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Getting rid of glasses for good

Living with glasses can be very painful sometimes. Most people with glasses would nod at this statement. They would agree that glasses can be a dilemma. Carrying an extra set of eyes on your nose, looking weird in the process, and getting an unsightly mark across your nose if you wear glasses for long…
the list goes on. Fashionable people who love to look good, especially abhor them. Glasses can also be the reason for not being able to apply for desired jobs in the military or the airforce. Glasses are also obstacles for those who want to become professional sportsmen.

It is obvious that throughout time people have thought of getting rid of glasses. They tried to find out ways of doing it. Many people were happy when contact lenses arrived. At first, it felt good but it has dilemmas of its own, especially in a humid country like ours it creates some problems. Maintaining contact lenses is also a tedious job.

All these have changed with a recent innovation. There are now ways of getting rid of glasses for good. Lasik is the method. It is a type of operation performed with lasers. The procedure is completely painless and takes only a few minutes to perform.

In the developed world this technology is being used since the last 20 years. In Bangladesh it is very recent. Bangladesh Ophthalmic Society (OSB) started to use this technology from 2001. OSB Laser Vision Centre LTD is the only place in Bangladesh where you can get this service.
Lets learn a little more about Lasik from the experts at OSB. " It is very popular these days around the world", says Dr. Rashid Hyder, the Managing Director and Senior Consultant Lasik Surgeon of OSB. "After the operation, one can be free from glasses for life", added Dr. Rashid. He also explains to us how it is done.

Lasik is done using Excimer lasers. A thin cap of corneal tissue is lifted and laser is applied to re-profile the cornea. The cap is then repositioned. Short sightedness (Myopia), long sightedness (Hyperopia), cylindrical power (Astigmatism), and various corneal disorders can be corrected using Lasik.

Any individual above 18, whose eye power is stable for at least 6 months, can apply Lasik. People with allergies, eye infection, and retina problem can not apply this method. The operation costs Tk15, 000 per eye. First visit at the laser vision centre including all necessary examination costs Tk2, 000.

One can go home immediately after operation and can continue daily routine from the day next. There are of course few dos and don'ts like swimming is to be avoided for at least 6 weeks, no splashing water in the eyes for 7 days and most importantly no rubbing the eyes for 6 weeks and that is it. The operation does not involve any incision in the cornea and inserting any object in the eyes. There are only possibilities of mild redness, irritation, watering after the operation. However, it usually recedes within next morning.

According to Dr Rashid, "Lasik is not yet a popular choice in Bangladesh". According to him, problem lies with a lack of awareness amongst the people.

Lasik is now considered "the safest and most accurate method to correct various corneal disorders". The most important thing about the operation is that it enables a person to escape the burden of glasses. Imagine a world without them. Imagine being free from the designation 'four-eyed weirdo'. To the people with eye disorders Lasik could be a blessing and the only place in Bangladesh, which can provide you with this blessing, is OSB Laser Vision Centre situated at Mirpur. The address of the centre is Plot # 7/A, Road # 1, Mirpur section 2, Dhaka 1216.

By Shahnaz Parveen

Shop talk

Snow-white Candles
Has anyone ever planned to have a candle lit Eid dinner? I don't know if anyone ever tried out this idea but it would be a grand way to add a little difference to our Eid celebrations. There are really big and beautiful snow-white candles available at the Banani outlet of Hallmark. Interestingly enough, some of these candles have eye-grabbing seashells of different shapes and colours set on their bodies! Available at Tk.150, these candles would surely enthral any candle lover.

Cufflinks and buttons
Stone N String at 35 Gulshan Avenue (Gallerie Apex Complex) now has a range of Men's kurta-button sets and cufflinks in addition to their wide array of plated fashion jewellery with genuine gems.

Adornments for Eid
On this Eid, the girls must be looking forward to buy jewellery that would go hand in hand with their Eid outfit. Check out Jatra at Banani for a trendy collection of neck accessories. Made from threads, beads and wood these malas are worth giving a try. Prices vary from collection to collection; for instance, the sets with earrings accompanying the malas are priced higher. But you can obtain a pretty neck accessory for Tk.170 from this fashionable store. Besides, there are nice wristbands made from colourful threads and beads, these are available at Tk.35.

Hair Clips
If you pay a visit at Aranya right now, you would be totally glad to see their collection of hair accessories. Fabricated from wood, beads and strings these stylish hairpins are indeed very smart. There is a certain kind of hair clip with a wooden pin and an embroidered top made from fabric. Done by the adroit craftspeople of our country these clips are available in diverse colours, ranging from blue, white to black and deep yellow. You can obtain one of these voguish hairpins for Tk.75 from Aranya, Banani.

Stow your trinkets
Do you have a proper place to keep the trinkets you have been collecting since your ten years? If not, then check out Banglar Mela for leather covered jewellery boxes. Available at Tk.200, these boxes comprise of three little drawers. Basically black in colour, each of these boxes would be a cool thing to stow your favourite ornaments.

Smart Bangles
For thick glass bangles stop by Purple Haze. This store has a wide collection of glass bangles. Available in a variety from colours (red, blue, green, yellow etc.) each of these bangles is obtainable at Tk.50. Since they are manufactured from breakable material, just be a little careful while you roam around wearing these bangles.

There are charming penholders available at Tk.145 at the Banani outlet of Hallmark. Covered with varicoloured cloths upholding pleasing designs, these penholders would add elegance to your study table. I guess you can also use these holders to place your make-up pencils. So check out the store for a penholder that you would really adore.

By Wara Karim





Save migratory birds
Migratory birds are a gift of nature. It is a wonder how in every winter they fly thousands of miles to be in a dry, warm place. It is a disgraceful fact that these birds are captured and sold in the market. People buy them to satisfy their taste buds. The responsibility of saving these beautiful creatures lies with us. The first thing we could do is to stop buying and eating migratory birds. It would most certainly help conserve the nature. There are existing laws that prohibit selling migratory birds. However, selling and buying goes on quite openly. These are the acts that should be punished.

Bus fare hike
It is the same old agony while going home for Eid, buying bus tickets with double the money. Bus operators usually create an artificial ticket crisis. Homebound commuters face immense suffering because of this. Effective government actions are needed to encounter the situation and keep the fares stable.

A reasonable solution
Mobile courts are very active during this Ramadan. They are mostly dealing with hawkers and illegally parked cars. Parking tickets have turned out to be some kind of harassment for the car owners. If we notice carefully, inside Dhaka there is no other option but to park vehicles on the streets. The reason is clear. In most of the buildings, proper parking facilities are absent. Major shopping areas like New Market are the worst case scenarios. The only way to avoid illegal parking is to leave the car at home. A reasonable solution is urgently required in this regard, which obviously means more and more parking spaces.

Protection at the beach
Eid and winter is approaching, so many people will want to escape the city. To spend a peaceful vacation, Cox's bazar is the first choice for many. In the longest unbroken sea beach of the world, certain conditions badly need improvement. People always complain that they can not enjoy the amazing beauty of the beach after sundown because of security risks. Police patrol should be increased around the beach. More and more cheap hotels with good facilities are needed. Food service around the beach is very bad, which also requires attention. Every year there are incidents of drowning. Most urgently needed is the presence of well-trained life guards in the beach.

By Shahnaz Parveen





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