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shop special

Trade fair for the men

International Trade fair has become a fabulous exhibition of various products over the last few years in Bangladesh. Local and foreign entrepreneurs from different countries come here with their captivating and exquisite indigenous products to get exposure in the Bangladesh Market. The visitors benefit by getting what they want without too much trouble.

Men of the contemporary era are keener on bringing variety into their lifestyle. In response to this, entrepreneurs congregate spectacular products into the fair to attract the notice the glimpse of the stylish men.

The gala starts with the entrance pass worth ten takas. Different fascinating things will be around you, don't need to be panic. Just start your journey from any side of the entrance gate.

Neckties, the mark of an executive, will first catch your eyes when you are in fluster whether to start the journey from the left side or right side of the fair. Anupam Tie Museum, the first shop in the left side of the fair, has various types of foreign ties on display, with different price ranges. Most of the ties are from China and Korea, with prices ranging from 250 350 TK. Men who like exclusivity can also have that by picking up the Italian brands which cost from 750 - 1100 TK.

Fans of music can get their intoxicating sound system in the SONY RANGS pavilion. Their best display in the fair is the 7500 W one with 5-disk changer and surround-sound system at the cost of Tk41990 . Aside from this, SHARP, and PHILIPS are also selling various types of sound system ranging from 1500W-4000W in their pavilion. Price of those are 19000 -25000 Taka. If you think you got the right one don't hesitate to buy it.

Girls, who love to see the smile of their special man, can bring it out with a gift of branded cologne or body spray. SUBORNA ENTERPRISE, stall 220, displayed a lot of different branded perfume price ranging from Tk600- 1000 . Among them MSTAR, INANE, RED PEARL, JUST, ROMANTIC, SULTAN etc. are mentionable. Various types of body spray can be found at the price of Tk120 -150. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab the one you like best and make your man happy.

If you like to be constantly on the move, you will feel comfortable with the arrival of the new Walton bike SPHINX 125. This Bike is 125 cc with remote control, mobile phone indicator, Digital gearbox, 5-Gear CDI engine, and costs only Tk79400 . If you think you need a shock absorber you must add Tk4000 in addition. Besides this UTTARA MOTORS bike collections will also dazzle you. Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc (Red, blue, black purple), calibre 115 cc and Boxer 100 cc are really lucrative. Price of the pulsar is Tk93500 , calibre Tk76500 and Boxer Tk62500. Singer also displaying some sort of bike in fair with the price range Tk40000 - 60000 . Choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Sunglasses of different brands (well known or otherwise) at a reasonable price in Jewel Optics may tempt you to grab your favourite one as soon as possible. Branded glasses like Police, Rolling Stones, Sting, Lozza, and Fiza with prices ranging from Tk2200 - 4000 are lucrative and fascinating. They are also promoting a new brand Country Road, made in Australia, price rang from Tk950 -1850 . Other shades of lesser brands are also available at lower prices from Tk120 to 300 .

Leather jacket, cap, belt, and wallet are also available in various leatherwear houses. Among them are Dhaka Footwear, Majestic Footwear, Pritom Traders, are worthy of mention.

So guys what you are waiting for? Scuttle and pick your favourite as fast as you can.

By Arif Imran

Shop talk

Trade fairs bring out a lot of new products for the public to drool over. Here's a selection of the best DITF has to offer this year.

Space saving cold storage
Coming Eid a lot of four legged domestic animals will lose their lives to save humanity from a deadly foe. The foe is none other than hunger. Meat will recycle itself by moving from house to house and all this has to be stored somewhere. You need freezers to tide over till the next Eid. Front loading freezers that open like conventional refrigerators as opposed to the top loaders save space. Also these have multiple stacks of trays so that taking out frozen food is no longer a chore. There is no need to go excavating into the depths. Lowest price is for the Rangs model at Tk24900 with other similar models on offer by Hayes & Haier, Vestfrost etc.

Visual delight
You simply have to see to believe the Plasma televisions that are only about three inches wide. These are works of art and can be hung on your wall just as appropriately. You can even fit them to your ceiling to watch while lying down and you may just need to lie down considering the prices. The smallest one is a 15 inch by Phillips at 47000 taka. 50 inch screen costs 7.15 lakhs. Panasonic is slightly cheaper for similar size at 5.36 lakhs including a home theater system.

……..including the kitchen sink
You can find everything including the kitchen sink at the trade fair. Partex offers ready made kitchen cabinets of laminated wood that can be bought with added accessories such as marble tops, smoke ventilator, burner, plate rack etc. Such a sleek and fully loaded setup can cost upto 1.6 lakhs.

Glowing toys
There is one store that is devoid of any lighting at night. It is because they sell glow in the dark toys. These come in small sticks, bracelets and rings that can be worn on the head or around the neck. Contrary to what some people may think these are non-radioactive materials. The tubes contain a liquid that is inert until you bend it a little and snap what's inside. Then you shake it to get it alight. It is a lovely useless gimmick that kids will love which is why they only allow you to enter the place if accompanied by children. Wonder why I was let in. Prices range from 40 to 80 taka. They will soon be bringing glowing cups that would make a great attraction to children's parties.

Cut down on electricity
Fitting bulbs that consume eight to ten times less electricity than your conventional bulbs can significantly cut down your electricity bill. Although the price is a little high compared to the conventional ones, in the long run this pays off. Also these bulbs are cooler. You can find these at Phillips. Other brands are available at all electrical stores and most departmental stores like Agora and Meena Bazaar within 200-400 taka.

DVD recorder
DVD recorders are a bit late coming to our country. The only brand that has brought it this year is Panasonic with a price tag of 85000 taka. It contains an 80 GB hard drive to record television programmes that can later be burned onto DVD. Just imagine compiling your own episodes of Friends.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny





Essentials Special

Positive outlook on life
There is an obvious connection between living well, healthfully and having a cheerful outlook on life. You cannot be unhappy when you are smiling or singing. Thought of the day: experience the beautiful elements of life.

Then again…
if you are not healthy everything will feel bitter. Make it a daily challenge to keep the body fit. In our city with all the hassles around, it is sometimes impossible to work out regularly. If you can only find a way to move your body, it will work as a replacement. It does not have to be an hour in the gym. Climb stairs if are given a choice between that and escalators or elevators. Wash your car, do household work, play with your kids. Anything that moves your limb is a fitness tool and a stress buster.

Reduce stress
Now that it is mentioned, stress can cause many diseases. Try to get rid of stress. Easier said than done, but still stress busters come in many forms. Think positive thoughts. Spend 30 minutes a day doing something you like. It could be taking a long shower or taking a long walk, visiting a friend, listening to the songs you love, reading a good book, watching a funny movie, or even getting a haircut or facial.

Reduce fat
As you know fat can be a real killer sometimes. So it is better not to have more than you need. Some easy ways to get rid of fat is to avoid fried foods, burgers and other fatty meats. Try not to have too much of dairy products such as cheese, milk and cream. These should be eaten in a limited amount. Eat lots of vegetables. It is not only the favourite food of the cows.

Speaking of cows…
it is time for Qurbani, which means some extra fat. Before eating a lot of meat on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, just give yourself one simple thought. Who should be the boss, brain or stomach? Have a healthy and happy Eid.

By Shahnaz Parveen






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