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Beauty Talk

Sadia Moyeen Beautician, La Belle

Q: I am a 20 year-old guy. My problem is that I am losing lots of my hair. Before my hair was silky and straight. Please suggest me on how I can reduce my hair from falling and also if I have to use any product, where can I get it and the price of it too. -Nowell

Ans.: Dear Nowell, keep your hair short. Gently massage your hair with oil for a few minutes on a weekly basis. Mash fresh 'amla' without the seed and a dash of yoghurt to arrest falling hair.

Q. I'm 13 and going through some problems:
I'm developing rashes and some pimples on my face. I have no idea what could be the reason for it. Is there any natural remedy for it? My hair is actually rough and quite dull. I use a good conditioner (Herbal Essences, for dry hair) but instead of helping my hair it roughens it more (same complaint from everyone I told). Could help me on that? Another problem is split ends, even if I oil my hair three times a week. Since I face constipation and go to play in the sun a lot, I've got a tan on my face and its not toned, even if I occasionally apply white chandan or a paste of besan, honey and milk. HELP. Could you also tell me how to keep my crown firmly rooted with hair? (I've got a little bit of "tak")-Tasha

Ans: Follow a daily regimen of cleansing and moisturising everyday before going to bed. Apply neem paste only on the pimples. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy.

After shampooing your hair, apply deep conditioning treatment cream for 10 min and rinse with ½ cup vinegar mixed with 2 cups of water. Oil your hair once a week regularly.

Trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends. What on earth has constipation got to do with playing in the sun? I'm not a doctor but I do know that eating food rich in fibre like prunes, vegetables, poundage etc should help. Playing in the sun, though healthy for a while is definitely going to give you a tan. Use sun-block with TPI (tan protecting ingredient) when out in the sun.

Try not to part your hair where the 'tak' is beginning to appear, sometimes the 'parting' becomes wider after a prolonged period. Part your hair from a new place. Also do not tie your hair too tightly so as to release pressure on the hairline.

Q: While I was leafing through the papers the other day, one of the problems in your column caught my eye, which certainly identifies with my own. I too got my hair straightened from La Belle twice which only stays straight when wet & curls up soon after. Do you think the process could have gone wrong twice? -Terribly disappointed.

Ans. Usually I am aware of any unsuccessful treatment at La Belle and we guarantee a re-do, which is done under my supervision. So far, I am unaware of any that have not worked a second time. Since you have a complaint, I wish you would not make it anonymously because without your name and preferably the date, it's impossible to check my records and offer a suitable explanation. You are most welcome to come and see me for a consultation.

Q: I am a 19 years old girl. My problem is that I have been using razor to remove some unwanted hairs of my body for 7-8 years. Recently I find out that there are black marks around the area, can you suggest me what can I do to get a normal colour around the area. I heard there are some creams in the market, which removes the black marks from the skin. Should I try those creams? Please tell me what should I do to remove this black marks & let me know should I continue using razor at that area or not, if not then what should I use to remove the unwanted hair of that area. It would be better if you would give my answer by email. -Christina

Ans: I'm afraid I can't give you a suitable answer until you specify the 'area'. Usually shaving should not cause any dark patches. You could have skin pigmentation for which there could be several reasons like hormonal imbalance, or sun exposure or just bruising.

Q: I'm 22 years old and have some hair problem, my hair is a bit rough and now a days I'm loosing my hair, I'm upset about this but I haven't any dandruff. I have also skin problem, my skin type is normal, I have some pimples and dark mark.... How could I remove my dark marks and also pimples?

Ans: Trim your hair, condition it after each shampoo. Don't comb it until its semi-dry. Use crushed amla and 1tsp yoghurt as a hair pack once a week to strengthen your hair before shampooing with cool water.

Q: I am 11 years old but my hair is falling. My hair was once very silky and straight but now it is not like that anymore I used to use Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner but now I use Johnson Baby Shampoo. Well, I have found my hair a bit better than before. I also use oil in my hair. Should I go on using Johnson or some other Shampoo. Please tell me the name of hair oil and shampoo. Hope you can give me suitable advises. Shenaz

Ans: If Johnson's shampoo is suiting your hair and its feeling better then go ahead and use in. Follow it up with a good conditioner (Pantene/Lolane/Revlon). Use a mixture of ½ coconut oil ½ olive oil to massage hair gently on a weekly basis.

Q: I am 22 years old. I want to know about hair ironing. I have long hair. Can I make my hair straight permanently by ironing? I want to do it in a beauty parlour. How much does it cost approximately? I have black patches on my toes. Please suggest me some home remedy. Sabreena

Ans: Ironing cannot permanently straighten your hair. Straightening should cost you about 1500 to 1800 Tk for long hair.

Soak your feet in soapy water and a tsp. of salt for 10-15 mins. Then use a foot scrub and massage your feet with it. Repeat weekly.

Q.I am 25. I want to lighten my complexion. Could you please tell me how can I bleach my face and hand at home? 2. What chemicals are used to bleach face? 3. My friend suggested I try JOLEN hair bleaching cream. Can I use it as a facial product? Will it be effective? Please, please answer me quickly. -Farah

Ans: Jolen is a good brand and is quite effective. Follow the instructions given on the box very carefully. Mixing the cream the powder disproportionately can burn the skin. Be careful.

Q. Last time I wrote to you about open pore problems on my face. There you suggested a pack made of multani mitti and chandan. Unfortunately I did not find chandan anywhere. So please suggest me any other pack. I want to brighten my complexion with herbal treatments. But I can't use haldi.

Ans: Using multani mitti without chandan will also aid in closing facial pores. Remove pack and rub with an ice cube. Tomato and yoghurt with a few drops of lemon is great for a bright complexion. Use twice a week, diligently and don't expect an instant effect like bleach.

Q: I have been taking swimming lessons for like a month and now my face -- which was fair before --- is now totally sun burnt, as well as my hands and legs. Please can you tell me what I can do to get back my original skin colour? I play sports a lot, too, and along with that, my complexion has really turned totally dark brown. Whenever I go somewhere with tube lights I can totally see the two huge burn marks on my cheeks. -Tania

Ans: Dear Tania,
Fair polish works wonders on a tan. You need to get to La Belle.

Q: I am an 18-year old and I'd like to get a make-up trick from you. I'd like to know how you could make a blunt nose look sharp. I'd also be very grateful if you would tell me if there is any way you can make a blunt nose sharp with out undergoing cosmetic surgery. I would be very happy if you would help me out here.-Miss Nosy

Ans: Use a slightly darker foundation than your skin colour and apply a line on either side of the nose, blending gently so it's not too obvious. Finally apply a light foundation on the length of your nose (on top). This will make good nose appear sharper.

Q: I am a 26-yr. old guy and have a very good shape. I want to get rid of unwanted hair from legs and chest. I don't want to do waxing or anything like that. I want to use hair remover cream. Would you tell me which brand I should use? You wrote about aloe vera in some previous edition in Star Lifestyle. My question how could I buy that stuff? Is it available in market? -Haque.

Ans: 'Nair' hair remover for the body is quite good. 'Veet' is a good brand as well.



Under A Different Sky

"Me Me Mania"

Where you ever alone? I mean completely alone? Just you and the uniqueness you carry around to represent you. No mother, no father, no spouse or pets? Ever felt like you could be anyone you wanted to, that there was no one who knew you, you could refuse your past and colour your present in any shade you wanted? I did, and I know many like me did when they stepped into USA and realised for the first time how sole they were.

Coming from Bangladesh, where privacy is often non-existent, if it's not your parents it's your maid or your neighbour living across checking up on you through curious stares constantly, the solitude of USA hits you like the dry cold air of winter mornings. You long for company, you long for the stares you once found annoying, but slowly you get used to it and move on, find the better aspects of this situation. A situation where you can be what you want to be.

So you pick up your own styles, learn to protect yourself because no one will. In the process of self-defence you become me-centric. You learn to be shrewd and crude, you learn to hide truths if the truth works against you, and you become a part of something elite even if you were not born that way.

Almost everyone I have met in this country is related to some big shot or other back home. Either some minister of Bangladesh is their third cousin twice removed or some huge figure in the entertainment industry is their best friend's uncle. They leave out all the other details, all the other ordinary, non-significant Bangladeshis they are related to. They just demand respect and acceptance through their picked up tinted lie or truth.
The unfortunate ones who after thinking endlessly could not relate themselves to some respected well known figure have to come up with their own mechanisms. They chose the superficial world. They made sure to be inimitable with their clothing, the way they decorated their homes and the way they organised their gatherings. This defence mechanism sometimes work better than the self claimed royalties of Bangladesh as the superficial crowd create a newly adopted, invincible, irreplaceable, on your face aura.

If you choose to be part of the Bengali community here you should know, we are a constant advertisement of ourselves. The competition is high, the room to make flaws is very low, your looks, your clothing, your job, and your shiny background (if you choose to use it) is all we have to judge with. So you have a few bad days, you are out of style for a whole half-a-season that's it, you get dropped. You no longer get to associate with the worthy ones. So you stay on top of your styles, contributing heavily to the online Indian boutiques and frequently visiting local malls and restaurants to keep up to date, not only being a sophisticated Bengali but also being a hip American. You have to know the current hypes, the catch phrase of the week. You have to know, Thai food is last season and Mediterranean café's are totally in, and "Newsweek" readers are close minded, you need to watch the French news with subtitles to stay up to date about the world. If you are eating your baklava watching French reporters you know you are smooth and in style.

Among all this changes there are some things, which would have been better off, changed and have not. Like the men comparing and competing against each other about their wife's beauty and cooking abilities. The stick figured, rightly curvaceous wife is flying in cloud nine as well as the one who can shake, bake and make the best in the kitchen. To the day, I overhear conversations between men talking about the famous halim of some Bhabi or I catch the awed, jealous eyes of husbands looking at superficially perfect figure of another's wife.
Finding the right suite here sometimes is a competition among friends, to get the best spouse is not necessarily to find someone who you will love and respect all your life but who will be loved and respected by the ones you are competing against.

I categorise this Me-centric, Competitive phase a transitional one, a transition where one realises self-identity can be experimental, you can be born one way and live another. I just hope during this search of uniqueness we don't step away too far from our roots, which hold the most originality.

By Iffat Nawaz



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