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out side of a
show room

INTERIOR designers no longer think that greens and plants belong solely to the garden. Now the concept has totally changed. Greens can brighten up any corner of your home or office or any place you want. Fresh leaves will make you feel fresh and energetic.

People nowadays want more greens to be a part of their décor.
There are millions of stores, markets, and showrooms all around the city. The concrete jungle bores our mind and makes us feel very dull. So adding an extra touch of green to the décor will be like adding life to your surroundings.

The showroom in the picture is a furniture gallery. The exterior of the gallery is so fresh and green that people mistake it for a garden. The 5' 3" long space behind the footpath attracts people and passers-by with its instant beauty.

The space has been covered with green grass. Sycus tree and white stones enhance the front entrance. The locally made ceramic bricks were used to make the boundary. To keep the trees fresh and to have a long term garden use of good soil is a must.

Iron rods have been used to frame the garden. Wrought iron products are good for such areas. Small focus lights have been adjusted with the iron rods on the ground. Focus lights intensify the individual items in the garden, which beautifies the garden even in the dark.

Showrooms like this one can be very refreshing and very comfortable to shop in. They are not only attractive to the eye, they also make for a pleasant shopping experience.

Reported and Photo by Nazneen Haque Mimi, Interior Consultant, JOURNEYMAN. For further details contact e-mail: journeym@citechco.net Written by Bohemian Soul













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