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An Italian night at CIAO

The first thing you notice at CIAO, the Italian Restaurant at Sonargaon, is the decor, lighting and the ambience which makes it alluring indeed for a romantic night out, at the same time, an ideal place for a friendly tete-a-tete or a business talk over dinner.

The service staff at the entrance with a big welcoming smile is seen waiting to sit you down to dine at one of those well-decorated tables. These tables somehow remind oneself of a posh cookery.

The set-of-choices goes by starters, main courses, salads and desserts.

The menu is flavoursome for a first-timer's taste bud. The starter, old fashioned lentil/coriander thick greenish soup along with sour dough bread with smoked tomato, basil, garlic and olive oil, are simple delicious. Organic tomato tart and minestrone soup with boloti beans and parsley aioli are considered delicacies as well. Fresh from the oven- bread rolls and butter accompanies the soup.

The main course of grilled chicken, which was served with olive salad, with an attractive dressing and a delightfully cooked spicy duck on a bed of crushed beans and apple was scrumptious indeed. However, the chef says prawn fettuccine with grilled eggplant, chilli, basil and a saffron emulsion are more traditionally enchanting. The pizza, smoked beef with avocado, feta, red pepper, and sun-dried tomatoes and herbs, was superb.

Dessert was a highlight for sure. Ranging from tiramisu (coffee drenched sponge cake with marscapone cream cheese and cocoa), Italian style crème brulée up to black forest cake served with whipped cream, the mouth watering flavoured cocktail strips of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice-cream with chocolate syrup icing cannot be ignored for sure.

The restaurant is a bit costly but some traditional Italian food connoisseurs would probably find value for their money. However at the end of the day, it does seem a bit hard on the wallet. The bottom line--CIAO displays authentic Italian cuisine and with its new menu it is a better eatery and will definitely add flavour to Dhaka's improving food business.

By Faizul A Tanim

Mediplus in a new formula

With the passage of time, Mediplus toothpaste comes now in a new and improved formula. With TGP formula, the new Mediplus toothpaste removes everyday minor problems of your gum and teeth. Regular brushing with Mediplus helps to do away with painful teeth, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, and bad breath. Mediplus toothpaste ensures year round healthy and beautiful teeth for the whole family. Mediplus is available in three new and attractive pack sizes with affordable prices of Tk58 for 140 gms, Tk38 for 70 gms and Tk24 for 40 gms.

Stylish neck designs

Shalwar-kameez is now the most popular outfit among Bangladeshi ladies. It is very easy to bring variation in the outfit. Just add a few stitches or a little block print, tie-dye or spray. These are the add-ons that give the dress a stylish touch. However lets not forget another important frill that can make the outfit smart. It is the neck design we are talking about.

A perfect neck design can definitely change the look. Most of the tailors have their own sample books for it, which may not always be exquisite. Not everyone can make his or her own designs. They need the help of a sample book. Recently a very interesting move has been made by some individual. Her name is Selina Akter. She prepared a book, which is full of hundreds of neck designs. The book is named Top Neck Design. It also has some drawings of stitch designs that can be used for both in kameez and panjabi. Before you go to your tailor all you have to do is flip through the book.

The book would cost you Tk120. It is available in all the newspaper stalls at New Market, Najrana colours at Gausia market, Reader's corner at Nilkhet, Alvi Enterprise at Mirpur-1, and Udyon Mahilangon at Rampura or you can call Selina Akhter at 018466078/018151815 for further information on the book.

LS Desk

A true taste of Asia BY Tommy Miah

Sweet Potato Halwa
Ingredients: Sweet potato 1/2 Kg, sugar 100 gms, ghee 150 gms, green cardamom powder 1 Tsp. boiled almonds 50 gms. (Soaked in hot water)
Method: Boil the Sweet Potatoes in pressure cooker for about 10 mins. In a Kadhai add ghee, then add mashed sweet potaoes & stir for 10 mins. on a slow flame. Then after 10 mins. add sugar. Keep on stirring for 5 mins. Halwa is Ready. Transfer it in a bowl & garnish with green Cardamom powder & chopped almonds.

Singara Potato Cuntlets with Tamarind Chutney
Ingredients: Singara - Flour 1 Cup, boiled smashed potatoes 1/2 kg, green Chillies 2 to 3 finely chopped, salt to taste, coriander leaves, white Pepper Powder 1 Tsp.
Method: In a bowl add all these ingredients & mix well. Make into round balls. Shallow fry until olden colour. Serve it with tamarind chutney. Soak a Tamarind in lukewarm water for about 30 mins. Then force through a strainer. Now in a same pan add this tamarind water. When the boil comes add 200 gms sugar or Jaggerry & stir well for about 30 mins or till it become thick.

Sabhudana Poha
Ingredients: Sabhudana 1/2 Kg, green chillies 2 to 3 finely chopped, curry leaves 4, green coriander leaves for garnishing, peanuts 1tsp. mustard seeds 1 Tsp. lemon 1, salt to taste, oil 1Tbsp, black pepper powder 1 Tsp.
Method: Wash Sabhudana. In a kadhai add oil then add mustard seeds. When it begins to crackle add curry leaves, green chillies & peanuts then add Sabhudana. Stir well then add salt & Lemon Juice, Black Pepper Powder. Garnish with green coriander. Serve Hot

Sabhudana Cutlet with Coconut Chutney
Ingredients: Sabhudana 1/2 Kg, curry leaves 4, green chillies 3 to 4 finely chopped, coriander leaves for garnish, peanuts 50 gms. (Powder), lemon juice 1, black pepper powder 1 Tsp. Salt to taste, oil for frying, potatoes 4 big size (boiled & mashed).

Method: Wash Sabudana and soak in water for one hour. Drain for one hour. In a bowl add sabudana and add all the ingredients. Make dough. Make small balls from the dough. Deep Fry.

For Chutney (Coconut): (Ingredients) green chillies 6 7, coconut 1, green coriander 1/2 bunch, cumin seed 1 Tsp. Lemon juice 2, add salt to taste

In a mixer add chopped coconut and all the other ingredients. Transfer it in a bowl.

For Teadka:
In a small pan add 1 tsp oil & then add 1 tsp mustard seeds, when mustard seeds began to crackle add 2 to 3 curry leaves, then garnish this tadka over chutney.

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Toy Tips

Do you have small children at your home? If yes, then keep your eyes wide open to check if their playthings are in a safe condition to prevent harm and injuries. Toys are something that we treasure for the rest of our lives; some of us still have our first Barbie doll or the first black, sleek toy car that our parents gave us on one of our birthdays. If you are a parent, then before making a purchase of a toy for your child, see if they are safe enough.

When you buy a toy, avoid the tiny ones; toys should be big enough so that your child can't put them inside their mouths. When your child matures a little, say when he/she reaches 4 years of age and above then try presenting playthings, which are small in size.

Read the "for age…and above" statement before buying a game for your child; always remember to buy toys that are appropriate for your child's age and level of understanding.

Do not buy toys accompanied by long cords; there is always a chance that your child might strangle himself with it.

Do not buy heavy toys for your child. If a toy is heavier than the child is, then there is the risk that if the toy falls on the child, he will be hurt.

When you give your child a stuffed toy or a doll to play with, make sure tails are firmly stitched, seams of stuffed animals are strengthened, and paint is not peeling. Stuffed animals should also be free of buttons, yarn, ribbons, and anything else your child could detach and put in his mouth. If you buy a doll, make sure that its hair is not loose and long enough to allow your child to separate and put inside his mouth.

Toys are for fun therefore, make sure that your child doesn't injure himself/herself with the toys you bought. Let them safely play with the playthings that are not only safe but also appropriate for their age, size and physical state.

By Wara Karim

Hanging Out

Mughal Serai

Have you ever tried the lip-smacking phuchkas sold at Mughal Serai? If not, then check out the place as soon as you can. The hot phuchkas sold at this little shop will tantalize your olfactory senses for sure.

If you ever visit the place during the evening, you will be amazed to see the crowd of people that gather in front of their glass-covered cart. Long rows of cars that come from different parts of the city collect in front of Mughal Serai with phuchka-lovers sitting inside. But then you can also sit inside the small shop or on the footpath. Those who bring their cars along with them, they delight in the spicy phuchkas inside their cars. Lots of people even stand in front of the magic cart that prepares and enjoy this savory food item. Each plate of phuchka will cost you Tk.20.

Mughal Serai is located right beside Kumudini, Gulshan Avenue. So, if you ever feel like crunching some crispy, well-seasoned phuchkas with a tangy solution of tamarind, just stop by this place. We assure you that you won't be disappointed. To tell the truth, you will go back home thinking what makes a simple food like a plate of phuchka taste so terrific…

By Wara Karim



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