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Shop special

Stone "n" string

Tanzeena Zaman

Ask almost any man and they will respond that the greatest creation of God is women. However they will not hesitate to add that a cute piece of jewelry round her neck or a pair of earrings on her ear seem to make her shine even more. Finding this perfect stone may not be easy but the arrival of Stone 'N' String might help you out on that elusive search. This trendy jewelry shop was inaugurated on October 15th with the shop located at 35 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, just beside the Adidas store. The young entrepreneurs Sania Mahmood and Kudsia Moin should be given credit for having come up with such an innovative way of displaying their products.
The shop itself is very different from the average jewelry stalls that you get around Dhaka city. The moment you enter the shop, you get a feeling of exclusivity and class. The walls are lined up with rare beads and stones which you wouldn't find anywhere else in town. The corners of the shop each have a different theme attached to them with Indian jewelry taking up the right corner, traditional ethnic items covering the left side and the expensive, trademark jewelries of the store placed in the center of the shop. This classified decoration helps a customer to choose from their respective preferences and makes the shopping experience much more pleasant.
Items in the shop include gold plated ornaments studded with genuine stones like jade, coral and onyx. If you have a bigger wallet then you can opt for gorgeous designs of blue sapphire, carnelian, amethyst and ruby, which are all imported from Sri Lanka. If you are not a big fan of gold then you can opt for Radian which looks equally good. Price ranges from anywhere between Tk 175 to 65000. However a budget of Tk 1000 or less might be enough to make you leave the store content with your purchase. The designs are authentic and some of them are really eye-catching. Plus you have the option of mix and match where you can select particular items from separate jewelry sets and create your own wonder set. This would certainly keep many customers interested.
With fashion statements coming and going over the years, this shop is yet another new frontier in the fashion scene of Dhaka city. Whether it will set the stage alight or not, only time will tell, but kudos to the owners for having the vision and creativity of coming with something this vibrant.

Shop talk

Trendy Totes
Today, stores are flooded with fashionable bags exclusively manufactured for fashion-conscious women. The outlet of Jordana at Rapa Plaza displays a wide range of bags in diverse colours (from blue to red to white), sizes and patterns. These totes are really chic and would definitely complement your favorite outfit. So do take a look at these bags when you are in a shopping spree. Most of these bags are priced at Tk.650 at this showroom of Jordana.

Colour your life with L'Oreal
It's trendy to tinge your hair with one of those fabulous shades available these days. Just remember to colour your hair according to your complexion and hair type. L'Oreal's Feria collection holds up a wide range of shades, standing ready to go hand in hand with your hair. Found in all the renowned shops and super stores of the capital, the colour collection of Feria will surely add splendour to your appearance. You can ask your beautician for valuable advice before opting to make such a major change in your hair colour. Any shade from L'Oreal's Feria collection is available for Tk.500 at popular stores like Priyo.

For that fresh face…
A quality soap-free facial care product is essential to pamper your face. Most of us are sensitive about choosing the right kind of face washing brand. Clean & Clear has already won the hearts of those people who nurse their skin with great care. Produced by the celebrated toiletries brand Johnson & Johnson, this oil-free facial gel is available at nearly all the reputable stores of the Dhaka for Tk.450.

Say Good-bye to cracks
Winter is coming up, and many of us undergo the dilemma of having cracked soles. Not only that these cracks look unpleasant; they are also highly embarrassing. A little care, however, can actually solve this problem. Besides applying a good brand of petroleum jelly on your heel everyday, scrub your feet with a foot-cleaning brush regularly. There are really nice and transparent foot cleaning brushes available at the Uttara branch of PQS. These brushes are accompanied by a stone, which you can utilise to smooth the rough surface of your sole. These handy foot brushes are available for Tk.120.

For dazzling nails
With scores of attractive shades Jordana's nail polish collection is just standing ready to varnish those nicely manicured nails of yours. Available at Tk.120, this collection has also been enriched by Jordana's new addition, nail hardener. So check out these nail enamels as soon as you can. These nail polishes are available in all the outlets of Jordana cosmetics.

Handy in the heat…
Do you love to cook? If the answer is yes, then you must need gloves too. Oven gloves are just indispensable for those of us who are accustomed to cooking in ovens. There are pretty and multicoloured oven gloves available at PQS, priced at Tk.90. Buy a pair of these gloves to avoid burning your hands. Gone are the days of blisters!

By Wara Karim





JU water crisis
Hundreds of enraged female students of Jahangirnagar University confined their VC, two pro VCs, and the treasurer for three hours in the administrative building on 15th October. The demands are genuine. They wanted water, which is unavailable since the pump went out of order. It has been 22 days now, and the problem still remains. The VC said, "it will take 10 more days to put the machine in working order", which adds up to a shocking total of 32 days. Residents of three major female dormitories have been suffering immensely due to this acute water crisis. It is a shame that the authorities have led the incident this far.

Violating traffic signals
When the red light comes on, the traffic stops. It is the rule everywhere around the world. In our country, however, instead of red lights, we follow the traffic policeman's whistle. We often observe that the vehicles of ministers, secretaries, government employees, and senior police officers do not abide by the traffic signal. They sometimes speed on even when signal at the other side is open. Fatal accidents can occur because of this irresponsibility, even to themselves. Traffic signals are applicable for VIPs too. Can we expect a little more accountability from them?

It's flu time
Days are progressively becoming shorter and the temperature is falling. It is the peak time for seasonal diseases. A little awareness and routine might help you escape them. Drink a lot of water and avoid drinking chilled water. Do not drink water immediately after prolonged exposure to the sun. Try to take your shower in the early hours of the day, instead of after sundown. Avoid ice cream and chilled drinks. These are the simple rules of life, which can make things easy. If you do come down with a case of the flu, take a lot of rest. It usually stays three to seven days.

Kids transportation
There is a type of three wheelers we see plying on the street, carrying school children. Parents who cannot find time to drop children off at school use this kind of transportation, usually run by some private owners. It is a matter of concern that these vehicles are very congested. Kids can barely stretch their leg. The vehicle is not even safe for kids as it is fenced with strong iron bars and the doors are sometimes locked from outside. If any sort of accidents occur these kids will not be able to jump out. The structures of these vehicles should be redesigned. In addition, parents should have second thoughts before opting for such means of transportation.

By Shahnaz Parveen




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