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lobby design of a
Diagnostic center


The mention of a hospital or a diagnostic centre conjures up images of disease and suffering, of a sterile and unfriendly environment. Modern-day designers can turn the table around and create surroundings that are health-friendly, and yet inviting, which can, to a great extent, mitigate the suffering of the patient, at least psychologically, which a diagnostic centre with sterile, impersonal decor cannot do. In this context, let me furnish some informative sketches which I obtained when when I had occasion to involve myself in this vital task in the older part of the Dhaka City.

In the lobby there are four-seater long counter tables for attending to patients quickly. These were coloured as per corporate colour. Green coloured board, teak and mahogony lamination added a nice touch to the counter tables. Above the counter tables there a charming lover-patterned false ceiling with SS pipe was fitted which also made the area even more attractive. 2'X2' mineral board ceiling surface with 1'-8" white panelled ceiling made the entire area health friendly and it also hides the electrical and A/C wiring. Burma-teak wooden ceiling and down lights placed at the center of the lobby, make the area brighter.

The designer's well planned light arrangements brightened the place. The flat concrete pillar which initially existed was very monotonous. These pillars were covered with super teak board with the company logo and S.S sheets placed at the centre. Decorative lights were also added.

A designer reception table has been placed in one of the corners of the lobby. Off white and green tiles in the corporate colour-code, bearing the corporate logo, gave the lobby a clean and healthy look. The curved white wall with glass bricks at the lower portion of the lobby wall is worth looking at. A TV was placed on the top of wall for recreation. Water dispenser and coffee arrangement was also included by the designer. Finally, plants, stone arrangements, and pottery made the place colourful and lovely.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi, Interior Consultant, JOURNEYMAN. For further details contact e-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Journeyman















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