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show room

THE concept of showrooms has seen dramatic changes in recent years. The old trashy showrooms stuffed with bored, reluctant salespersons are considered as liabilities. In fact, the trendier a showroom looks, the more the customers are attracted to it. The basics today of owning a shop is hiring an interior designer to do the space up and get the business rolling. New, comfortable and consumer friendly showrooms are taking over the market to serve with a dynamic attitude that complement their style and décor.

Today's subject of discussion in Star Lifestyle décor is the character of a furniture showroom that demands to look very organised and systematic. The pictures here show our readers one of the biggest furniture showrooms in our country. The main focus of today's interior is the comfort zone created for its customers.

The furniture covers almost 90 percent of the area and the office and other necessary work occupy the rest. Keeping this in mind the designer decided to break away from the common attitude these showrooms display, where furniture are stacked haphazardly giving the customers no place to stand and choose. This particular showroom has a long and open display centre with highly organised office area with a lobby for the guests and customers.

The lobby is the main highlight of the interior. This tastefully decorated place allows the client privacy they need to discuss about their choice of product, without the salesperson intervening. Usually such concept is very rare, a good sitting arrangement for intensive discussion among family before the final nod allows everyone to feel content. Thus keeping this in mind the furniture shop has decided to have a lobby which is comfortable and cosy.

Therefore the lobby has been intentionally divided from the main shop by a decorative wall which is painted in bay ceramics materials. This was done to give privacy to the clients. The lobby is systematically dotted with small individual sofas made of bright green fabric. The tea table and TV stand is also in green colour to match the outlook of the lobby. The green carpet adds freshness to the ambience

There are two display racks, one is used for the wood samples and the other is used for furniture catalogue. Green plants and logs are also used to bring a natural look to the interior.
This is the way to make a small place look different with a minimum effort. The creativity shown here is totally amazing. Green is the base colour that complements the rest of the showroom and makes it a unique shopping experience.

Reported and Photo by Nazneen Haque Mimi, Interior Consultant, JOURNEYMAN.
For further details contact e-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Written by Bohemian Soul













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