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Shop Special

Buyers' buzz

People buy gifts for various occasions and festivals. Any day can be suitable for sharing love and caring. Why not Independence Day? It is not a must that one has to give the usual stuff. Alternatives like a Liberation War poster or a CD of songs sung at the time of the war should be in the list of gifts. These products are available at the Liberation War museum. Many gift items and memorabilia are there, such as books, CD's, and posters. These items don't cost much, but are priceless if one considers the value and the pride hidden in it.

Even T-shirts from "Nitta Upahar" from Aziz Super Market are suitable for this occasion. There are T-shirts on victory celebration of Bangladesh. Che Guevara T-shirts can be a symbol of Liberty or Independence and are worthy items to wear on such days. Also the Che Guevara posters or Che Guevara diary are good gifts for this auspicious event.

Special books like Ami Bijoy Dekhechi of M R Akhter Mukul, Ekattorer Din Guli of Jahanara Imam, Bar bar phire jai by Major Akhter, Mool Dhara Ekattor by Maidul Hasan are great reads for this occasion. Muktijuddhor Prekkhapot e Baktir Obosthaan by Major Arifeen, Josna o jononi by Humayan Ahmed, Archer Blood's Cruel Birth of Bangladesh, Surrender at Dhaka: Birth of a Nation by Lt. Gen. Jaacob (Chief of Staff Indian Eastern Army Command during liberation war) are also worth looking out for. Assignment Bangladesh '71 (A chronology of Events as seen by the World Press) compiled by Moudood Elahi and also Freedom at midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins or even The Diary of Annie Frank can be the books to choose. New Market, Shahbagh and Sagar Publishers are the best places for such books.

While choosing the audios "Concert for Bangladesh" has no substitute for this special occasion. All the inspirational numbers found in cd stores around the city, as well as the tracks available at Liberation War Museum should be considered with special respect.

A tour of the Monuments created to honour the martyrs and Liberation War museum can be special gifts. In addition to all these visit the Gulshan Kay Kraft's special exhibition of clothes designed for Independence Day (19 to 26 March).

26th March is our Independence Day which is also the National Day of Bangladesh. We all know time and tide waits for none but let's not forget that such occasions are intertwined with our lives in Bangladesh. All these will inspire us to be together and feel proud as a nation.

By Bohemian Soul

Shop talk

Cricket craze
With the India-Pakistan cricket series going on in full swing, you might feel tempted to try your own hand at cricket. For those of you who intend to become the next Sachin Tendulkar, it is absolutely imperative for you to have decent cricket equipment. At the Elephant Road branch of Inter Sports, all kinds of cricket paraphernalia are sold. A match bat (brands: RMS, BAS, SS etc.) can be purchased between 1800-7000 Taka, practice bat within 550-1600 Taka, ball 110-900 Taka, gloves 175-1600 Taka, pads 550-3000 Taka, wicketkeeper pads 400-2000 Taka, wicketkeeper gloves 450-2000 Taka and stumps for 50-200 Taka.

TV troubles terminated
Do you often get into a fight with your siblings over who gets to watch TV? By installing a TV-card you can bring an end to such fights, as it will allow you to watch television on your computer screen either in a window or full screen, effectively turning your PC into a Television set. There are two kinds of TV-cards: external and internal. The advantage of using an external TV-card is that you do not have to switch on your computer when watching programmes, while the advantage of having an internal one is that you can capture pictures. It is also worth mentioning that an internal TV-card is much cheaper than an external one. At Choice Computers (Gulshanara Mansion, Elephant Road) an internal TV-card is sold between 1900-3100 Taka. On the other hand, external TV-cards are sold between 2850-4600 Taka. Please note that the prices quoted may change due to market conditions.

Reads for the road
If you have plans to go to India, Thailand, Spain, England, Italy or America then check out the travel books on these destinations being sold at Etcetera. The travel books will provide you with invaluable advice on issues like: accommodation, tourist attractions, bus information etc. They will cost you between 1000-2000 Taka.

Trendy timepieces
From my own experience, I can tell you that women do not like to be kept waiting. Therefore, in order to be able to keep track of time I suggest you purchase a wristwatch. Available at various shopping malls, a simple one will cost you between 200-900 Taka. For those of you with a bit more cash to spare, you might want to go to Etcetera. Although renowned for its books, it has recently started selling wristwatches too. Famous designer brands like: Rado, Tissot, Pierre Cardin, Credence etc. are available. The prices for these wristwatches start from 925 Taka and go up to a whopping 93000 Taka.

Nowadays after attending school, children rush off to various coaching centres to get extra help with their studies. All this travelling is having a detrimental effect on their health. To ensure that they manage to stay healthy it is absolutely imperative for them to drink a glass of milk everyday. However, generally children are not too keen on drinking just milk. To make the milk drinking session a bit more appealing, add a few tablespoons of Ovaltine to the milk. At Nandan, Ovaltine can be purchased for 190 Taka. There are many other brands of chocolate milk products available in the market that you can choose from. After all, milk without chocolate can taste yucky for some.

Nifty neckties
At the Elephant Road branch of Monsoon Rain, some splendid ties are being sold. All of the ties are imported and they are being sold within the range of 260-450 Taka. Besides wearing a tie to office or any formal occasion, you can also present one to a friend on his birthday.

Juice from Aarong
A new addition to Aarong's beverage line is packaged fruit juices. These juices prepared from pulps of fresh fruits taste great; you can drink these during your breakfast or with afternoon snacks. If you have small children at home then they will love to drink these refreshing juices during their refreshment break at school. Each pack will cost you tk.12. These fruit juices are purchasable from your nearby stores.

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam





Essentials Special

Knowing the faces
Thanks to all the squabbles between our political parties we hardly remember the days of struggle and the faces that made history by winning an identity for us. How many of us actually know the name of the person who designed the green and red flag of Bangladesh? It was Shib Naryan Dash. Do we know what the colours actually signify? In the flag green symbolises the immense natural beauty of Bangladesh and red symbolises the bright sun.

Did you know…
that during the Pakistan rule, when Bangali’s were restricted from every opportunity, some people stepped forward with brave ideas like building a secret radio station? Teachers of then Prokaushal Bishawbidyalay under the guidance of Dr. Nurul Ula built the station on March 11. Dr. Ula in another brave attempt videotaped some horrid events that took place in Jagannath Hall of DU on 25th March night and in the morning of 26th March.

Crimes unpunished
You might as well like to know that Tikka Khan, who was responsible for the death of 3 million Bangladeshi people in 1971, was later labelled as the ‘Butcher of Bangladesh.’ There was no war crimes tribunal after the war. Pakistani generals responsible for the genocide never had to face any consequence.

For a better nation
Crush anyone who disagrees. Foil any endeavour that might be 'alternative'. Did the martyrs fight for this? They gave their lives for something better. Giving flowers in the monuments and later doing everything that conflicts with their dream is hypocritical.

By Shahnaz Parveen

Acknowledgement: Hajar Bochorer Bangladesh-Itihasher Album by Dr. Mohammad Hannan






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