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the ultimate kid's shopping guide

With Eid just around the corner and a change in season, its high time to be out shopping for your kid. Shopping for kids in Dhanmondi and Elephant Road offers a lot of variety, starting from the inceptions of different shopping malls and stores in almost every corner. Elephant road is one place, which is very popular for mothers and "kid-shoppers". Although some people may enjoy surfing around through shops, others may not have the time or enthusiasm to do so. So here are a few highlighted products from different shops around Dhanmondi and Elephant Road:

Kids clothing at Nandan

Frocks of different designs and material are available at both the Nandan outlets at Orchid plaza and Rangs Anam plaza. It is convenient since you get clothing for all occasions and sizes. Prices of frocks start from about Tk.150 to 450, for ages 1 to 14 years. Small and soft towels for new borns are also available for Tk.195. Bibs are also available here at Tk.60 each. Unisex single T-shirts are priced at Tk.190 to 250, depending on size and design. The products at Nandan are all 100 percent cotton. Socks for school going as well as kids of different ages are available at Tk.40 to 85.

Cute shalwar kameezes
Shalwar kameezes for kids are available at Baharia at Rifles square. They come different designs and look miniature compared to the adult sizes. Priced at Tk.550 onwards.

Dividers and tops
With a variety of dividers and tops, it is hard to choose but your sure to find the right one. Two shops at Rifles square has nice collections but the prices are relatively bit high. IQU Meni and Makame Ibrahim have good collections.

Powerpuff Girls
If you really want to make a difference to your kid, don't miss out the large Blossom's doll at Archies at Rifles square. It could be an amazing inclusion to you kids room. The figure is priced at Tk.650. Other large teddies are available here at Tk.750.

Disney cartoons
Disney cartoons are ideal for the kids and are available at the CD shops at Rifles Square and Rapa Plaza. They are both educational and entertaining. To add to it all they get a smile to your kid's face.

Kids accessories
Although kids toiletries and accessories are available at most stores, we would recommend Shamsi's Prime collection mainly because most of the other stores sell fake brands. The shop is both reliable and has a great variety of cosmetics for the mother as well as the baby.

Baby shampoos from Johnson's depend on the size and start from Tk.110 for the smallest and Tk.290 for the large one. Mothercare baby shampoos are also available here, which are normally quite rare in the market and are priced below Tk.300.

Moisturising creams from Johnson's are priced at Tk.220 and with winter on its way it is definitely a necessity. Baby lotions from Johnson's are priced at Tk.150 to 290.

Nappy rash creams for your new born is available at Tk.200.
Baby soaps of different brands can also be found at Prime collection. They also have powders of a variety of brands and are priced between Tk.100 to 300.

One rare product in the market that is available here is the Baby cologne, which makes your kid smell classy and fragrant, as well as protect it from germs due to its antibacterial properties. Shamsi's Prime collection has two stores in Dhanmondi, one in Rifles Square and the other in Road no.5 beside Almas.

Elephant road shopping

Cathay has a number of branches in Dhanmondi itself, lets narrow down on the one in Elephant Road. Cathay has a large collection of cotton as well as fancy party frocks for kids of all ages. The prices vary from Tk.400-650, starting from new borns to 10year old kids. A wide range of T-shirts and shirts are also available at Tk.250- 550. Thai branded skirts and dividers are available from Tk.350 onwards. Cathay is situated in City Super market.

Even's is yet another shop in Elephant road and is situated at the Zinat Mansion. Towels of different sizes and colours for new born are available at Tk.80-200. They also have a collection of frocks, but it is not as impressive as the other stores featured. Frocks for new born fluctuate from Tk.100 to 400 and for ages 2-12 the frocks are priced from Tk.300 to 800. They also have dividers and, tee-shirts and pants. However, Even's has gift packs for new born both from Johnson's and Kodomo, these are priced at Tk.300 to 500. They also have blankets priced from Tk.160 to 200, and with winter coming this seems ideal for that little rascal at home.

Mother and Baby is the last store we would like to feature from Elephant Road. This shop situated in the City Super market has everything from feeders to nappies. The store has feeding bottles, which uniquely tell the temperature of the milk and are priced at Tk.250. However it also had standard feeders priced from Tk.80 all the way upto Tk.190, depending on the brand and quality. The shop has baby wipes and wet tissues available at Tk.100. Gifts for new born include blankets sets together with pillows priced at Tk.450-650. This could be a thoughtful gift for expecting couples. Shoes are also available at tk.100. They also have nice colourful T-shirts of different designs priced between Tk.100 to 600, both foreign and local products.

Shopping at Elephant road is sometimes a bit hectic but with so many options it is definitely worth. Always remember to haggle with the prices here and be tactful with the shopkeepers.

As we come to the end of our shopping trip, it can be seen that there are an innumerable amount of stores and markets to shop for your little ones. However, it's best to be prepared beforehand and with the shops featured, you'll never run out of options.

By Mishel Ali Khan

During the eve of Eid it is not only the adults who splurge into fashion but now children of different ages are very aware about what they wear and how they look. I can well set the example of my seven years old brother. In the last Eid he refused to wear a red coloured simple embroidered punjabi just because it looked garish and he preferred to wear a plain blue coloured one instead. Gosh! Parents might have a really tough time figuring out how to dress up their teens and even toddlers who are so fashion conscious. But as always we at Star Lifestyle can put your tension at ease and help you to choose the correct accessories and garments for your fashion frenzy kids.

Some fun D-I-Y tricks for teens

Glam 'N' glitter
Take a string of sequins. Fold it into half and twist and two strands together from the bottom.

After securing the intertwined strands, at regular intervals with a small stitch, start threading in as many small gold ball charms as you like.
Fasten a bigger charm, like a belt, onto one end of the bracelet and draw it through the loop at the other end to make a full circle. Pair it with a rock chic tee and you're ready.

Blue bells
String small beads onto wrist length thread. Make two such strands.Tie the two strands at both ends and ensure that they are parallel to each other.Hang bell charms at regular intervals.

For an added twist, after you've done, twirl the two strands together before wearing with your matching coloured dress.

Shell out
String your selection of coloured beads onto a thread long enough to go comfortably around your wrist.

At one end, stitch on a shell charm by running the thread through two beads.On top of the shell charm, you could add a little silver ball charm.Repeat the process at equal intervals and then you're set.

Smart Sox
Smart sox is a super shop at the landmark building where you can find various coloured and printed socks. The socks come in bright colours like red, blue, yellow, orange , green and even purple in the age group of 0-12 years . The coloured socks cost about TK65 and the cartoon printed socks of bugs and daffy cost about TK 40 to 50. Even you can find plain white coloured socks that cost about TK 40. The building is located at Gulshan-II.

Sandal shoes
If you are wondering where to buy sandal shoes for your four year olds then Bata of the Iqbal Center is the ultimate store for you. Here you can get smart and snazzy sandal shoes for both boys and girls. These range in between TK 120 to about 220 and are really worth purchasing. Any kind of kurta, Punjabi or even casuals will look really cool with it. The shop is located at Banani. For other smart shoes check out Rifles Square and Elephant road, prices start at tk 650.

The cosmetics for lips are very much popular among all age groups. But if you kids really want to look pretty on this eve then lay your hands on the beautiful shimmer lip glosses that are available at the Almas super shop located at Gulshan-I. These cost about TK 110 and come in colours like light pink, dark pink, red, maroon and even purple.

The gorgeous diamond like studded stone earrings that come in colours like crystal clear white, aquamarine, amethyst are really worth viewing. These look spectacular can mach any clothes or garments that you kids choose to wear on this special occasion. The earrings cost about TK140 and are available at Almas.

Hairclips and bands

The meticulously designed colourful stone fitted hairclips in various colours like blue, pink, green, purple available at Almas can match your child's outfit whether its just a kurta or a kamiz. The fashionable hair bands that are available in this shop that come in colours like pink, blue and many more adds extra spark on the crowns of your Barbie dolls. The hairclips cost about TK 65 and the hair bands about Tk 45. Even you can find various rubber band at about Tk20.

Jeans and tops
If you are looking for a good pair of jeans since your son can't live without it then hit the children's section in Ecstasy. These cost about TK250 and it come in shades like dark blue, light blue and even the khaki coloured ones. The colourful tops in floral prints that are available are very trendy and fashionable. These cost about TK 120. Even you can find pretty maroon and red velvet frocks that are especially for the 2year olds. The shop is located at Banani.

Colourful tees and dungarees
You may be well aware of the children's section in Westecs but may not come across the cute dungarees that come in materials like jeans or even the striped shirts. The colourful tees cost about TK 8o and the bright stripped shirts cost about TK 180. These garments range between the age group of 3-4. Even you can find good pair of jeans which cost about TK 195. the shop is located at Gulshan I.

Sequin worked kameez and Punjabi
Mayasir is the store where you can find fashionable and trendy kameez and even sarees for your kids. The shop also boasts its Punjabi collection comes in the age group of 7-9. These are embroidered Punjabi that come in colours like dark blue, green, maroon and even light blue. The kameezes come in between the age group of 2-7 years . Mainly the embroidery that are done by the staffs are extraordinary and the sequins work are also breathtaking. They are available in colours like bright pink, blue, orange, red, maroon, green, yellow and even black. These cost about TK 550 to about 750.

You can find summer frocks at Mayasir in colours like blue, yellow and green, pink and all subtle shades. They have special embroidery on them and intricate patterns that are very cute to look at.
These cost about 270 to 450 and is definitely a must buy for your kid.

Clay craft
Even kids of different age group now have a fondness for clay jewellery. Beautiful clay rings, bracelets and necklaces are available at shops like Banglar Mela, Mayasir, Jatra at prices like TK80 to about TK180.
These jewellery add extra spark to your colourful attire.

Short kurta and tops
The kurtas and the tops that are available in Jatra come in earthly tones and bright colours like red, orange green and purple
and in materials like jamdani and cotton and even gamcha. So all you fashion frenzy girls if you want to look different on this eve then just hurry and grab them. They cost about TK 250 and 600. The shop is located at Banani.

Silver jewellery
If you are a silver jewellery freak then Mayasir is the ultimate store for you. You can find various sort of necklaces, jhaptas, earrings for your little princess to match their attire. They cost about TK 100 TO 250.

Baby hats and socks
Looking for hats for your new born? Then, Debonair is ultimate store for you. Hats cost about TK. 200 and come in colours like blue, pink and white. So hurry up grab them. The socks here cost TK 180 and are the very different lacy ones.

Lehenga and short kameez
The beautiful lehenga and short kameezes, that are available in Debonair, is simply breathtaking. The designs are wonderful, and cost about TK. 1050, to 1195, They come in colours like red, orange, green, yellow and many more. This ranges in between the each group of 2-4. The punjabis that are also available are of good designs and colours. They cost about Tk.480 to 850. These come in toshor silks and between the age group of 6-7. This shop is located at Gulshan 1, Road 138, House 1.

By Sarah Zermin Huq







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