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A bedroom is the one space in the house that can be closed off from the rest of the world. It's your dressing room, the place.

Where you relax, may be where you read or watch TV, a highly private place. A living room, however, is the public place where we receive and entertain guests.

In guesthouses, a "Suite Room" is a combination of both. Nowadays, we have a lot of people from abroad who come for extended business trips. Sometimes they stay as long as a fortnight or even six months at a local guest house. Hence, boarders look for a homely atmosphere as well as sitting space, where they can hold business conferences.

This is a large bedroom with an attached sitting room and an adjacent kitchen. The floor initially consisted of rough and badly discoloured mosaic. The designer arranged 16?x16? white coloured ceramic titles across the bed room floor. In the sitting area, however, the tiles were set at a 45o angle on the floor. Thus the floor design separated bedroom area from the sitting area. In a tropical country like ours, people get easily exhausted in working places or moving from one place to another. Keeping this in mind, the colour white was used both for the floor and the walls to create a cool and airy look that is at once contemporary and comfortable.

Stylish Tamar ash laminated furniture was designed as per the room's measurements. A lavish upholstered bed with a thickly padded plum-coloured headboard was used, which matched with the other furniture articles. Mainly cream bed linen was used for a classic, refreshing look. Above the bed, the designer arranged a milk-white curved false ceiling, which, along with the spotlights looks elegant. This room was designed with an allergy sufferer in mind. Thick carpets and heavy quilts were not used, so as to minimise the possibilities of triggering dust allergies.

Matching lamps with pale white lampshades and black stands are placed on the bedside tables. Spacious sofas with dark striped fabric upholstery create a dramatic contrast in the sitting area. Cream curtains are used for that classic feel, while black striped palemets on the window break the monotony. The room contains a built-in wardrobe, a reading table, a dressing corner, and a TV stand, all placed there for the boarder's comfort. The reading table is spacious, modern and functional, and has been placed near the wide window to utilise the natural light. The designer believes that if you want a neat, modern look, choose furniture with clean, simple lines in colours and materials, which are easy to maintain, and create less clutter.

The space that was previously used as a dressing room was converted into a small, handy kitchen, which is a highly sought-after convenience at a guesthouse. A patterned etched-glass partition was used to separate the kitchen from the bedroom. A small wash basin, wall-hanging cabinet, with a counter and refrigeration system were all installed to fulfil the boarder's personal needs. Hence the simple décor, with various essential items, created an attractive, and yet comfortable suite room.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi, Interior Consultant, JOURNEYMAN. For further details contact e-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Mohidul Haque













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