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Alternative shopping for this Eid

The crammed Chandni Chawk and Gausia market proves it all. Eid shopping mostly means shopping for new cloths, shoes, and toiletries. During Ramadan they do sell like hot cakes too. Any salesperson would confirm that.

Yet, we say there are other items that deserve your attention. How about a new set of glass, a brand new dinner set to adorn your dinner table on the eid day or the home appliance you have always wished for? To help you form a new trend in your eid shopping, here we are with list of crockeries, home appliances and electronics goods, there prices and names of convenient places where you can find them.

Note that the prices of all the items are subject to change. This list and relevant information is based on the stores and salespersons at the New Market and Stadium Market. In other areas, popular materiel and their prices might be different.
Starting with something small but very important.

Spoons and forks
Locally made spoons are mostly sold in the stores. One dozen of VIP spoon cost Tk100 and Shikol cost Tk90. If you are looking for better ones, spoons made in China according to the salesman of course would cost around Tk500. One dozen of stainless steel forks also from China with gold plated decoration attached to it would cost Tk500-600. If you think cheaper ones would do then there are hundreds of vendors on the footbridge adjacent to the New Market. You will find cheap spoons and forks there, not very good in quality though.

Kitchen knife
Kitchen knifes could be dangerous if it is used in the wrong purpose. Dangerous or not it is always better to have a knife with sharp edges otherwise pieces of vegetables or meat you intended to use in the curry could be ruined. Kiwi is the most popular brand. The cost of kitchen knife varies from Tk20-100, depending on what size you want.

Fruit basket
Fresh fruit on the dining table is a very good source of vitamin and mineral. You can not just place the fruits on the table. You need a fruit basket that looks good on the table. It is made of stainless steel nets not easy for kids to break in to pieces like they do with the ceramic fruit bowls. These fruit baskets would cost Tk190.

Frying pan
Non sticky frying pan mostly from Italy and China are sold in the market. The one from China cost around Tk300 and the pan from Italy cost Tk500.

Barbecue grill
If you love barbecue parties then you must have a barbecue grill. Noka barbecue grill cost Tk2500.

Looking for shiny new glasses for this eid? Foreign goods are mostly available in the market. One dozen glasses made in Indonesia cost about Tk120-150. Glasses made in Turkey would cost Tk200 per dozen and glasses from Thailand cost Tk300.

Mugs with various cartoons on them could be a great gift item for nephews and nieces. The market is full of them. Bugs, Daffy, Donald or may be Daisy and Tasmanian Devil all these classic cartoon characters are always kid's favorite. These mugs will not cost more than Tk80. If you want one with floral designs, they are also available. Pyrex mugs would cost Tk110-130. Plain white ones will cost Tk30-50.

Tea set
If you are looking for a nice tea set, according to the shopkeepers of New Market, locally made Monno and Shinpukur is the most popular brand. A full tea set with one dozen teacup, teapot and other accessories from Shinepukur would cost around Tk1500. Monno containing same items would cost Tk1000.

Dinner set
If you want a complete change and have something big in mind like getting a whole new dinner set then, according to the salesmen again, Monno and Shinepukur is the best. Monno cost about Tk3000 and Shinepukur cost Tk4000. Luminac pyrex dinner set from France with beautiful shine would cost Tk6000.

The name Monno and Shinepukur comes again, if you want brand new plates. There are also PCI and Standard available in the market. Prices of one dozen plates from any of these brand varies from Tk400-600.

Three-piece curry set
Do not want to buy a dinner set but need a curry set that looks great on the table. Well, three piece curry sets are available in the market. Made in France they would cost about Tk1000-1200.

Soup bowls
Healthy delectable soup could be a great way to supply nutrition after fasting in this Ramadan. One dozen soup bowls from Monno or Shinepukur cost around Tk400-600. Melamine soup bowls are also very popular among customers. Locally made melamine products are mainly sold in the market. One dozen of these soup bowls, from Crown, Sharif, United, and Bangladesh Melamine cost around Tk300. Spoons does not come with the set. You have to buy them separately. One dozen would cost about Tk140.

Carrying something hot during this winter could be a great idea not to mention that Ramadan is almost coinciding with the chilly weather. A small size stainless still thermos cost Tk100. If you want a bigger one it would cost around Tk200.
We are now moving on to deals in home appliances.

Hot pot
Hot pot is a necessary object. The price of hot pot depends on how many bowls you are taking. One bowl set from Milton cost Tk250-275 and Boss cost Tk190-200. A three-bowl set from Milton cost Tk425 and Boss cost around Tk650.

Electric kettle
Standing beside the kettle while the water is getting hot could be a tiresome job. How about getting an electric one? Philips electric kettle cost Tk1800. Kettle from Geepars would cost about Tk2150.

Electric mixer
Mixing eggs or other items with electric mixer is much more convenient than using forks or spoons. Philips hand mixer cost Tk1200. Nova and Geepars cost a little less. They would cost Tk900.

Sandwich maker
Other than oily piazoo or chhola you could have sandwich for Iftar. Sandwich maker from Miyako cost Tk900. Nova cost almost the same.

Crunchy hot toasts with your favorite jam on it. To have them ready at home you could get a toaster. Available brands in the market are Nova, which cost Tk1000, Miyako at the same price and Philips at the cost of Tk1200.

Rice cooker
Cooking rice just before Sehri, how about that. Hot steamy bhaat in a cold night, it can only be possible with a rice cooker. National rice cooker cost about Tk2000. Miyako would cost Tk1800.

Pressure cooker
All through Ramadan, the usual scene in and around the kitchen is busy homemakers and domestic helps trying their best to make our food tasty. There are so many items, which need an enormous amount of time to be cooked. To have Iftar right on time pressure cooker can make things easy. Available brands in the market are mostly from neighboring India. Hawkins, Maruti, Bazaz, Tower, and Divya, price range of all of these pressure cookers varies from Tk500-1000.

Daylong fasting can make one very thirsty. A glass of fresh juice can bring all the energy back. To have juices in your Iftar menu all you have to do is get a juicer. The most popular brand is Philips and Muolinex they cost Tk2500 and Tk2400. Among others, there is Nova, which cost Tk1800. Miyako cost Tk1600 and Komato cost around Tk2000.

Blend in and get a blender for this Ramadan. Moulinex and Philips are the best brand according to the sales representatives of the New Market. Moulinex cost Tk2200 and Philips would cost Tk2500.

To get the items above New Market would be the best place and to buy the following items you should go to the Stadium Market and their respective showrooms and dealers.

Nit and fresh clothes every time you go out can only be assured with the help of a good laundry or an iron at home. Now buying a laundry for that purpose would not be a very good idea but you can always get yourself an Iron, if you want to do it on your own of course. Jack Pot, a very reliable brand is available at the price of Tk450 to Tk950. Philips would cost Tk650, Nova cost Tk600, Black and Decker cost Tk800 and Sebec would cost Tk700.

Air conditioners
It is totally the off season for air conditioners and which is exactly why you will get them at lesser prices. Samsung window ACs will cost Tk33000 to Tk43300. Samsung split cost Tk76000, National would cost Tk27500, General cost Tk29000, Carrier cost Tk27500, Haier cost Tk38900, and the cost of Toshiba would be Tk36000 to Tk4225000.

Winter is knocking at the door. It is off-season for refrigerators. However, some people do think of getting a new one during Ramadan to keep food storage fresh. Stadium Market is the best place for buying refrigerator as you have tons of options there. Sanyo 8.5cft cost Tk20200 and 12cft will cost Tk27990. How about getting a gigantic one? Whirlpool 18cft would cost you Tk45000. Whirlpool 12.5cft cost Tk24990 and 14cft cost Tk25990. Whirlpool deep freezer 26T model cost Tk22990. Toshiba 7 to 20cft will cost Tk18000 to Tk44000. Samsung 8.5cft cost Tk18500. Sharp 8.5cft cost tk17500, 10cft cost 21300 and 11cft would cost tk30800. Kelvinator fridge will cost Tk26500 if you get a 10cft one.

Lesser price in off-season also applies for fans. Here is list of ceiling fans. National, assembled in Bangladesh cost Tk1250, Eureka would cost Tk1550, and Khaitan cost Tk1950.

By Shahnaz Parveen


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