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Shop Special

Sweet Dreams...

What else do you expect when you get lingerie, sleeping dresses, perfumes and cosmetics in a she-friendly atmosphere? Buying perfect lingerie is very difficult in our country. There is always a fuss about the right size, fabric, design, fit, comfort hygiene and fashion. The lack of a proper changing room, female shop assistants, computerised size measurement system, a men's lounge…the list of shortcomings goes on.

Now "Sweet Dreams" is here to take away all your worries and really help you get a good night's sleep in luxurious sleepwear at comfortable prices. There are stunning sleeping suits designed to bring out the best in you. The nighties will cost you between Tk 390 (singles) to Tk 1099 (two piece with gown). All the gowns are made in China. They have used original Chinese silk as the fabric for the night-dresses.

They have all varieties of lingerie with great designs, different fabrics, with focus on comfort. All along, women in our country used to worry about the best fit but here, you can try them on first and then buy the one that suits you best. You will get genuine Jockey set (3 pieces) at Tk 140 only and wonderful lacy panties with Tk 60 only. All these items come in a wide price range. Bras are available at Tk 160 (single), 299(single), and brassiere sets are available at between Tk 299 to Tk 499.

The cosmetics section is generously stocked with the entire ranges from brands like Avon, Johnson & Johnson, and Jordana. Avon Creams will cost Tk 600, perfumes Tk 1300. They also have face cream, facial wash, cleanser, skin protection items. The prices are reasonable, and they have varieties of products including sanitary pads, facial tissues, napkins and perfumes. You will also get wet tissues in Tk 110 in various ranges

The best part about this store is that this is an independent shop with its own parking space, one female shop assistant to provide individual customer service, and a waiting lounge with TV, newspapers and magazines for male companions of the female customers.

The concept of this store is Women for women. Their products are produced by women, managed by women, served and facilitated by women and sold to women only. This is country's first mega shop for women only, located at Road: 7 House: 29, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

By Bohemian Soul

Shop talk

Jingling bells, stocking stuffers, gifts galore…yes, Christmas is here! Time to pretty up the house to inject a healthy dose of festivity into the air. So grab your purses, people, and head on to Folk International at Gulshan, to load up on Christmas must-haves:

Sweet kisses… …
under the mistletoe. Now where in Bangladesh will you get real mistletoe? While you chew on that one, grab yourself some quilted mistletoe to hang on your tree/walls. They are available for only Tk 60.

Beautiful baubles
Fancy a wooden Santa on your tree? Or perhaps some gold painted trinkets? There is a nice range of clay/wood ornaments for your Christmas tree at Tk 30-60.

Tree some…
Given the problem of space constraint, local climate, etc., etc, a large-sized fir or aspen Christmas tree is probably not a great idea. What, however, is Christmas without the tree? Folk International solves the problem by offering small potted Christmas trees at Tk 1500. Hurry up…the stocks are limited.

Hassle-free tassels
Here's a nice way to dress up your tree or room. Get yourself a straw braid with dried flower arrangements that will add a nice touch to any nook or cranny you put it up in. These beauties are yours for Tk 80.

Stalking stockings
Santa's on his way. How do you tell him you want some gifts? Hang a stocking up. Folk International has a cute collection of jute stockings that come in three different sizes, and range from Tk 30-160.

Nativity set
Let's not forget the story behind Christmas…that's right, the birth of the baby Christ. The Christmas story is something that is enjoyed by parents and children alike. Make the celebration more meaningful for someone by getting him/her a clay Nativity set for Tk 675. The set contains figurines of the Virgin Mary with the Holy Child, his father Joseph, and all the barn animals.

Here's to greeting your guests at the door the Christmas way. Get yourself a lovely wreath for only Tk 120. They come in many different sizes and colours at Folk International, and will spice up any door or wall they are put up on.

Weighty matters indeed
This is a nifty gift for your office-going friend/relative…a paperweight made of a glazed pinecone. These are really pretty and come at only Tk 100 a piece.

Craft cards
Go on, tell your loved ones you care. Give them a lovely craft card. You can choose between ones made from normal paper (Tk 20), or handmade paper (Tk 30).

Quotes on totes
Got no time to bother with wrapping gifts? Grab yourself a couple of themed jute totes. They are available at a range of sizes at between Tk 30-90.
That's all…hope this makes the decorating a little easier. Here's wishing all our readers a very Merry Christmas!

By Sabrina F Ahmad





Did you know…
that the best places for seeing guest birds around Dhaka city is the Jahangirnagar University campus and the Dhaka Zoo? Both these places have water bodies, especially the JU campus, which has several lakes surrounded by wonderful natural scenery. Every winter, thousands of migratory birds gather at these lakes. A daylong excursion at JU could be a great family outing. After sundown the Zoo could be an odd place to be in. However, in JU, when the bird watching is over you could have a few hours of breathtaking experience.

Relishing bhapa pitha
They may be cheap and sold in street side stalls, but they taste simply great. The JU campus might be great for bird watching, but the Dhaka University campus is the place to go if you want bhapa pitha. Just grab a ride to DU campus, and head for the street vendors to relish these sweet treats. Once there, you might also like to try the phuchka and chotpoti of Shahbag.

Best blankets
Bhapa pithas may satisfy the stomach and birds may please the heart, but when it's cold outside the best resort is a comfy blanket or quilt. The bedding stores of Nilkhet are the best place to buy quilts at reasonable rates. Pillows are also their speciality. If you are looking for blankets, Baitul Mukarram market is your place.

And by the way…
to have a crisp and warm quilt to cuddle into at night, leave it under the sun for three or four hours, and fold it up. Keep it like that until you need it. This will let the heat stay inside the cotton for a very long time, long enough till bedtime.

Jingle all the way
It's that time of the year, folks. Time for carols and presents and that warm, fuzzy feeling. Santa's on his way with gifts to share, and the trees are getting prettied up with bright lights and shiny baubles. Yes, Christmas is here! We at Lifestyle would like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas!

By Shahnaz Parveen





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