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Summer's hottest looks!

Summer fashions are fun! If you like experimenting with different looks you could have at least 15 alternatives this season. From glamour doll to college sweetheart to classic to the latest 1940s look a la 'Evita', you can wear it all with enough newness to make it all look interesting.
Don't worry about length or shape because just about any combination is possible. Colour, though, is pretty much the key word. Here's a guide to a fashionable summer:

Chikan 'kurtas':
Another all time classic when worn with 'churidaars'. There are so many colours to choose from 'pista' green, pink, and yellow, powder blue, brown and the ever-popular white.

With so many options and styles available this season, take this opportunity to have a truly fashionable summer without spending a small packet on designer garb. After all, a label is just a tiny piece of cloth with someone's name on it. So, why not make your own style as you go along!

Sarong skirts:
These adapt to every fashion mood. While those with big floral prints look very summery, try some in polka dots or stripes. Sarong skirts go with just about any top, but worn with a fitting tank top in a contrasting colour, a silver chain around your waist and transparent sandals will be the ultimate.

Fresh florals:
Big, bold and bright floral dresses, shirts and flimsy ankle length skirts could be your very own fashion statement. Straw hat's optional. You might also want to invest in some pretty earrings with flower motifs to enhance the statement.

Bold Tropical Colours:
Orange, red, lime, yellow and green add colour to a hot summer day.

Striped to kill:
If dots don't do you any good, put on those stripes, lined up horizontally or vertically on everything from 'kurtas' to striped fingernails. It just drips with attitude.

'Evita' revisited:
Plucked arched eyebrows, padded shoulders, nipped in waists and knee length figure hugging skirts. Don't forget the blood red lipstick, which adds to the effect.

Lace but not much leather:
Lace strappy tops worn with leather minis, lacy slip dresses and lace figure hugging gowns are chic. Why not try them out?

Go for gold:
Gold bags, belts, pumps, sneakers and nail polish will make you shine this summer. Gold PVC or patent leather tops and trousers will set the mercury levels rising. More so little gold baby-doll dresses.

LS Desk

Check It Out
Kay Kraft and the "Freedom to Wear"

The month of March to us embodies strength, courage and freedom. Kay Kraft, one of the leading fashion houses in the city, has tried to capture the essence of the individuality of the independent people of independent Bangladesh. This month, Kay Kraft presents "Freedom to Wear", a collection of outfits and accessories.

The collection consists of outfits that combine traditional designs with contemporary styles. Unique in cut, pattern and finishing, the clothing line boasts maximum utility and maximum comfort, with outfits that allow freedom of movement, and are made of environment-friendly materials. Kay Kraft believes that its "Freedom to Wear" line will give its wearers an increased sense of individuality and self-confidence.

The "Freedom to Wear" exhibition, which started on Friday, March 19, will continue till Friday, March 26, everyday, between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m., at Kay Kraft's Kemal Ataturk showroom. The "Freedom to Wear" clothes and accessories will also be available for sale at the three other Kay Kraft outlets at Baily Road, Rangs Anam Plaza (Sobhanbagh), and Malibagh.

The "Freedom to Wear" collection contains a men's line, which consists of fotuas, T-shirts, and short punjabis. The women's line consists of fotuas, tops, short dresses with matching scarves, and jewellery bags. The collection features a lot of block prints, tie-dyed fabric, and hand embroidery, as well as patterns woven on to fabrics like cotton and khadi.

So head on to Kay Kraft and take advantage of your freedom to wear a "Freedom to Wear" product.

LS Desk

A true taste of Asia by Tommy Miah

It might be mentioned here that this Bangladeshi-born Tommy Miah has become the first ethnic restaurateur to be honoured by Britain's Sea Fish Authority.

Iain MacSween, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen's Organisation, presented the prestigious "Pride in Seafood" award at a ceremony in Tommy's Raj Restaurant in Edinburgh.

The award was in recognition of Tommy's pioneering work in promoting Haddock landed by British fishermen as a prime item on Indian restaurant menus. And on that note here's presenting two of his fabulous fish recipes.

Fish Molee
White fish- 1 lb. (skinned & cut into large chunks)
White vinegar- 2 tablespoons
Grated coconut- 2 cups
Large onion- 1 (chopped)
Grated ginger- 1 tablespoon
Chopped green chillis- 2
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp.
Coriander powder- 2 tsp.
Corn starch- 1 tsp.
Curry leaves- 5
Salt to taste
Oil- 4 tablespoons

1. Rub the fish pieces with salt and set aside for 5 minutes. Then rinse under cold water.
2. Grind the coconut with little warm water and grind it into a smooth paste.
3. Strain and reserve the coconut milk.
4. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the ginger, green chillis and onion and fry until the onion is golden.
5. Add the turmeric and coriander powder and stir once.
6. Add the cornstarch to the coconut milk and mix well. A
7. Add this mixture to the pan and bring it to a boil. Then add the fish pieces and salt and cook for 15 minutes or until the fish is tender.
8. Add the vinegar and cook for couple more minutes.
9. Sprinkle the curry leaves on top and serve hot.

Fish Kabab
Fish- 2 lb. (any fish of your choice)
Sliced Onions- 1/4 cup
Garlic paste- 1 tsp.
Ginger paste- 1 tsp.
Garam masala- 1 tsp.
Red chillis- 10 (Ground)
Salt to taste
Plain yoghurt- 1/2 cup
1. Fry the sliced onions in oil and remove.
2. Drain the excess oil in paper towels and set aside.
3. Clean the fish and cut them into small pieces.
4. Rub them with 1-tsp salt, garlic paste and 2 tablespoons of yoghurt.
5. Marinate them with Remaining yoghurt, ginger paste, garam masala, ground chillis, salt and fried onions for an hour. Soak the wooden skewers in water for some time and take them out.
6. Then skewer the marinated fish. Brush oil on the fish pieces and grill them until brown.
7. Brush with the remaining marinade half way through the cooking.



News Flash

Interior Design at Chittran School of Design and Art

What with all the rising skylines and shrinking space brought on by rapid urbanisation, the issue of interior design has been enjoying the spotlight for quite some time now. The rapid spread of apartment culture has given rise to questions about how to fit in more people in less space and still manage to lead comfortable lives. This is where Interior Design plays a major role.

In a seminar on "Interior and Fashion Design", held on March 10 at the Home Economics College, and organised by the Chittran School of Design and Art, the most pressing problems faced by urban dwellers of Dhaka were discussed. Problems of lack of space, managing furniture there are many reasons for any modern urbanite to positively dread the idea of moving house or building one.

The Chittran School of Art and Design might just make things easier. They've established themselves as a premier institution for teaching Interior Design. They offer a one-year Diploma course on subjects like Commercial and Residential Design, Furniture Graphics and Design, 2D and 3D Design, Landscape Drafting and Design Merchandising and Sales, to name a few. The Diploma Course is followed by an Advance Diploma course, which is followed by a 2-year Graduation Course. They've even got an Interior and Landscaping Consultancy and Trading Division in their programme now. This is to help the students find employment opportunities as soon as they complete their courses at the school.

Chittran has also released a self-titled design magazine. Its first issue for November/December 2003 contained an apartment buying guide, as well as tips on financing a house-building project, as well as information on the Chittran School of Design and Art. At Tk 75 per copy, it is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to refurbish his/her home, or buy an apartment.

The Chittran School of Design and Art is located at House 16, Road 6, Block C, Banani, Dhaka 1213. For further information on fees and admission, you can visit their website at www.chitraninterioredu.com

By Sabrina F Ahmad

Did you know

Perfect food for your child

Sprouts: Make a delicious snack of sprouts. Add sprouted pulses like whole green ‘moong’ ‘chana, ‘rajma’ soya bean or black whole ‘urad’ to the regular dry ‘bhel’ along with puffed rice (’Kurmura’), chopped onions, groundnuts and salt. Top it with Lime juice.

Nuts: Groundnuts and almonds are popular with most children. These healthy nuts are rich in proteins and vitamin E, which are essential for growth.




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