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Aarong introduces a new range of

short kurta

THE fashion market has been kind to the women in our country, with a range of different traditional and modern outfits. The men are often neglected, confined within a limited range of clothing choices, and only a handful of designs to choose from. Not any more.

Designers today are recognizing the need to expand their horizons and look into a hitherto unexplored arena of fashion wear. Men today are demanding more choices, and the current trend is towards clothes that are comfortable and practical, and ethnic in design at the same time, what is popularly called 'fusion wear'. To cater to the growing demand for trendy fusion-wear, Aarong has created a new range of Short Kurtas (SKs) for men.

The SKs are mainly produced from handloom fabric, which is exclusively woven for Aarong by weavers in different regions of Bangladesh. These fabrics include cotton, linen, khadi as well as different blends of cotton and linen, etc. Fabrics such as addi, muslin, and joy silk have also been incorporated in the collection.

These attractive SKs are available in cool summer shades of whites and off-whites, pale blues and greens as well as darker shades of maroon, brown, navy and black. Various techniques such as applique, shade work, block print, tie-dye, kantha work give the SKs a contemporary look with a deshi flavour, along with interesting styles and keen attention to detailing and stitching techniques. Accessories such as silver buttons, wooden buttons, leather lace and eyelets have been used to give the SKs a sense of uniqueness.

These SKs are a great ready to wear option for today's men who want to wear something comfortable and casual and yet maintain a sense of style.

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