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decorating ideas for
holiday parties

THIS time of the year is usually filled with holiday parties and wedding festivals. The children are on their winter vacation and everyone is in a party mood. This article looks at the ways we can create festive interiors in the home during this time of the year.

It is important in spaces used for entertaining a large number of guests, to create a sense of spaciousness. The colours used on the walls, ceilings, furniture all affect the feeling of spaciousness in the room. Dark colours will appear to lower the ceiling and bring it nearer, while light paler colours will recede and open up the space.

Visual impact is an important aspect in creating the right festive atmosphere in an entertaining space. Using a striking decorating colour scheme such as rich greens, red, gold, & silver also help to create a festive environment. Bright red and dark forest green are complementary colours. When used together in small amounts as decoration in specific areas such as the dining room it will create a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere. It is important to give enough general and focal lighting in specific areas such as the living room and the dining room, which will be mainly used for entertaining guests. Create a cosy atmosphere in the evening with strategically placed lamps with red shades or bright red candles.

To create a festive atmosphere it is also important to dress up the dining table. There are different kinds of materials and accessories that can be used. Using the colour scheme mentioned above, ribbons, bright coloured saris for tablecloths, candles, silk or fresh flowers, fake greenery or real potted plants are ideal elements that can be used in decorating the dining table and surrounding space.

For children and adults the simplest way to decorate for a party is to chose a theme and let your imagination run wild. For example children's party ideas can start from a simple theme such as "Sunflower". Using this theme you can base your decorations around it, such as yellow tablecloth, yellow and green cushions or orange candles.

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