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Peda Ting Ting: Almost paradise…

Tired of the hassle of everyday city life? Of having no privacy, getting no solitude? Exhausted with work? Feel that you need a break? Well, in that case I have just the solution for you. A perfect place where you can escape to, where you can have all the solitude and privacy that your heart desires Peda Ting Ting.

I am very sure that many of you have at anytime in your life fantasised what life would be like living on a deserted island. It's a pity that only a few have ever got the chance of experiencing it firsthand. However, I honestly believe you should give this place a shot it is SO perfect. Hmm…maybe I should get to the point.

Peda Ting Ting is the name of an isolated island, situated in the midst of many others in the lake of Rangamati. It is a popular name amongst the people of Rangamati, so finding it will not pose a problem. On the island, there's even a small restaurant (when I say 'small' restaurant, I mean a SMALL restaurant so don't go ahead expecting an exquisite place furnished to meet your every need.) On one end, and some distance away are three small cottages. A small path leads to the cottages from the restaurant, and a tiny bridge lies on the way, quaint but pretty. The three cottages are named 'Radhamon', 'Dhonpuri' and 'Tanyabi'. Don't ask me what they mean cause I have no idea, but they sure sound authentic! If you go visiting with a small group of friends, or relatives, you will need more than one cottage, but if you go with just your family, I recommend the 'Radhamon' cottage.

It has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a large verandah to sit in at night. Additionally, it is cleverly situated so that one can enjoy the sunset and the occasional breezes. This cottage can be rented for 1000 TK. per night. Food should not be a problem, as you just need to walk over to the restaurant and order whatever you feel like.

The first day there, you can just relax and enjoy yourself, maybe explore the island if you aren't that tired. Ask the management at the restaurant to arrange excursions to the places you want to visit i.e. Shuvolong, Rajar Bari, etc. Shuvolong (waterfall) is best visited in the Monsoon when you actually get a good view of the waterfall instead of just a few rocks placed strategically. Just a little word of advice never trust the boatman on what he says! Let me tell you what happened with us.

The boatman took us to a place, which he claimed was 'Shuvolong' the place consisted of a mere few rocks, and a thin steam of water trickling down the rocks. THIS was the waterfall? We refused to believe it. In spite of our cajoling, the boatman continued to claim that this was THE place! Finally my dad asked him to go another way with the boat, all the while keeping a sharp lookout, exploring tiny pathways. After reaching a few dead-ends, we finally spotted it.

An actual waterfall, not just a line of water trickling down rocks! I was with my cousin, and both of us were totally exhilarated! So the next time the boatman tries to feed you some weird story like "Aitai Shuvolong erokom jaiga Rangamati te ar nai" (this is the Shuvolong waterfall area, there is no other waterfall in Rangamati), do yourself a favour and just don't listen to him. I assure you that if you just make the time and effort to venture further and keep your eyes open, you'll definitely find a perfect waterfall. Yet remember you need water for a waterfall, so if you go in the summer you won't find one, no matter how much you search!

Back to the subject of Peda Ting Ting, try and arrange your visit there during moonlight nights. Do remember to take your Discman and a few novels by your favourite author. The island is an idyllic place, somewhere where you can actually relax in peace.

Before I say adios, let me remind you to definitely check out the island itself. It might be small but it's very picturesque.

On one of my visits there I saw two 'suns'. What I did see was the setting sun on one side of the island, while a full moon was on the opposite side of the island. The setting sun's rays were reflected on the full moon, giving a bright orange appearance, same as that of another setting sun. It was beautiful enough to take my breath away, and when I showed this to the rest of my family, they just had to agree. With luck, you'll find something equally breathtaking when you visit the island.

By Jennifer Ashraf


Annual party week at The Park

Anyone got their sights set on Kolkata for the New Year celebrations? The Park, Kolkata has got it all together for an unceasing blast. Right from 24th the Christmas Eve to the 31st night, chart is mapped out for a week of total indulgence out there.

The fun begins at Tantra on Christmas Eve, with Zumaniety on its fourth anniversary. Zumaniety is the E-zone where people can explore their senses! Zumaniety is all about confronting desire and exploring it in an atmosphere that exudes sensuality. Zumaniety will be unveiled in a series of acts by the different performers. From a somewhat innocent beginning the show will take a winding road through sensuality.

This bold and popular E-Zone will be unveiled in a series of acts by the different performers. The in-house DJs Lloyd, Sethi and Sanjay will be there, bringing on numbers to keep your toes tapping.

It's Boogie and Rock n Roll at Someplace Else (the bar) on 24th December with DJ Austin and The Saturday Night Blues Band. Celebrations will be on at Someplace Else with all time favourite Orient Express on the 25th, Skinny Alley with 'That Seventies Show' on 26th. The Saturday Night Blues Band on the 27th and Purple Smoke on 31st. Music lovers and dance-freaks will love every minute.

31st December - the ultimate party is on at Tantra with The Harem of Tantra, with Vegas performers and pole dancers to boggle your minds.

There's more! Against the backdrop on 31st is an exclusive extension of party-time: The Banquets. Performances by the gorgeous model Gaysil - in a hit item number with Hrithik Roshan, combined with exotic performers from Vegas scaling the floors of the elaborate surrounding, engulfed by the rocking beats of popular DJ music. Definitely an evening to remember.

Well, all that music and masti is bound to get you hungry. The Atrium Café will be teasing and tempting your taste-buds with the special buffet on the 24th for dinner, 25th for lunch, 31st December for dinner and 1st Jan lunch buffet. Chef Shaun Kenworthy will be doling out a sinfully tasty spread, made exclusively for people who worship food. You couldn't ask for a deal better than this. The menu includes items like roast turkey and festive Yule log. There will also be a New Year's brunch buffet with Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon, Cornbeef hash a traditional brunch with champagne. The Atrium Café will also boast a new international band from Singapore called Hot Wave to pack in the punch this festive season.

Celebrity Thai Chef Nut Kunlert, having had culinary sojourns in star kitchens around the world, will use his secret recipes at Zen during this festival, from 20th December to 1st January. Each dish in the menu will be prepared with specially imported ingredients and herbs keeping the authentic Thai flavour intact. One can experience the subtle flavours of Thai cuisine by taking a pick from the elaborate spread consisting of dishes like Pork short rib in red sauce, prawns cooked in milk and flavoured with lemongrass, chicken and pineapple with spring onion to name a few.

Chefs Ashafaque and Irfan Qureshi, will have a whole new Dum Pukht selection in store. This festival to savour a truly gastronomic experience par excellence of the Biryanis and kebabs cooked in their signature style at Saffron.

So this time, make The Park your destination to end the year with a blast. Packages have been specially crafted to suit the way you want to celebrate. The packages are as follows:

Option 1:
Zumaneity at Tantra on 24th (Entry Only) or Harem at Tantra on 31st (Entry Only) or Baar Baar Dekho at Banquets on 31st (Dinner included). Be a part of the Zumaneity or Harem Nite or Baar Baar dekho with stay for single/double occupancy @ US$ 90 inclusive of taxes per night!

Welcome Drink on arrival, power breakfast at the coffee shop, TheAtrium Cafe / 2 bottle of mineral water / 20% discount on Food & Soft beverage. Both way transfer from airport. More & more for 3 nights stay - luxury car usage for 4 hours / 40 kms, One massage complimentary at the SPA.

Option 2
Single/double occupancy @ US$ 60 inclusive of taxes, welcome drink on arrival, power breakfast at the coffee shop, The Atrium Cafe / 2 bottle of mineral water / 20% discount on Food & Soft beverage. Both way transfer from airport. More & more for 3 nights stay - luxury car usage for 4 hours / 40 kms.One massage complimentary at the SPA. Please contact the General Sales Agent of Park Hotels for reservation.

DETAILS: TRAVEL WAYS LTD 99, KAZI NAZRUL ISLAM AVENUE, DHAKA TEL: 9132068/70, 9141020 EMAIL: twl@bol-online.com


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