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News flash

Rang: Colouring occasions

A new boutique seems to open almost everyday in the city, however a few stand out. One such example is the well known boutique, Rang, which started its journey in Narayanganj, until its popularity there made it move to the hub of the capital. Rang now has three branches around the city, and its unique designs make it stand out in a city mushroomed with boutiques. Colourful and innovative hand painted designs make the saree collection worth checking out. So, if you are planning to get something eye-catching for 21st February, Rang would be a good place to start your shopping from. Rang has branches at Shantinagar and Sunrise Plaza, located at Mirpur Road.
LS Desk


Dingii: The new city attraction

Dingii, the lakeside café and boat club, inaugurated on the 20th of January, brings a refreshing new activity for Dhaka dwellers. The boat club, opened by a private company, enables the public to enjoy the beauty of Dhanmondi lake, whilst paddling down the waters. Dingii currently has twenty paddling boats in operation, all imported from Bangkok, and have plans of adding to their fleet. The idea of paddling down the lake has proven to be quite a popular activity, with hundreds of people from all parts of the city visiting the place to enjoy the atmosphere.

According to its manager, Khondoker Abdul Monsoor, Dingii intends to provide a recreational place for Dhaka dwellers, where people can enjoy themselves with their families in a secure environment. Keeping this in mind, the security on the premises is something they have put a lot of thought in, and the results can be seen. Dingii has well-trained security personnel around the area, who look over the paddlers with care. To add to it all, all the visitors are given lifejackets.

The boat club seems to have gained immense popularity amongst couples from around the city. With the scarcity of places to visit for these love-birds, spending some time together in natural beauty seems to be very appealing. Amazingly, during weekends it can be seen that many people queue up for hours in order to get a boat. Although the prices for a time range of forty-five minutes may be a bit hefty at Tk.150, it doesn't seem to draw the crowds away. However, the organisation intends to introduce special student and couple discounts in the future.

The café, which serves fast food such as burgers and fried chicken, adds to the attraction. The food is fairly good and is pretty reasonable. A lazy weekend afternoon at Dingii seems to be a beautiful change for office goers. People have the option of paddling or even sitting by the lake and sipping on some coke or coffee. Dingii also has the facilities of providing a fully air-conditioned party room with beautiful décor, to host selected parties. This could be a great place to hold small get-togethers and children's birthday parties. The party room can be arranged for such occasions at no extra charge, however one has to pay for the food bills.

With a view to beautify Dhanmondi lake, and to provide the local public with a well deserved new recreation, Dingii seems to have excelled in doing so. If they succeed in keeping up the standards they have set, Dingii is all set to become quite a popular spot for people from all around the city.

By Mishel Ali Khan

Shop talk

Cell phone holders
If your cell phone has not yet bought its outfit, do buy one to avoid scratches and marks on your favourite phone. There are really cute cell phone cases available in the new branch of Archies at Banani. Available in a wide range of colours, with cartoons on top, and even a ribbon to let you hang the phone around your neck, these mobile phone holders are adorable as well as handy. Some of these holders even have a small compartment that you can use as a mini wallet. Obtainable within tk.150 to tk160, each of these lovely cell-phone holders will provide great protection for your little phone.

Frozen foods are saving our time, especially for those who hurry to offices and colleges early in the morning. Time to fuss over the early morning breakfast is long gone; there are frozen parathas available at superstores today. Prepared from wheat flour, vegetable oil, margarine, water and salt, Kawan parathas cost tk.32; each packet contains 5 pieces. Kawan Food Ltd. is a joint venture project between Bombay Sweets & Co. Ltd. and Kawan Food Manufacturing, Malaysia.

Frozen Spring Roll
Spring rolls taste great with tea or coffee. At Agora, frozen chicken spring rolls, prepared by Shams House are available. Made from minced chicken, carrot, papaya, onion, green chilli, tomato ketchup, Soya sauce etc, these rolls would taste savoury with afternoon tea. Each packet contains 10 pieces and costs tk.76.

Lovely photo albums
At the new Banani branch of Archies, there are some really lovely photo-albums, which you can give your loved one as a cute present. These albums are available in a variety of colours with a metallic silver heart created on top, where you can place a picture as well. Each of these albums will cost you tk.260.

Hand painted drawers
At the new branch of Archies at Banani, there are lovely hand painted drawers, which you can use to stow your trinkets. Painted in pastels, these shaded drawers will grace your dressing table for sure. These charming painted drawers are available at tk.325.

By Wara Karim





Essentials Special

Smoking your life away
The verdict is against the act. Smoking is obviously out. Scientists and doctors have announced it harmful for health long…
long time ago. In the 60s, US scientists enlightened the world with this extremely valuable information that tobacco product kills, very slowly. Thought for the day, give up just one cigarette then the next one.

Why should you quit?
There are dozens of reason why you should quit. When you smoke a cigarette, a high concentration of nicotine enters your body rapidly and travels to your brain and strains the nerve. It damages lung tissue and causes cancer. It is the cause of mouth and stomach ulcer later it can turn in to oral cancer. It gives you bad breath. It is also a major cause of hearth diseases. Besides it cost you a lot of money everyday. Don't you think these are enough reason for you to quit smoking?

How you can quit
There are no tricks or magic bullets to make you stop smoking. It all depends on you. There are certain rules of engagement before you start. Identify your personal reasons for quitting. Set a date. Identify your barriers to quitting. Find out several functions that will help you dealing with the temptation to smoke such as walking, eating your favourites food or listening to the song you love most. These functions will vary depending on the personality of the individual. Get cooperation from family and friends. They cannot quit for you but they can help by not smoking around you. If you return to smoking, it does not mean you cannot quit. Most smokers fail several times before quitting successfully.

Smoking teenagers
Just recently, we have seen a surge of smoking in adolescents and teenagers. We often see 'tough guys' in Hollywood action movies exhausting smokes like chimney. Could it be this 'tough guy' syndrome? Warn your children of the false romance or 'tough guy' stance before it is too late.

Be a little more considerate
It is a very common practice among smokers. They smoke in front of their kids and pregnant wives. Secondary smoking harms everyone near by but it poses more danger to kids. It will also teach them this unpleasant trait. In the case of pregnant women smoking is prohibited. It can also cause damage if they inhale the secondary smoke. Be a little more responsible about your loved ones and refrain from smoking in front them.

By Shahnaz Parveen






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