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An exhibition with excellence

They just travelled a lot. Wrote about the people they met. Took pictures of what they saw. It is difficult to identify their activities into any specific genre. This tiny group of bohemians prefer to call themselves as " Ei banglai".

Hanging around Bangladesh, they have come across many people and their interesting diversified lifestyle. In one of their tours at Kakran, Savar, they have met the almost extinct people whose livelihood is pottery. At Paikosha of Shirajgong they have met the weavers working on their handloom, making bright, vivid, colourful Gamsa's.

They were bemused to see how these people created the wonders and felt sad at the same time that this wonderful heritage is on the verge of extinction. Potters and weavers are leaving their ancestral occupation because their items are no longer the popular choice and they can barely feed their families with the little amount of money they earn.

The possibilities of the revival of our lost heritage, potentiality of a fusion in between these work, artistry, and fashion, these ideas had crossed their mind right away.
Sanjida Sharmin, one of the members of the little group thought of it and set their mind on it. There was a time when kitchen utensils used to be made of clay. Our potters created almost every utensil needed for cooking. "Ei banglai" thought of giving it a trendy touch and asked Ramporshad Pal of Kakran to make a terracotta tea set.
The experiment did not work quite as it was planned. The teacups easily became stained with tea. "Ei banglai" decided to take the experiment a little further. They went to the pottery division of BSCIC, who could not help them with ideas but provided with the address of a person who is a master in this area. With the potters of Kakran, "Ei banglai" went to meet the master, Shubhash Pal at Rayerbazar.

Shubhash Pal asked them to apply certain tricks. He advised them to melt the mud with water first then strain it, dry it before using and to increase the temperature of the furnace to a certain level while burning the product. It worked like a magic spell. Potters of Kakran made tea sets, glass sets, bowl sets, and half plates. The experiment turned out to be a success.

"Ei banglai" now wants to go beyond the experiment level. If you want to see the amazing work of art, here is your chance. "Ei banglai" will share their thoughts on our lost heritage and exhibit their experiment from 20th to 22nd November.

They also wanted to bring out other almost extinct items into the limelight again. So they have brought Gamsa from Shirajgonj and made classy outfits out of it, which includes Shalwar-kameez, fatua for men and women and more.

The exhibition titled, "Abar ashibo feere" will also display clay ornaments, khadi wares, Tangail taat, and pinon made by Chakma women of Rangamati.

To adhere to the main theme of their idea they have made short films about these materials and their creators. Short films Matir pinjira and Nasti will be shown at 9:30am on the first day of the exhibition. Renowned film maker Tareq Masud will discuss about the short film right after its display.

The three-day exhibition will be held at WVA auditorium at Dhanmondi Road.27, and it will be open from 9am in the morning till 10pm at night.

World Fashion Studio now in Dhaka

World Fashion Studio, a prominent name in Chittagong, opened their outlet in Dhaka. From November 13th, the new showroom started selling.

After completing her education at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India, designer Shahina Nizam Paru opened her fashion house in Chittagong in 2001. Her dream is to create a bond between our traditional outfits with the world fashion.

Their wide range of products includes panjabi, fatua, shalwar-kameez, saree and lehenga. Girl's collection is mainly on georgette and silk with starlets, dollar, and embroidery adornment. Sarees are also of georgette. Their lehenga made with jamdani is a nice inclusion in this Eid's fashion trend.

Panjabi collection includes exclusive silk panjabi that are cut in sherwani and prince coat style and embellished with karchupi embroidery. Fatua is mostly on khadi with embroidery and they are suited for both men and women. The showroom is situated at 258/B, New Elephant road.

By Shahnaz Parveen

Aarong introduces its latest collection of exclusive shalwar kameezes

The latest collection from Aarong is a perfect blend of tradition and style. A collection that epitomises true femininity, it speaks of unusual colour co-ordination while striking a perfect balance between ethnicity and modernity. The collection is defined exclusive because of the very few number of pieces that has been tailored for each design. Taking inspiration from the rich heritage of "Jamdani", "Kantha" and various indigenous embroidery techniques, this range unveils modern silhouettes in crepe, silk, endi, dupin and muslin. These fabrics are embellished that are cut in surface textures such as pin-tucks, pleats and hand appliqué work. A bit of dazzle is added in the form of starlets or badla. Classical embroidery and adornments such as antique zardozi, erri, Kashmiri, and Manikganj hand embroidery creates a stirring effect on these kameezes. The colours are vibrant, ranging from myriad blue to luscious red, gorgeous pink to kohl black and many more. The exclusive line is available at Aarong in Gulshan and Dhanmondi only.

LS Desk

Indian savouries by Vidya Prasad

Here are some drinks that are very healthy as well as give you a lot of energy of a day's fast. So try these & you will feel a lot more energetic. These drinks can be taken after breaking the fast during Ramadan. These can be also be served at any time of the day.

Tomato Juice Cocktail:
Ingredients required:
½ kg Tomatoes
2 ½ cups Water
1 TBL spoon Sugar
¼ cup Chopped Coriander
2 Tej Patta (Bay Leaves)
½ small Onion
1 ½ Tea spoon Salt
Black Pepper to Taste

Preparation method:
1. Blend tomatoes in a mixer.
2. To the tomatoes juice, add water, sugar, salt, coriander, tej patta & onion.
3. Cook for 20 minutes on low heat.
4. Remove from Fire. Strain. Check Salt & Pepper.
5. Chill the Juice.
6. Pour over Ice Cubes & serve with a lemon slice inside the Juice.

Orange Tea Puff:
Ingredients required:
1 cup Pineapple Juice
1 cup Orange Juice
½ cub Musambi Juice
1 cup Black Tea (Strained)
½ cup powdered Sugar
1 bottle of Chilled Soda
½ cup Ginger ale.

Preparation method:
1. Add the three Juices to Black Tea.
2. Add Sugar.
3. Add Soda & Ginger ale at the time of Serving.

Orange Delight:
Ingredients required:
½ cup Papaya Pieces
1 cup Orange Juice
¼ bottle Orange Drink
1 Orange Slice
Crushed Ice

Preparation method:
1. Blend the Papaya, Orange Juice & Orange Drink in a liquidizer.
2. Pour into a glass.
3. Top with Crushed Ice & Decorate with an Orange Slice.
4. Serve immediately.

Tropical Delight:
Ingredients required:
1 small cup Vanilla Ice Cream
1 TBL Spoon Honey
8 TBL Spoon Pineapple Juice
4 TBL Spoon Banana Juice
Crushed Ice

Preparation method:
1. Mix all the ingredients, including crushed Ice in a Blender.
2. Pour into a tall glass.
3. Decorate with Pineapple pieces & Cheery & Serve.
4. Blend Ghee with sieved wheat flour evenly using fingertips.
5. Mix sugar with little water and heat to dissolve it.
6. Add Vanilla essence, Kesar colour & mix it to the flour little by little to form thick dough.
7. Roll it out into thin chappathi.
8. Cut into diamond shapes & deep fry till crisp & golden.
This can be served along evening Tea. This can also be given to kids for school breakfast.




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