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shop special

Walking shoes

Walking in the morning is a great way to stay fit. That is what the experts say. Although the habit is not yet so popular in our country there are a still few people who regularly visit the Ramna Park, Chandrima uddyan or the Shangshad bhaban in the morning, walking for hours and socialising. If you do have the habit of walking in the morning, then it would be wise to wear the right shoe. Keeping the feet healthy is not always a major issue for us. Some people even wear sandals during walk. We are here to provide some information about where to find the right walking shoes and what would be their price.

The best place to buy walking shoes would be the good old Bata.

A great variety of shoes are available there. Ladies walking shoes are mostly made of soft cloths with foams padding and comfortable insoles. Price range starts from Tk190 and ranges up to Tk400. These are without laces. The ones with laces would cost Tk300. Men's collection made of leather without lace, would cost around Tk995.

Another good place is Chourongi Bhaban at Elephant road. According to Shabuj the sales person of Aslam Shoes "Mostly Chinese and Bangkok-made shoes are available here". Outer cover is made of thick velvet. Price would be around Tk250. Some Myanmar-made shoes popularly known as Burmese shoes, are also available in this market. These shoes would cost about Tk190-200.
In the long row of shoe stores at Elephant road mostly Burmese shoes are available. The price would be a little less than Chourongi Bhaban.

If you want cheaper ones, visit New Market. Shahdat Hossain from Shibli Shoes told us " Mostly Burmese shoes are sold here". Price of these shoes ranges from Tk175-225. Singapore market adjacent to New Market is another great place to buy Burmese shoes. Price would be little less there. As they come cheaper from other markets, so the quality might also differ.

By Shahnaz Parveen


Shop talk

Leather Wallets
There are attractive leather wallets in brown and black colour available at Banglar Mela. A purse is indeed an essential item in our day to day life. Instead of spreading your money inside your tote, put all the notes and coins in your purse and thus lessen the chance of losing money while taking things in and out from your bag. At Banglar Mela, purses of different sizes and designs are available to meet your needs. You can buy one such leather wallet at around Tk.100.

Tomato Ketchup
A bite into a luscious chicken burger or any other deep fried food item never seems complete without a little flavour of lip smacking tomato ketchup. It's the tomato ketchup that makes fast foods more palatable to people like us. It's not only the fast food outlets, which buy tomato ketchup. In fact a bottle of the stuff is an essential feature of monthly grocery shopping for most households. Heinz has been known for its prime quality tomato ketchup among the consumers for a long time. Today, supermarkets display Heinz tomato ketchup in their shelves. You too can buy one for your family. Each bottle will cost you around Tk.60 in the renowned superstores of the capital.

Fresh Vegetables
Winter hails the taste and bright colours of scores of appetising vegetables. It's the perfect season to prepare some really healthy as well as delightful vegetable dishes for you and your family. You can even attempt to become a complete vegetarian during winter. So, before these nourishing vegetables go out of marketplace, visit the local kitchen markets and superstores to buy some scrumptious vegetables like tomato, cauliflower, radish, spinach or cabbage for your home. Try preparing a nutritious salad for both lunch and dinner for your loved ones. So go ahead and enjoy a shopping spree among fresh and healthful vegetables this season. Prices of the vegetables will vary from market to market, and store to store. You can also purchase these veggies from your local vegetable hawkers.

Candle Stands
A classy candle stand will change the very look of your living room. There are beautiful candle stands manufactured from wrought iron available at Banglar Mela. These beautiful stands are available in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase one of these pretty candleholders for as low as Tk.40 to add elegance to your sitting room.

I'm a Barbi Girl…
If you have ever visited Metro Shopping Mall then you must have noticed those Barbie totes, pencil boxes, shoes, stationers, snack carriers, watches and bowls, flasks and plates available in its various stores, pleasing your eyes. If you have a little daughter or niece in your family then don't forget to give one of these eye-catching gifts on her next birthday; the birthday girl will simply love it.

Instant Thai Soup
Maggi has introduced mouth watering Thai soup for its consumers. You can prepare Thai soup for two people with each 35gm pack. Easy to cook and yummy to eat up, Maggi's Thai soup is prepared from edible starch, tasting salt, skim milk powder, citric acid, prawn powder, wheat flour, caramel and much more. Besides Thai soup, there are other flavours of Maggi soup available at your nearby stores, and each 35gm pack will cost you Tk.20.

By Wara Karim





Essentials Special

Having a pet
Having a pet as a part of the family is always fun. There are not many pet stores in Dhaka. However there is a place where you can find many animals ready to go with you and be your companion. The best place to get pets would be Katabon market; in fact it is a pet supermarket. You will be able to get puppies, baby monkeys, variety of birds, tank fish and sometimes cats.

Not always an easy job
Keeping a pet at home is not always an easy job. Most people in Bangladesh prefer caged birds, dogs and cats as their pet. For a healthy pet, the animal should be vaccinated regularly; every now and then it should be taken to a veterinary doctor. Veterinary doctors are found in Gulistan Poshu Hospital just opposite Banga Bazar. Dogs should be taken for a walk regularly. During mating season they should be handled very carefully. Treating animals properly is never a big deal for us. We should behave kindly with animals.

Man's best buddy
They say a dog is man's best friend. It is very true. Dogs are really very sportive. They never steal food like cats. Keeping a dog in the house can serve a dual purpose. It can be your playmate. Whenever you need a friend it will be there for you without wanting anything in return except for food. It can be the greatest security guard ever and at no extra charge. They even sometimes keep an eye on the babies. All you have to do is train them properly.

Free the birds
Imagine yourself being confined in a cell for days, having only three meals a day, nothing to see, no one to talk to, no friends and family and not enough space to stretch the body properly. Believe me the cage is not a very happy place to be. No one needs to live in one, it can be easily presumed. No one can be happy outside his or her natural habitat. If you do want to keep birds as pets then get a few pigeon. They will fly around your house, make beautiful noise on the rooftop and come back to you whenever you want
them to.

Please don't
It is a new trend, vendors selling chicks in front of kindergarten schools. Children go crazy for them without knowing the fact that an apartment is not a place for a chick. Most of the times the poor animals do not survive. Either they die of diseases or finally end up on the menu. Eating the pet is not a civilised thing to do. So please do not buy chicks as pets.

By Shahnaz Parveen






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