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Shop special

Kay Kraft

Kay Kraft is country's one of the leading chain boutique shop. It has now earned a name of a brand and established itself among a greater circle. People covering almost all the age group buys Kay Kraft for it's unique and diversified designs.

Kay Kraft designs for both male and female consumers. Saree, Kalwar Kameej, Kurta are the female specialties. Where as the male specialties are Panjabi set, single panjabis, T-shirt and fotua of different vibrant colour and designs to keep up with the modern space and style. The Kay Kraft products are good in taste and blends well with the local demands and trends. The designers of Kay Kraft like to keep it simple and straight. Their working area is well expanded for example: embroideries, blocks, tie and dye, spray, hand paint etc. It is really courageous and admirable to see local designers are doing pretty good and have also done their best to satisfy the market demand.

Kay Kraft has regular products available at all it's retails centres. Apart from the regular work Kay Kraft also ventures in various occasions such as the International Language Day, Valentines Day, Khadi Uthshab, Eid, Puja, Boishakh and their designer go on. The special designs base on the motif or on the genre of the occasion.

A regular Kay Kraft cotton saree will be available at Taka 550 to 950, Salwar Kameej and short dresses with Taka 750 to 995, Tops from Taka 295 to taka 425. The male products are also well priced and within range of all as Fotua Taka 325 to taka 425, Panjabi Taka 325 to Taka 525, T-shirt from Taka 125 to Taka 225 only.

Kay Kraft products can be worn in any occasion. They also have yearly product displays to give incentives to their customers and designers. Kay Kraft has it's retail outlets in Banani, Baily Road, Sobhanbaagh, Rangs Anam Plaza, and in Malibagh.

By Bohemian Soul

Shop talk

Electric bulb shades
If you want to give your outlet or your home and office a traditional touch, then stop at Jatra for ceiling light bulb shades made from our traditional checkered fabrics. These shades are available in a number of sizes and shapes to give your abode a unique look. Within tk.300 to tk.385, you can buy one of these bulb coverings to beautify your sweet home.

Refreshing mouth freshener
If you stop by the superstores today, you will notice that in their shelves, plastic bottles labelled as mouth fresheners await your attention. Usually prepared from betel nut, menthol, saccharin, synthetic flavours and numerous other mouth-watering ingredients, each bottle is worth becoming a part of after-meal menus. After a heavy lunch or dinner, you can munch on these flavoursome mixtures. These mouth fresheners also taste great with betel leaves. These mixtures usually come from India and there are many brands to choose from. Shreekant Suparies, for instance, has a wonderful seasoning. Each bottle of these mouth fresheners prepared mostly from natural ingredients will cost you between tk.40 to tk.45.

Special day ribbons
Does a gift ever look complete without sticks of synthetic or fresh flowers; a nice wrapping and a beautiful ribbon tied across the gift box? If you want some impressive ribbons to make your gifts to your loved ones look lovelier, then stop by Lavender. This splendid store has a collection of ribbons made from fabric and other materials. These colourful ribbons will certainly add grandeur to your gift; each yard of these ribbons will cost you between tk.15 to tk.30.

Photo albums
To treasure the snaps of some of the most beautiful moments of your life, an exclusive photo album is a must-have item for modern day people. Photo albums are nowadays available in various sizes, shapes and colours. If you are looking forward to have those not-so-big ones, you can buy them from many of the local stores of Dhaka. However, if you want to acquire the really huge ones to place a large amount of photographs, then check out the Dubai market situated at the back of New Market. You can also visit the outlets of Hallmark. At the Banani outlet of Hallmark, these grand photo albums will be quite expensive; you might have to spend some tk.800 and above to be a proud possessor of an elegant photograph album.

Coloured vases
If you are looking forward to buying an expensive glass vase to adorn your living space then pay a visit to Lavender. With huge vases produced from handmade blown glasses, these aesthetic pieces are pleasing to look at, and would definitely add elegance to your abode. These vases are quite expensive and therefore, you might have to spend some tk.1950 on the minimum to purchase one of these vases. However, the price of these exquisite vases goes up even as high as tk.3000 and above.

By Wara Karim





Essentials Special

Eternal nuisance
Long time experience tells us that road digging has become an eternal issue of concern for Dhaka dwellers. In fact it has become an eternal issue of nuisance. Streets of Dhaka are usually uneven with bulging and scoured parts here and there. These eroded streets are frequently uncared for. Recently mended roads are often ruined again and it usually stays like that for a considerable amount of time. This is the general state of our streets. This situation is becoming frustrating day by day and is in need of a proper solution.

The trouble it brings
While road digging itself is a disruption it brings several other catastrophe along with it. For instance the dust it creates is intolerable especially after winter as we are experiencing right now it is even more annoying. It can be very upsetting for the people who suffer from asthma. It causes severe traffic jams around the area where the digging took place. The amount of money spent on the task every year is also a pressure on our deprived economy.

That's not all
Most disturbing among all is that often utility lines are cut down by diggers. It is often experienced that inhabitants of a certain area goes without water or power for days. Supply is restored but after much apprehension of the people. Phone lines are frequently cut down. It usually takes time to put the line back on.

A little common sense please
Co-ordination is needed among the utility service providers. Installation of pipes and wires is always necessary. DCC should make sure that all the utility providers work in co-ordination with each other. When one organisation starts working on a certain road they should inform other organisations about it so that they can coincide their construction project at the same time. It will obviously curtail unplanned digging.

New trend
We see a new trend in the city. Perfectly functioning island, sidewalks and circles are being dismantled. The people of Gulshan are observing it right now. The Saarc fountain at Karwan bazaar is to be dismantled in the near future. Confusion is in the air. It is still not clear what is actually going on in the name of beautifying Dhaka.

We were wondering
DCC has announced last year that no utility service providers will be allowed to dig up 92 important roads without prior approval from the mayor. After dig up, roads has to be mended within the approved time. We were so happy when we read the news. Failing to see any implementation we were just wandering whatever happened to the plan to put leash on road diggers.

By Shahnaz Parveen







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