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Banking Tips

Nasreen Sattar Head of International Sales, Standard Chartered Bank

Q. I got a call from my bank manager, who said that I have to name a nominee for my bank account. What is this?

Ans. It is now a mandatory requirement that all personal accounts must have a nominee. Some banks are urging their long-standing customers to name a nominee, since on many occasions at the time the account was opened, nominee was not a mandatory requirement.

Q. Banks are increasingly setting savings account rules that make it difficult to earn interest. How can I avoid interest forfeiture and still withdraw money?

Ans. Some banks do put a restriction of the percentage of the balance that can be withdrawn to get interest. To avoid forfeiture of interest and still withdraw the requisite amount, customers must give at least seven days' notice. The seven days are calculated from the day the notice is processed. The notice must include the date and amount to be withdrawn. This are seven calendar days, not necessarily working days. Notice of more than seven days is acceptable. The customer must withdraw the amount mentioned in the notice on the mentioned date to avoid forfeiture of interest.
If the customer withdraws more or less than the amount mentioned in notice or makes the withdrawal on a date not mentioned in the notice, then the interest for that month is forfeited.
If your bank has a balance requirement for interest and if after withdrawal the balance falls below that threshold, then interest will be forfeited.
However, if you want to use your savings account for transactional purpose in that case you can look into the possibility of opening a separate interest bearing non-checking account to maximise your interest earning. Many banks offer this product and you can speak to your bank manager for advice.

Q. What is Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL)? What is its mode of operation?

Ans. Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL) has initiated a project to automate depository system in Bangladesh. The CDBL, an electronic book system, will record the title and transfer of security ownership. The system will help browse modernise securities transaction process and pave the way for further development of the capital market.


Dental wise

Dr. Mahfujul Haq Khan BDS, DDS (Dhaka), PhD(Japan) Oral & Dental Surgeon BIRDEM Hospital

Dear Dr. Mahfuj

My son is only 14 years old. I can see that he has food stains on his teeth, for which the color has been transformed into a yellowish color. And in some parts are even brown, this color has occurred on the tooth which are not in line and needs braises for it. I was wondering if you could advice for what he should do in order to transform his teeth into white. Although I know the process of bleaching teeth may help, but is it available in Bangladesh and is it affordable? If not, then I cannot afford it so please advise something different.
Mrs Tanveera Hussein

Everybody wants a beautiful, bright smile - it helps give you confidence and adds to your overall appearance. Many people hesitate to smile because their teeth are stained or discolored. Tooth staining maybe caused by eating certain foods and drinks and using tobacco. In some instance, those who has misalignment (teeth are not in same line), may have dark stain even after some few weeks of professional cleaning, they should go for correction of their crowding or misalignment by braces or other means. These stains are on the surface of the teeth.
Teeth can also darken as a result of injury, or from the natural aging process. And, while it is less common, some prescription medications, if taken when the teeth are forming, have been shown to cause staining of the tooth structure itself.
Many questions has been asked about bleaching, I would like to give you a brief tips regarding this system:

Bleaching:Bleaching is a process of whitening teeth by applying a chemical solution directly to the teeth. The enamel on the exposed crown of the tooth is bleached.
There are many options available today for bleaching your teeth. Here are two options that are administered by your dentist.

1.The dentist applies a bleaching solution directly to the stained teeth. The applied solution is activated by heat (alternatively, this process can be activated by a combination of heat and light). After the solution is rinsed off, whiter teeth are revealed. This process can take about an hour, and six to eight teeth can be bleached during one appointment.

2.The dentist use a special tray ( a bleaching tray) to fit top and bottom teeth. Under his or her guidance, you are provided with a bleaching solution to use at home with the trays. They need to be worn for about two hours per day (they can be worn at night) and this process takes a variable amount of time depending on the product - ranging from one to six weeks.
There are also home bleaching kits available for purchase at retail stores (not available in Bangladesh). Some of them are used in a similar way to the second option above.
These are less expensive because the bleaching tray is a standard size, not custom-made to fit your teeth precisely.

Is bleaching suitable for everyone?

Start by speaking to your dentist. He or she can tell you whether bleaching procedures would be effective for your son.

Are there any side effects to bleaching?

Virtually no side effects if it is done properly and use latest technology. The bleaching solutions contain peroxides which bleach the tooth enamel. In some cases, this has been shown to cause sensitivity. If you do choose an at-home bleaching product, be sure to keep your dentist informed of what you are doing and contact him or her immediately if you suffer any adverse symptoms. Many people have definite aesthetic problem from internal or external stains, where as others worry needlessly about the overall colour of their teeth. In the latter instance the dentist must decide if the colour of the teeth can be improved enough to justify treatment even though the patient insists on having something done. For example a person with light complexion may believe that their teeth are too dark when actually they are normal in colour.
Bleaching generally has an approximate life span of 1 to 3 years, although this change may be permanent in some situations. Recently, we very few dentists are providing bleaching system in Dhaka. In aspect of Bangladesh economy, I must agree that it is still a little bit expensive. But when its demand will increase then I believe it will be affordable.






The pact lost in loop

Since the age when I was young enough to believe the world consisted of my immediate family, a bit of extended family and neighbors and the furthest I had ever been consciously was my elementary school, my parents made it a tradition of celebrating New Years in a pact.

The pact was, no matter what, us four, my parents, my younger brother and I will remain together when the clock turns twelve on 31st December. As I started discovering the world was a bit larger and full of choices, slowly I started regretting this pact of ours.

My friends had slumber parties and watched music videos of George Michael to" New Kid's on the block" (lame I Know!!) while I got to sit in front of the television, cuddled up with my family and count down the last seconds of another childhood then dreaded now cherished year, and played the game of who-will-be-the-first -person-to-ring-us-up-to-wish-us-a-happy-new-year.

The calls usually came from family members, my cousins or uncles. Later as I grew from a young girl to a young teenager it started coming from anonymous sources wooing his love at Midnight and getting yelled thoroughly by my father, who enjoyed doing this with immense pleasure. After a few years we all started seeing the world outside the four of us in a vision more colourful and entertaining in the night of New Year's Eve.

So we finally did it, we broke the pact, in a year in the mid 90s my parents went to a separate party and my brother and I to different ones. Yes we missed each other but we knew by the morning we would see each other again and we can have a bigger party to get over not being together one night. That January my forty-year-old father passed away and after a lot of trauma and depression we, the three left behinds became glued to each other.

My mother started believing it was because of the New Year's broken pact that all this happened. She started believing if all of us do not spend the seconds between the two years transition we will loose another member of our family or something miserable will happen to us. And we followed her wishes. And we felt safe doing so.

A few more years passed, as we made it back always in the small home of three in the night of 31st December. Then something happened. I think it's called the notion of independence that comes out as a rebel and I wanted to break the pact. I wanted to challenge fate or just felt like it was silly that we held such a superstition. And I did it; I spent it without them, my other two.

They held their sighs but they let me go. And I felt free, I felt like I wasn't controlling destiny any longer. And that brings me to today. The decorative, entertaining party that I take pleasure in so much, wearing outfits full of creative gestures and dancing like a fool, I count down the last ten seconds with my significant other, some new and old friends, and some unknowns. I make that phone call a bit after twelve to the two I left behind, after everyone has given their big New Year's hugs and kisses.

I hear the distant voices of the two I stranded in another State, and from the broken signals of my cellular phone it sounds as though I left them behind in time, somewhere where I desperately search the path back to but can't. The magic of DC is keeping me in some unknown circle of a man-made calendar and when it ends I again selfishly ride the same loop, never renouncing the pact. And what kind of a progressive woman am I if I cannot join a trendy New Year's party?

What kind of an independent individual am I if I cannot think of myself as a separate whole? But then underneath I know my fake contemporary independence that I acquired through living in USA is more dependent to the society's pressurized right picture, and the pathetic-loser-sounding event of spending New Year's Eve with my brother and my mother is probably the most autonomous and unique thing I can ever do.

But I still haven't gathered enough years to regret it all together for wasting so many new years with faceless friends. I must say I am getting there especially when I stood between an alcoholic throwing up her inside and a smoker committing to quit smoking (he does this every year), and I dialed the numbers of the two I abandoned and a voice said "Happy New Year Sona."

By Iffat Newaz



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