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Shop Special

Destination Aarong

Whether it's clothes or gifts, you can literally get everything under one roof at Aarong. They have four outlets in Dhaka, one in Chittagong, one in Sylhet, and one in Khulna, and whichever one you visit, you can be sure to come out with some great buys. So without further preamble, let's get down to the serious business of Eid shopping:

Fotua Frenzy: If you're into fusion wear, try the fotuas at Aarong, which are priced at Tk 250-995. Exclusively for the men, Aarong has its range of short kurtas at Tk 300-600. There's also a range for kids at Tk165-220.

Jeans on the scene: No matter what the current trends are, jeans will never go out of fashion. They've made a huge comeback this season, in a number of styles and colors. Check out Aarong's Taaga collection, where a fashionable fit can be yours for Tk 510-585.

To top it all off: Team up those jeans with some of these trendy tops: Peasant-style tops Tk 445,T-shirts Tk 135-225, Shirts Tk 250-850,Vests Tk 380 -450

Saree Splendor: The demand for saris will be peaking this season, and Aarong's ready for it. You can choose between the Block printed cotton sarees (Tk 450-1100), or the exclusive silk kantha sarees (Tk 2190-9860).

Kameezes and Punjabis: Kameezes are also going to be sought after, and at Aarong, you can go for cotton shalwar kameez sets at Tk 850-1950, or muslin shalwar kameez sets at Tk 4250-5300. For the men, silk punjabis at Aarong cost Tk 1095-3010, while cotton and other materials cost Tk 780-1200.

Frame by Frame: Your high-school graduation. That achingly bittersweet moment when your parents gave you away to your other half. Your baby's first step. All these special moments, captured on film, deserve to be displayed in the nicest way possible. Aarong has some great photo-frames that would do the trick, and these make great gift items. The leather frames cost between Tk 40-600, while brass frames cost between Tk 60-345, and wooden frames cost between Tk 110-180.

Beautiful Boxes: Tired of buying her diamonds? Buy her boxes instead, where she can stash them. The kantha jewelry boxes cost between Tk 55-550, while the leather boxes cost Tk 33-380. There are also some pretty nifty cane boxes for storing larger items like napkins, or books…or they could be used as picnic baskets. These are yours for Tk 25-340. Then there are the multi-purpose paper boxes that are great for carrying gifts in, and make wonderful gifts by themselves. Get them for Tk 20-175

Light up your world: Even if you don't have a single romantic bone in your body, you won't be able to deny the magic of candles. Aarong has a brilliant collection of candles that come in all shapes and colors for Tk 40-85. They also have floating candles in sets of six at Tk 95-150. To complement these candles, there are glass candleholders at Tk 60-1950, or if you prefer wrought iron, you can get some nice ones for Tk 50-360.
While on the subject of light, check out the wrought iron lamps for Tk 390-1240.

Trays: Ramadan and Eid both involve serving a lot of guests. To help you 'carry it off' in style, Aarong has some great wooden trays. They come in sets of three for Tk 740-805, and make great gifts. There are also some bamboo fruit tray-cum baskets that you could get for Tk 15-65.

Creativity with clay: Your walls will look really artsy if you adorn them with a couple of clay hangings with terracotta designs. These cost between Tk 40-170. Try teaming them up with hanging clay flower pots (Tk 30-265). Or you could opt for hanging the pots in cool wrought iron frames (Tk 385-545). These are fine for verandas, but if you want to adorn your indoor seating area with earthenware, try out the terracotta vases (Tk 40-65). These look better with or without flowers, and if you opt for the latter, try coordinating them with dried flower arrangements (Tk 50-270).

The write stuff: Think pencils would make an unimaginative gift? Think again. Aarong has a cute collection of wooden pencils that cost between Tk 15-35. Team them up with a palm leaf pen-pot (Tk 275), and you've got a creative gift. While you're at it, check out the paper maché items (Tk 15-280) that include penholders and multi-purpose mini-trays.

Turning tables: Whether it's iftaar time, or the Eid feast, the dining table comes under extra focus this season. Make an impression with block-printed tablecloths (Tk 250-2310), replete with woven place mats and matching napkins (Tk 65-165), and brass napkin holders (Tk 10). Serve them up with stunning stoneware (Tk 70-610), or go for that ethnic touch with wooden bowls and coconut spoons (Tk 20-280). If you're not so loco about the coconuts, get the fancy steel utensil set for Tk 375.

Bag it: Here's something a lady just can't do withouta handbag. Win her over with an Aarong leather bag (Tk 90-3480). If that taxes your moneybag, go for the cute kantha botuas for Tk 65-230.

Bed boodle: The stuff of sweet dreams: a block printed cotton bedcover (Tk 460-1295), with matching cushion covers Tk 95-425). They'd make really thoughtful gifts.

For the kids: Comfy and cute, Aarong children's dresses (Tk 95-275) are a sure hit with kids. If you really want to charm them, however, go for a nice bright stuffed toy from the wonderful collection, ranging between Tk 15-475.

Silver jewellery: If you're living in Dhaka, and you don't have any silver jewellery (Tk 250-5025) from Aarong, well, you've been deprived. The ever-popular collection offers everything from jhaptas to toe-rings, so whether you're indulging yourself, or buying for someone else, be sure to check them out.

Feet first: You've got the perfect outfit, and the perfect bag, and all that's left to complete this picture of perfection is a pair of the perfect shoes. If you're a leather lover, Aarong is the place to go. Ranging from Tk 350-500, they have a small range of really pretty ladies' shoes that will jazz up the most mundane outfit.
It's a wrap! After all that gift shopping, the only thing left is some suitable packaging. You can either do it yourself, using the pretty Aarong gift-wrapping paper (Tk 10), or you could get it done by the salespeople there…and let me tell you, they do a fantastic job.

Photography by A K M Faruq Helal, Courtesy Aarong.

...and Piraan

Piraan is a small designer's den situated in Dhanmondi R/A (Road 11/A, House 67, phone: 9128392). Designer Chotna has done a wonderful exercise, with the shop selling things starting from designer clothes to jewellery, bedding items and simple yet stunning decoration pieces. Amazing interior of the "shop in the corner" is a reflection of the old deshi high class style "Godi Ghor".
We still get to see these godi ghor's in some parts of the old town. The huge wooden shelves are stuffed with three pieces for ladies, fotuas for men and their bedding items look great. The long spacious Takia for a little chit o chat has made the factual change in the usual shop style we see around us. The counter is simply spectacular which, is an old style counter on the floor with huge cushions and a wooden box for monetary affairs.
The shalwar kameez range starts from Tk.700 to Tk.2000. Shade work, tie-dye, block and kantha stitch are the motifs and designs, Piraan offers to its customers. Three pieces are also a good option to get. The range starts from Tk.500 to Tk.700. Sarees are also done in the same method. You get nice coloured block silk and cotton sarees within Tk.550 to Tk.2200. The women's range also has nice colourful embroidered fotua, which keeps the pace with the current choice of the season. Men's wear includes Panjabi, Lungi, Fotua and summer shirts. Prices are affordable same as above, which starts from Tk.350 to Tk.1000.

Women across the world love to exhibit their beauty and femininity. And nothing is more popular than nice painted wooden and metal bangles and bead and metal ornaments that are found here exclusively. The most astounding part of the shop is the jewellery section. Designer made jewelleries are things to posses. The jewelleries are made of antique looking metals in an ethnic style. The range is pretty unexpected compared to the looks. From Tk.10 to Tk.300 you get nice ethnic looking charming ornaments.

Bed covers, cushion covers and other home décor accessories are also great looking in a reasonable price. Home décor range starts from Tk.550 to Tk.1000. You will also get chic oriental looking home accessories in bright and beautiful colours with bells. You will get a good range of candle, candle stands, lamps and lamp-shades which are very innovative and gives your room a stylish makeover in an instance.

Other than these you will also get bags, blouse pieces, shawl, koti, scarf (dupatta) with embroidery and sequence work. Dhakai reshmi bangles are also available in Piraan in great colours with Tk.30 only. For winter, recent addition to the store are shawls and winter koti for men and women. Piraan is the choice in the city for a collection of designer outfits and accessories of the ethnic kind.

By Bohemian Soul




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