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Shop special

Prescription Aid

Wara Karim

In every locality of Dhaka, there is at least one pharmacy catering vital medicaments to its residents. So that means that there are actually numerous pharmaceutical stores in and around the city. These pharmacies look very much alike; some of them are even unsanitary and congested and supply medicines whose expiry dates have already passed. If, however, you have been to Road 11 of Banani recently, then your eyes must have caught the deluxe pharmacy standing proudly in the clutter of fast food joints and boutiques in this particular stretch of road. At first glance you might even mistake it for a store serving up toiletries. This distinct pharmaceutical store is called Prescription Aid.

Prescription Aid, besides selling indispensable drugs also vends health care products at discount prices. Its services include local and imported medicines, medical equipment and health care products, reliable medication counseling, immunization, nutrition counseling, herbal therapy, travel immunization and counseling, blood pressure screening, dermatology, and even pet care.

Prescription Aid is the pioneer in the crowd of local pharmacies who accept credit cards from their customers. The shop also has a computerized billing system.

It's the eye-catching interior of the shop painted in vibrant colors, and decorous glass doors and shelves that work together to make it a stand out amidst the cluster of traditional pharmaceutical outlets. With high quality medicaments and wide range of services, Prescription Aid has already managed to build confidence in the minds of the patients and their loved ones.

Prescription Aid remains open everyday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Address: 67/C, Road- 11, Block- E, Banani. Phone # 8850999.

Shop talk

Light, bright, and comfortable
Cotton gowns, commonly known, as maxis are indeed comfortable to put on. For many women, it's a top favorite wear-at-home outfit. Grameen Fashion Bazaar at Banani holds up a collection of these cotton robes in a kaleidoscope of colors and designs. Embellished in brilliant tie-dye patterns and bright shades, these garbs are worth giving a try. These outfits are available at around Tk.344. So go ahead and make your stay at home cozier than before.

Dangly Metal Earrings
Dangly metallic earrings holding up an antique image are in fad today. Embellished with colorful semi-precious stones and beads, these long ear accessories are available at stores like Almas, Prime Collection, Purple Haze, Archies and many others. Prices vary from store to store, say, at Purple Haze you can purchase these stylish adornments for tk.175 or even less. The Gulshan branch of Almas sells these gorgeous ear accessories at around tk.250-300 and even more. So add some razzle-dazzle to your get-up with these fabulous fashion accessories.

For silky, silky hair
Hair conditioner is a must-have item to follow up with, every time you shampoo your hair. Conditioner provides important nutrition to every strand of your hair, and herbal conditioners are truly reliable for your hair. Garnier of India has recently started marketing their Ultra Doux nourishing conditioner prepared from natural extracts of lime blossom. Imported and distributed by Transcom Distribution Company Ltd., this superb conditioner is available at many renowned stores of Dhaka for tk.175.

Write to your heart's content
Pens are an essential element of our daily life, and for a student it's just the other name for education. Red Leaf has been a household name for Dhaka dwellers for many years. Mostly available in blue and black ink, these popular Japanese ballpoint pens are available for tk.15 at any stationery store. Red Leaf refills are also available, which means that by only changing the inside, you can use this particular brand of pen for an extensive period of time.

Preserve your youth
Women today run on extremely busy schedules, so it's often a hassle to prepare herbal skincare remedies at home. Nevertheless, we want to take care of ourselves, so what's the solution? Probably keeping this situation in mind, EverYuth of India has been marketing cucumber pack for women. This pack also comprises other natural extracts like lemon, neem, papaya and mint to clear skin blemishes and improve skin texture. You can buy this superb pack from any superstore of the city; each 50 gm tube is sold at tk.85.

Decorative Chopsticks
If you're a fan of Oriental Cuisine, it's not a bad idea to add chopsticks to your collection of utensils. Even if you don't use them, a nice fancy set would really spice up your kitchen display. You can find pretty, ornamental chopsticks for around Tk 100 at Dunkin' Donuts, in Kemal Ataturk Road.

By Wara Karim





You must have noticed…
that the medicine stores in your locality shut down during the lunch hour. It will be the similar case if it is just after 10 or 11pm at night. If any emergency arises you will have to run a long way to buy medicine. Owners of drug stores should be a little more considerate to the people. Selling medicine is not always business. It means saving people's lives as well.

Maintaining one chamber
Waiting for hours in a doctor's chamber and then getting a very brief moment of the doctor's time is a common experience for the people all around Bangladesh. Furthermore, most of the people claim that doctor-patient relationship is never satisfactory. Consequently, people are heading abroad for treatment. Most of the doctors have a chamber of their own at the same time they are associated with one or more private or government hospitals. It is very frequent that they come late in all of these chambers, as they have to maintain a very busy schedule. They could just maintain one chamber. It would enable them to give more time for their patients.

Attending house calls
There are some moments when moving a patient could be dangerous. Senior citizens or people with disabilities for instance sometimes need regular check up. Patients like these require house calls from doctors. Doctors who attend house calls are very rare in our country. We need more doctors who are willing to visit patients at home.

Free treatment
Every year millions of people die without proper treatment. Sometimes because of negligence, but mostly because they cannot afford to pay the doctors fee. All the private clinics and government hospitals could have a weekly day fixed to provide free treatment for the destitute.

Clinics without license
It is only human to become ill. The ill obviously needs treatment for recovery. Which is why the business of medicine has been proven very promising through the course of time. It is the same case in Bangladesh, which resulted in to the mushrooming private business enterprise, using the field of medicine. Few years ago 'clinic staff of Dhaka maternity beat a pregnant woman to death in the city'. The clinic was running without any license. It was all over the news back then. Not just this one incident, there are more instance of malpractice in the private clinics running without license. Lack of supervision and the greed for money has led to a reign of malpractice in medicine sector. This has to stop.

By Shahnaz Parveen




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