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Hanging out Special

Hottest Hangouts 2003

Folks, another year has gone past, and together, we've trekked across Dhaka for the coolest places to grab a bite, have a blast, or just chill out with friends and/or family. With one foot in 2003, and one stepping towards 2004, let's just turn back one more time and look at the places that really rocked this past year.

One place whose inception had been eagerly awaited, and which quickly won out everyone's heart for being the perfect family place, has definitely been Pizza Hut. Famous all over the world for its mouth-watering, and yet affordable fast food, this hot new pizza outlet in Gulshan-1 has drawn such large crowds, that it is not unusual to see lines of people standing outside waiting to get in.

Even with the stiff new competition, four relatively older pizza places are still drawing hungry patrons. The first name that comes to mind is obviously Dominous. When these guys say 'large' pizza, they really mean large pizza. Those who like it really hot are definitely familiar with Shwarma House, which serves Dhaka's spiciest pizzas. Finally, those who like all things Italian are enamoured of Don Giovanni's Sizzler, whose lasagna is also not to be missed.

A cosy chat over a sumptuous sundae seems to have been everyone's favourite way of spending a romantic rendezvous, or as the perfect way to end a shopping spree, considering the crowds at all outlets of Mövenpick and Baskin Robbins. Even the chill of the approaching winter hasn't curbed the popularity. Dolce Vita Gelateria, a pioneer in the ice-cream parlour industry in Bangladesh, also manages to retain a healthy retinue of clientele, while Candyfloss, the first real teen hangout in Gulshan is still going strong.

You can't live in Dhanmondi and not be aware of Rifle's Square. Aside from all the shopping and bird watching (of the two-legged variety, of course), with the opening of Helvetia and Thunderbolt, this is the place to head to for an afternoon of fun with friends. While you're in Dhanmondi, don't forget to take a gander at Café Mango the perfect place to get away from the crowds for a short time. If you're in the mood for a party, and your taste buds are screaming for some spicy kebabs, then point your compass towards Bar-b-Q Tonight for an unforgettable evening.

Kemal Ataturk Road is full of shopping centres universities and stores, but if you really want somewhere to hang out, then two names definitely pop up: Boomers, and Sentosa. While the former offers you the opportunity to shoot pool as well as pick from three different menus, the latter is popular for its reasonable rates and relaxed atmosphere. They both will certainly win thumbs-ups if you ask the college students who frequent them.

Ashulia doesn't really fall into the Dhaka hangout category, but not to mention it would be simply outrageous. Whether one fancies the thrills and chills of Fantasy Kingdom and all its rides, and the new Go-Karting tracks, or simply romancing on the highway, away from prying peepers, this is the ultimate dating hotspot for all Dhakaites. Let's not forget Little Italy, whose Italian cuisine is also a big attraction.

When thinking of Gulshan-2, Topkapi Restaurant is not to be missed. With its buffet lunch in the afternoons, and sheesha in the evening, this place stands out from all other food outlets in the area.

However, taking the crown for the most happening place to hang out at, is none other than Road 11, Banani. Whether you're hungering for kebabs or ice cream, whether you want to grab a bite or go shopping, this is the place to be in.

By Sabrina F Ahmad


Leaving dowry out of our life

Clad in sherwani and panjabi 100 grooms were sitting on the stage. Their brides were sitting upstairs. They all had sworn to leave dowry out of their relations. It was the most interesting event of the year to observe.

On 26th December at the Engineers Institute Auditorium 100 couples got married in a mass marriage ceremony. It was an effort of the Bangladesh Chashi Kollyan Shamity (BCKS).

Every year BCKS arranges this type of marriage in the grass root level but this time it was a huge ceremony.
What they did was to motivate parents and grooms about the evil effects of dowry and how a marriage can succeed without it.

Mariam Akter, one of the brides who came all the way from Bagerhat, told us, "Dowry spoils the sanctity of marriage. All marriages should be like this".

Every bride was given a suitcase with gifts in it. Two sarees, some toiletries and a nose ring as a token mohorana was presented. Grooms were given Tk2000 each. Khondokar Ayesha Khatun a volunteer in the ceremony told us "these gifts were presents from several elites". BCKS took care of the kabin cost and the attires worn by the couples.

We asked a mother from Pabna whether she is happy about her daughter marrying like this. She told us " It would have been hard for us to marry off our daughter if we were expected to give dowry. Now I am really happy".
Hundreds of people went to the institute's premise just to see the event take place. Afroja Rahaman, an HSC student of Bangladesh Unmukto School was one of them. She told us "It is very interesting that in a society like ours, marriage is possible without dowry. It all depends on us".

The Minister for Social Welfare and the State Minister for Religious Affairs were present as special guest at the occasion.

By Shahnaz Parveen

Check it out

New year's collection at Mayasir

The New Year brings new expectations to life. At this time of year we redecorate our lives to get a fresh start. In harmony with this trend, Mayasir, one of the renowned fashion houses of Dhaka has embellished itself with exclusive New Year's collection.

The collection includes jamdani, muslin, silk and cotton saree, shalwar-kameez, tops, panjabi, short kurtas, fotua, baby shalwar-kameez, baby pants, and shawls. Candles and jewellery are also a great attraction of this collection.

Mayasir will arrange a jewellery exhibition in mid January 2004.

The New Year's collection is available in both the outlets of Mayasir in Banani and Dhanmondi.

By LS Desk


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