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Reviving an old custom

What is the image that registers on your mind when someone mentions the word 'paan'? Probably a person with red teeth that would scare the most accomplished dentist. That scene is followed by one of copious chewing by the said person who later leaves artistic impressions on whitewashed walls.

This image is set to change with the help of the coolest paan shop situated in Momtaj Plaza in Dhanmondi Road 4. The place is called Paan Shupari set up by Kona Reja and needless to say it is dedicated solely to matters of the leafy kind. Over there you will find a relatively large menu containing different types of betel leaf concoctions. The ambience is completed with soft lighting and neo Mughal dé cor complemented by staff dressed in maroon outfits reflecting the era. Just stepping into the place is enough to get into the mood.

Now back to the matter regarding change. Paan happens to be a big part of our heritage but the image is a bit downtrodden with the red and white stains left on lampposts and such. First of al the red teeth is caused by the betel nuts. Leave it out and you will have teeth that look your usual shade of white, off white to yellow. Now you may ask what else is there if you leave out the betel nuts. This is where Paan Shupari comes in. They have a huge assortment of spices, oils and flavors that can enhance your paan without leaving your head spinning like the way 'jarda' does. The plan here is to attract customers who are not used to such a pastime. Surprisingly a lot of the customers, some of them even becoming regulars, are the young university students and professionals. Most of them come in because the shop is a novelty and leave planning to return.

Konal, one of the ladies who looks after the shop, told me it would be difficult to write about 'paan' if I did not try one out. It arrived on a silver platter wrapped in something silvery which was supposed to be eaten as well. Biting into it a little apprehensively the taste was found to be a pleasant surprise. I was informed that it was not supposed to be eaten like a biscuit (which I was doing). The traditional way is to roll it up and put into the mouth. Old movies by Amitabh Bachan would be the ideal video instruction.

The menu starts with the basic 'paan shupari' at 10 taka. The price goes all the way up to 150 taka for the Rolls Royce equivalent of paan that is loaded with all sorts of spices. Annoyingly curious little children always look at their grandparents and wonder what the chewing fuss is all about. This shop even has a particular recipe just for children. It is a smaller leaf filled with different nuts and raisins. There is also the low sugar version for diabetic people. Seems there is something for just about everyone.

There are a lot of myths going about that betel leaf is bad for health while scientific study proves otherwise. The key here is moderation as with everything else. Betel leaves serve as a digestive aid not to mention the fact that it has medicinal properties as well. Prepared with the right ingredients it can serve as a great post meal tidbit for parties. In this regard Paan Shupari also accept large orders. Whether you want to set up a party or taste one for curiosity's sake, drop in and be surprised.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny

News flash
Sunsilk hairstyle show by Jawed Habib

Funky to formal haircuts if it is done right can definitely give you the look? Well, that is what Sunsilk is trying to convey. Sunsilk created a splash at a prestigious city club on Friday 12th, 2004 with an innovative Mass Hair Cut Event.

A plethora of activities from hair styling, hair makeovers, tips on hair care and a dazzling music show made it one of the most applauded Sunsilk events to be held in the city.

The event was abuzz all through the day with participants who came in to have their hair styled. What is more, they went home, knowing a lot more about hair care than they did earlier. The Sunsilk hair experts imparted helpful tips on daily hair care regimen depending on the hair type of the consumer.

The show depicted various hairstyles, as the Sunsilk hair expert Jawed Habib displayed his magical talent and creativity to the maximum. He also imparted valuable advice on the styling of hair, the amount of time one should take to personally style one's hair and the various types of accessories one could use for better hair. Jawed Habib made 165 haircuts during the daylong event.

Local hair expert Kaniz Almas was also present during the event that was presented by Abdul Noor Tushar, a leading television host. Ms Shaila Shabnam, the current Miss Lux Bangladesh Photogenic attended the event. She stated that events like these were invaluable since they brought hair fashion into the fore.

The audience enjoyed the vibrant and unique tunes of Dolchut's Sanjeev Chowdhury, who enthralled the audience with his music. A sumptuous lunch completed the magical experience for hundreds of participants who attended the show.

Sunsilk as a hair care and hair expert brand has constantly evolved, innovated and changed with the times. Right from the launching of different hair shampoos, to shampoo plus conditioners, this leading brand from Lever Brothers Bangladesh Limited, has been a pioneer in hair care. Perhaps the greatest innovation Sunsilk has brought to this field is the concept of the Sunsilk Hair Expert. These experts are people who are professionally trained in the art of hair care and styling, capable of addressing any hair care problem or issue.

This event will soon be followed up with another sparkling Mega hairstyle show by Jawed Habib on the 14th March 2004, which will be telecast live by NTV.

"You Got The Look" in its fourth successive year

The beauty pageant with an essence of the west and a Bangladeshi soul is back with a vengeance for the fourth successive year. The Pantene "You Got the Look 2004", the beauty contest with a difference, is going to be held in the middle of April. The application forms for the contest is already available at selected retail outlets all over the country. This time Procter & Gamble has ensured the easy availability of the entry forms by offering them with Pantene's bottles. All the aspirants have to do is fill in the form and send it along with their recent photographs (1 profile, 2 full-length) to the address mentioned in the form. Hundreds of entries are already being screened for the interviews. The contest has been a platform for many a talent in the country. Some of them have gone on to make a mark in the glamour world and the organisers feel that this years' contest will serve to introduce more talented people to the world. So whoever in the age group of 18-24 (both male and female) thinks they have all that is required to make it to the top, can just run down to their local outlet and fill in the entry form and send it by 17 March, 2004.

LS Desk

Our last week cover story on Ghotoks and matchmakers was published without the address of Sanai, a commercial matchmaking institution. After receiving many calls and letters from readers, we have decided to publish the telephone numbers and the address of the institution. We regret for any inconvenience caused. The address and telephone numbers follow:
Sanai, 15/A, Purana Paltan (1st Floor), Dhaka-1000
Tel: 9556228, 9555364, 9569545


Eye care

Our eyes are always in deep stress and the whole world halts when these eyes go out of order. So to keep your eyes in an active condition for a long time, take a glimpse at the following tips. They might come in handy in stretching out the life of your eyes.

To relax your eyes, lift them from close work and look into the distance. If time allows, apply two thin slices of cucumber to rest your eyes.

If your work involves lengthy interaction with computers, then take off your eyes from the monitor after every 1-hour and keep them shut for 30 seconds.

When applying make-up or cream around your eyes, use your ring finger, as it will apply less pressure.

Make sure the light fixtures in your office or bedroom are not exhausting. A bulb should be placed in such a way so that it diffuses light all over the room and not directly on your eyes.

Dip gauze or cotton pads in light tea and keep them on eyes for 15 minutes to drive away tiredness. Yoga experts advise their students to rotate their eyes often to relax muscles. So, move your eyeballs from extreme left corner to the right corner to keep them in a healthy state.

Try holding a pencil at arm's length and slowly bring it towards your nose, keeping eyes focused on it at all times. This will help prevent blurry vision.

Don't sit near than 15 feet from the television and keep your book at least two feet away for stronger eye muscles.

Disposable tissues are more hygienic than handkerchiefs therefore, use them to wipe eyes.

Don't rub eyes frequently as this can cause an eye infection as few of us bother to wash our hands before touching our eyes.

And lastly, when you splash water, do not do this furiously believing that doing this will take away tiredness instead wash gently, as splashing may tear the smallest dust particles or an allergen which may minutely damage the cornea.

By Wara Karim

Hanging Out

The Rocking Zone

A new addition to Dhaka's café plus play zone outlets is The Rocking Zone. Situated at the Kemal Ataturk Avenue and on the second floor of Tower Hamlet, The Rocking Zone has just begun its supremacy in this capital.

Covering spacious interior equipped with pool tables, video games, and other entertaining plays, The Rocking Zone also has a food corner coated with vibrant colours on ceiling and walls. The fixtures are smart enough to tempt you to sit inside and order their cuisine. Since The Rocking Zone has been made open for public only a few weeks back, the place awaits a few more touches of elegance.

The place also has a small but exquisite Beauty Saloon run by Thai women, who have the expertise and experience of running beauty parlours in Thailand as well.

The Rocking Zone offers a wide range of savoury victuals to satiate your longing for quality food. Their menu ranges from salad, soups, fast foods, and pizza to Thai Food, Indian Food, Chinese cuisine and a wide range of beverages.

The people who already visited the place admitted that their foods are yummy. So you can check out the place too. You can try their Thai Soup, which has a hot, tangy savour that will cling to your tongue for a long time; each bowl of this soup will cost you tk.35.

So if you ever go around Banani, don't forget to set your feet inside this newly opened café plus play zone. Rocking Zone is situated at the 2nd Floor of Tower Hamlet, 16 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani.

By Wara Karim



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