therefore, it does not make any sense to use the speedy tribunal in the first place. This just highlights the fact that speedy-trials are not really a solution to our problems - the only real solution would be to have all trials completed quickly and efficiently without violating the rights of the accused person.

Positive move

A new provision ensures that from now on, utility services will have to pay fines if they fail to finish their work and repair roads after digging, within the stipulated time. They will also have to take permission from DCC to start digging roads for a project.

Cop held for mugging?
A Police constable snatched Tk. 5 lakh from a businessman on 15 July. Not only that, the incident took place just a hundred yards from the Motijheel police station. What will they do next?


By Shahnaz Parveen



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