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perfect master bath

ONE room that is a constant decorating challenge is the Master Bath. It should be functional, beautiful, practical and special. If you are building or remodeling your bathroom, many of these tips should be considered for the overall bathroom design.

Firstly bathroom taps are an important element in every bathroom. They should have silky smooth action and gleaming finishes. Choose styles or models that make you feel good and complement your décor. For example, a high tech contemporary tap design will look out of place in a formal traditional bathroom and vice versa. Another point to consider is that no one wants annoying drips, stifled water pressure, or corroding finishes. So if you want to consider replacing the existing hardware look for taps with smooth, precise handle action and finishes that are glistening and durable.

Cabinets offer smart storage solutions and a touch of elegance and warmth to your master bath. However, choosing bathroom cabinet finishes can be confusing and challenging. You can have traditional wood cabinets, laminate cabinets or polyester finished cabinet doors which are also available in Bangladesh. Drawers should be deep enough to handle plenty of accessories. An open shelf for towels is convenient and provides a splash of color in the bathroom. Countertops and door/drawer hardware should be functional, practical and decorative at the same time. Practical hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles, solid-surface materials, natural finishes (marble, slate, quartz, etc) and glass block should be considered in the décor. They are durable and won't be damaged by water. They will resist mold and mildew and provide a beautiful decorating element to the bathroom

Open bathrooms to light with sizable windows. Big windows are always nice, and allow the fresh air to ventilate the bathroom. They will also provide the best lighting for practical purposes and a feeling of openness. Functional and decorative lighting, both natural and artificial will work magic in the master bathroom. Wall-mounted lights and overhead fixtures can work together to cut down shadows and maximize the lighting potential. Painting is an ideal option for the bathroom walls. Choose a paint color that complements the materials and finishes in the bathroom along with the colors and patterns in the master bedroom. Always remember to paint a test sample on the wall before total application. A bathroom's natural and artificial lighting will play severe tricks on the paint color.

Dressing area /seating in the master bathroom is practical as well as cosmetic. Many of us need a special place in the bathroom where we can prepare and primp. Consider allowing space for this function if you are building or remodeling. The opportunities to accessorize and personalize the vanity will add beauty and charm to your bathroom. Finally accessorize the master bathroom with special items such as personal mementos, area rugs, window treatments, towels, artwork, floral arrangements and greenery. Use your color scheme as the inspiration for the selections; choose items you like and that will reflect the beauty and personality of your beautiful new master bathroom.

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For further details/information on this article or previous articles, contact Architect Rumana Malik email: afmalik@bangla.net.













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