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party up your own style at home!

FOR those of you out there who intend to stay back at home and arrange your own party for friends and loved ones, remember that personalisation is the best way to go. If you can make your house the hip place to be during this time of the year, then so be it. To start with, ensure yourself that the landlord wouldn't mind, although it is a hard thing to make sure of, you won't need an unfinished party. Ensure that you invite a lot of people, even the ones you would rather not have, because without people you won't have a hip party. As for matchmaking add those eligible singles and you would have the proper ingredients for a night to remember.

Although organising a party at home is asking for a house you won't recognise the day after, you can definitely have a nice time your way! Try to avoid the aggressive troublemakers to keep your house in one piece. Try intricate decorations around the house and here are some do's and don'ts for a better New years eve at home:

DO create plenty of free space. Use all available rooms, move furniture, make it easy for people to mingle and roam.

DO make sure everyone is welcome. Make sure all your guests feel welcome and have people to talk to. If people see you've made an effort to involve them, they, in turn, will make an effort - and your party will benefit accordingly.

DO greet everyone as they arrive. It's a small gesture, which pays big dividends. A warm and friendly welcome immediately puts your guests at ease and allows them to start enjoying themselves from the off.

DO plan group activities. This different approach shall definitely keep the party going on.

DO overestimate the food and drink. You want people to have a good time all night long, so be generous. DO be a good host. It may sound old fashioned, but look after your guests. Make sure their glasses are full, that they've had enough to eat and, if someone is on their own, introduce them to others. And of course, try to get those single people introduced. Maybe they'll thank you for a very long time to come. Involve everyone in the activities. A party lives or dies by its atmosphere - and as the host, you have to make sure that it's spicy all the time!

DO keep the music flowing with hip-hop, trance and once in a while slow old tracks.

DON'T be exclusive. Parties are about including everyone, so avoid choices of food, music, entertainment that, while they delight a minority, will alienate half your other guests.

DON'T go overboard… too soon. As the host, you'll want to make sure everyone else is buzzing first. So pace yourself: you'll enjoy it more and remember it for longer.

DON'T stay around and ponder. If you're going to have a party, go for it! Invest as much time and energy and money as you can. Pick a budget, spend it - then forget about what it cost and have fun. Extravagance may hurt the wallet but it's great for the soul!

To add to it all, you know…
…everyone's trying to persuade you to host another
…people talk about it for weeks, months, years…
…NOBODY leaves early. In fact, NOBODY leaves!
…the place is barely recognisable
…you've got a dozen people staying the night.
…deals are made, friendships are forged, romances blossom!
…every time you remember it, you laugh!
…everyone's really polite about it
…more than half your guests have left within the first two hours
…the people in the kitchen are having a great time!
…the place is completely recognisable
…no one stays the night
…every time you remember it, it hurts!
So party on and make the coming year a smashing hit!

By Mishel Ali Khan

Getting 'fizzical' without losing your head…

Although drinking is not done openly in the city, Star Lifestyle enters the underground world and gives you good sober advice for dealing with this intoxicant.

With the New Year's Eve party bash coming up, the consumption of alcohol is bound to go up for the night. So for those of you out there, whether partying at home or at clubs and hotels, make sure you keep safety in mind, while having a good time guzzling the bubbly stuff.

It takes the average person one to two hours to eliminate the typical alcoholic drink, such as an ounce of distilled liquor, a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. Therefore, if you have had more than one drink at a party for every hour spent there, don't drive. Also, remember that inebriation is generally brought on quicker if you drink on an empty stomach.

At New Years Eve, the law-enforcement shall be strict and the police shall look into any driver, who seems to over-speed even a little. With the tragedies that have occurred at this night over the last few years here in the city, the police force intends to take no chances this year. Last time Gulshan was on a curfew and there are rumours of the same happening this year. However, that doesn't stop anyone from partying, so if you do plan for a wild night of dancing and having a good time at home, these tips may come in handy:

* Suggest your guests come in groups and that each group select a "designated driver."

* Make non-alcoholic beverages available, preferably served in the same type of glasses as the alcohol, for the designated driver and for anyone else who chooses not to consume alcohol.

* Guests should not be persuaded to drink, nor ridiculed if they choose not to.

* Snacking should be encouraged.

* Coffee should be served in the last hour or so of the party.

Anybody who is drunk should not be allowed to drive under any circumstances, this is also applicable for someone who is obviously sleepy. Instead, insist they stay overnight, go home with somebody else or take a taxi. Getting a taxi during the night shall be hard, so try to arrange for alternative transportation. This isn't just for their safety and that of other motorists, but also for the extended circle of friends and loved ones that would be affected by another needless tragic death.

In the end, try to keep the drinking under control and have a good time with your friends and loved ones. Remember that you can always have a great time even without intoxicants.

By Mishel Ali Khan













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