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Eid collection at Shaada Kaalo

The combination of black and white is always in. The word gorgeous is eternally associated with this blend. How about choosing outfits in black and white for this Eid? Shaada Kaalo as the name reveals is offering an interesting Eid collection.

The collection includes saree, shalwar-kameez, panjabi and fatua. Saree and shalwar-kameezes are decorated with deshi motif in hand paint, spray and block print.

Sarees would cost about Tk950 to Tk1250 and the cost of shalwar-kazeez would be Tk1380-1500.

Panjabies are embellished with kantha stitch and block print. Loop buttons added extra beauty to the collection. These would cost about Tk600 to Tk700. Fotuas are especially designed with black and white check, collars with knots and rip stitch on the chest. These would cost about Tk500.

The collection is available at both their outlet situated at Banani and Dhanmondi.

Anjan's eid collection

Eid is coinciding with winter and just after Eid is spring. On the occasion of the arrival of this colourful festival, Anjaan's is introducing their Eid collection.

In ladies collection Anjan's designers used silk, muslin, cotton, khadi and linen. Mostly short, semi-short and long kameezes with dividers and pants prevail the girl's collection. These shalwar-kameezes are embellished with block print and embroidery. Silk and muslin three pieces will cost Tk2450-3950, cotton would cost Tk1350-1550, khadi costs Tk750-1950 and linen would cost Tk1450-1475.

Sarees are mostly adorned with hand paint, block print and embroidery on muslin, silk, georgette and cotton. Cotton would cost Tk750-1750, georgette cost Tk1650-1950, muslin will cost around Tk2450-3950 and silk cost 2650-5400.

In panjabi mostly white, black, maroon, blue, ash, brown, and chocolate are used. Fabric used are khadi, endy, cotton, and silk. Panjabis are decorated with block screen print and machine embroidery. Cost of panjabi starts from Tk150 and ranges up to Tk2995.

Children's fatua, pajama-panjabi, shirt and kameez is also available. To get some of these attires you will have to visit the outlets of Anjan's situated at Sobhanbagh, Banani, Rifles Square at Dhanmondi and in Sidheshawri.

And Banglar Mela

Qurbani is for cow shopping so there is less budget for clothing. Keeping in mind that this is a very important fact, Banglar Mela introduced their Eid collection made of khadi and cotton which is comparatively cheap.

Black, off white, brown and white is the prevailing colour in the men's collection. Fatua would cost about Tk280-450. Panjabi cost around Tk350-950.

In shalwar-kameezes red, maroon, black, purple, green is the general colour. These are adorned with block, tie-dye and screen print. Their cost would be around Tk680-950. For teenagers, the fusion theme is introduced. Other than shalwar or churidar, pant is being used with short kurta. These would cost Tk680-780.

There is also Tangail taat saree in the collection. Their price range varies from Tk675-780. For kids there is fatua, three-piece, panjabi, pajama and party frock.

By LS Desk

Here's introducing Pumsy

Pumsy, a new addition in the fashion world of Dhaka, started its journey last Eid. Since then, they have been going on in full swing. This Eid-ul-Ajha they are bringing in their "Eid Classic" collection with an exhibition at the Drik gallery from January 25th to February 2nd.

In the weeklong show, Pumsy will exhibit Shalwar-kameezes, sarees, fatuas, and Panjabis. Spring is just around the corner, so the colours used in the collection will mostly remind us of this wonderful season. Cotton, silk and synthetic are the dominant fabrics.

The price of sarees ranges from Tk700-3000. Shalwar-kameez will cost around Tk700 to Tk1500. Panjabis will cost Tk500-2500 and fatuas cost around Tk400 to Tk800.

Spring is also the season when our language movement took place. Many people observe this occasion with added flair.

Pumsy remembered this important fact and designed some black and white dresses for this occasion as well. Sombre motifs gave the collection a special Ekushey look. Pumsy is the endeavour of young designer Pameer who is famous for his exclusive and diverse creations.

The exhibition will also have handicrafts on display, and that is not all, a <>Mehendi Utshab<> is another attraction of the exhibition.

In any case if you want to visit their outlet, the address is house # 1/ 'kha', road # 7/A (New), Dhanmondi.

By Sultana Yasmin

Translated by Shahnaz Parveen


Of lips and lipsticks

Well, applying lipsticks and choosing the right shades of lipstick have never been easy. You must always be careful while choosing the right color of lipstick for yourself. Your complexion and thickness of your lips are also worth considering before applying lipstick.

Don't just go overboard after seeing a gorgeous shade on a drop-dead beautiful model; please don't just rush to the store to get that particular brand or shade. Remember that not all colors are suitable for all women. Before purchasing a new color of lipstick, talk to your beautician; ask her about the shades that would suit you most. In that way, you will not only look better than before but also you will stop wasting your money on shades that are simply not meant for you.

Do you know that lip liners can be sharpened accurately if you refrigerate it for a few minutes? So to avoid your lip liner from chipping every time you sharpen it, chill it for a few minutes.

Always remember to use a lip liner whose shade is not darker than your lipstick because if the lipstick fades but your lip liner does not, then you will be just left with a lip liner. Properly lined lips with no lipstick inside will definitely not look pleasant.

In order to keep your lipstick stay longer; apply a bit of foundation on your lips before coating the lipstick. You can also apply loose powder on your lips instead of foundation before applying lipstick.

Instead of directly applying the lipstick on your lips, use a lip brush. A lip brush generally requires much less lipstick.

And last of all, keep the thickness and size of your lips in mind before opting for a particular shade of lipstick. If you have large lips, go for shades like purple, browns and bronze, which won't stand out on you. And if you have small lips, never decide on deep shades like red or maroon.

It's a total misconception that lipstick adds to a woman's beauty. A lipstick only enhances your beauty when you choose the right shades, apply them properly. Careless application of lipstick will only make you look like a clown in a circus ring.

By Wara Karim




Trends to follow this Eid season:

Go with the glow: All those bright, dazzling shades that heated up the winter are still very in. Stick to bright jewel tones, and douse your wardrobe literally with a splash of yellow.
Blot out the black: This is no time tobe funereal…shove the dark, dreary colours to the very back of your wardrobe.
Preen it out in prints: Spring is around the bend, and it's time to air the flowers. Flaunt your prints, especially the florals. Bubble patterns and psychedelic-coloured geometrics are very in right now.
That Midas touch: It's out with the silver as bold gold makes a glittering entry into the scene. Get the right metal for your accessories and ornaments.

By Sabrina F Ahmad

Hanging Out


If you are an office-goer and your place of work is in or around Gulshan area, then it will be a great idea to lunch out in a great and neat place like Khushboo with your friends or colleagues. Khushboo offers delicious and authentic Bangladeshi and Chinese foods for their customers. You can either dine in or take out. The place also provides catering services for their consumers.

Khushboo has started its journey in order to provide fresh, healthy and nutritious meals for Dhakaites. There are some 50 appetising items available at this restaurant to satiate your longing for good food.

Bangladeshi dishes have been categorised into rice/biriyani, mashed items (bhorta), and vegetable, fish, meat and quick set lunch. Besides, Chinese dishes like various kinds of palatable appetisers, soup, dishes of vegetable, chicken, beef, prawn, fish, rice, noodles and chopsuey are obtainable at Khushboo. You can opt for the Chinese Set Lunch, which will cost you Tk.100. On the other hand, a quick set lunch with Bangladeshi cuisine will cost you Tk.80.

Besides, heavy and regular meals, Khushboo also serves evening snacks like chicken sandwich, fried chicken, Thai soup etc. At this place, desserts like curd, rash malai, firni and pudding are also available. Drinks and ice cream are also obtainable at Khushboo.

The place has been tastefully decorated to make eating more enjoyable for the food-lovers. The lay out of tables and cutlery are pleasant indeed. Khushboo also arranges office parties, wedding receptions and birthday parties.

So you too can check out the place to have a quick lunch in the midst of a busy working day. We can assure you that you would love their food and wouldn't come out displeased.

Address: House # 56-B, Road # 132, Gulshan- 1.

By Wara Karim


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