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Shop special

Fight summer in the smartest way...

Summer is here again. With scorching heat and unbearable humid life is getting tougher day by day, which it is the time to get all dressed up to fight back the summer swings.

Drop at Chandi Chawk anytime this week, They have all sorts of lovely summer prints available in pure cotton and Bexi cotton. Floral, polka dots, stripes, checks and the list goes on. With some small lace-work and decorative buttons, make a summer look that gives both pleasure and comfort. All the boutiques are also coming up with their summer collections. Chic sleeveless blocks fatuas or shalwar kameez, very wearable, and also fit in your budget are the things to buy this summer. Cool colours and simple designs will help you breeze through the day, feeling fresh.

Hop into Westecs, Tex-mart and similar stores for comfy T-shirts and three-quarters. Wear them in your weekends while going out with buddies for an ice-cream treat. Jeans for the summer should be lighter.

In a hot summer day it is difficult to get all dressed up for a busy schedule at work. Use light lip colours, available in the market from Lakmé, Persona, Jordana etc. Nice soothing colours are very good. Lakmé daily face wear soufflé is an essential product. This gives your skin a smoother look and also won't make you feel made up. Kohl pencils are found in all make up stores. Go and grab lots of these summer-look products. Rexona, Fa, and Nivea have a wide range of deodorant sprays available in the market. Always keep one in your bag. Body odour is something that you should never have.

Sun protection lotions are a must. Get a sunscreen lotion and buy it with care and the SPF should be according to your requirement. For our climate, it is good to have a lotion that has SPF of more than 20.

Good news for girls: now all the cosmetic stores have facial tissues to wipe out the dirt and sweat from your face. Almas, Priyo and other such stores have these in plenty. Keep one in stock always so that you don't look oily and greasy.

Umbrellas are not only for the monsoon season. This is a good way to fight the summer in addition to those sun protection lotions. Get a good-looking umbrella along with the sunscreen lotion to avoid getting tanned. New market and Gulshan markets will offer you nice umbrellas for your safety check.

For guys let's not forget about Banga Bazar or the College Street market (opposite to Dhaka college). Nice T-shirts, pants, shirts are available at a cheaper price and you can haggle till your last breath and walk away with unbeatable bargains. Different caps are also found in various stores. Try to keep a cap to support yourself from the heat and light.

So get up and get ready. Go out get yourself the necessary summer products to feel good and be comfortable.

By Bohemian Soul

Shop talk

Tie clip/cuff links
Frankly, ties have no other function than to act as a noose around the neck, albeit a glorified noose. It is part of the formal attire and there is no escaping it. Hence you get accessories for it as well. Tie clips along with matching cuff links can be found at Menz Klub in Rifles Square, Monsoon Rain and pretty much all along the shops lining Elephant Road. Most of these cost slightly less than 500 taka. You can get these in basic silver with engraved designs or stone settings. The latter can be used to smartly match your shirt. With the clips you can prevent your tie from taking an annoying dip into the curry dish at a wedding.

Beat the heat with a T
This summer is a scorcher. Its perfect weather for having your car painted but it's a killer for any other activity. In this weather nothing beats the comfort of a collarless short sleeved cotton T-shirt. They are perfect for lounging at home or going out for pizza as long as the material does not look like Swiss cheese. You can find these at Meena Bazaar within 100-120 taka. They come with lots of weird graphics. Single colored Ts can be found in front of the Dhaka College and in Bongobazaar for less than 60 taka per piece. It's inexpensive and still looks good. And if it does look like Swiss cheese all the more better because then you have added ventilation.

You need a belt to hold up your pants either because your belly is non existent or else it is so large that it is successfully pushing your pants off your waist. Sometimes you can do without a belt but a nice one completes the look. Elephant Road would be the best place to go shopping for belts with places like Khazana offering some of the branded stuff. Aside from branded items, good quality soft leather belts cost around 400 taka. Below that at around 200 taka you will get leather that is a bit tough. You can also get belts for less than 100 taka. These are shiny rubbery pieces that are rubbery because they are made of old tires. Stay away from these if possible.

They say a proper handkerchief is a sign of a cultured gentleman. A proper hanky would be cotton or silk nicely ironed and folded to be used when required. It creates a good impression when offered to a damsel in distress (e.g. damsel drops ice cream on her hands). Of course 'they' say a lot of things. You can get your sign of cultured gentlemanliness for anything between taka 10 Tk. to 50 Tk for the cotton ones. Silk hankies are a little more difficult to come by. You can have them tailor-made including monograms for less than 200 taka depending upon the degree of craftsmanship required. It looks great inserted in the formal jacket pocket near the lapel. Makes you want to introduce yourself as Bond, James Bond.

Black or white?
Fatuas are all the rage now especially with them being so cool, literally. Cotton fatuas with short sleeves and open necks are the perfect fashion statements for this season. Check out your choice of trendy designs at Shaada Kalo at Rifles Square. Most of these are white pieces with black designs reflecting our tradition. All the prices are below 500 taka.

Shoes sometimes create a thermometer effect with the heat starting from the toes and rising till it explodes through your head. Sandals offer cool comfort for the feet. Apex has pretty much taken the country by storm with its simple slip on designs despite the slightly hefty price tags of above 1200 taka. Bata offers a lot of different styles with Velcro straps for around 700 taka. This way you do not lose your footwear when running away from a suddenly approaching "agitated mobs" (i.e. hartal procession). Look for ones with a leather bottom instead of the velvety materials which can smell pretty badly if they get wet repeatedly. Other non branded designs can be had for similar prices but be wary of the soles. If the rubber sole is too soft it will crack around the toes.

Men have this bad reputation of having stinky feet. It's no wonder when they do not change the socks for weeks. It's handy to keep several pairs and keep changing them. If you have to wear shoes you need socks that let your feet breathe. Cotton socks are perfect for this. Good cotton socks are within 100-150 taka a pair available at New Market.

Why does Superman, Batman and other men of their ilk wear their underwear on the outside? Or do they call it overwear? Maybe that's how they differentiate between the common men and the super ones. For us commoners cotton undies are a must. You can get these at about any general stores that sell clothing items. Good cotton pieces generally cost around a 100 taka per pair. You can get sets as well in different colors other than the basic white. At present all you get are the Y-front swimsuit designs. Anything else including boxers are very rare. Don't bother with branded items as only the superheroes can show off the labels. However Pride has bought out a pack of three for something around three hundred, you can try it out.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny





Essentials Special

Keeping the blue
This week's LS is all about men's clothing. How to wear them, and where to get them, isn't it the easy part. Chores like taking care of the laundry lies upon some other people. However, things are beginning to alter. Although at a very slow pace still some males in our country are doing the laundry these days. Here is a little laundry titbit for these men. Everyone likes their jeans blue? The colour fades away after a few months. To prevent blue jeans from fading away try the following. When you are doing the laundry be sure to turn the pant inside out. Wash it in the coolest water possible. Dry on lowest heat, possibly under a shade. It will slow down the fading process and the jeans will last longer.

A little more imagination
You are all set with your best outfit for a date, still one thing left. What would you get for your date as a present? First thing that comes in to everyone's mind is a bunch of flower and it is the best gift there is. If you are going to buy someone flowers, do not simply order a dozen of red roses, Rajanigandha or the bouquet squeezed with dying flowers that you see in the street side flower shops. That takes absolutely no thought or imagination and needless to mention it is cliché. Try to be a little more imaginative and make your own bouquet. Just get a bunch of wildflowers, pick some good-looking wild plants from the lawn. Look for some creeper plants. Money plant would do just fine. Put them in a clay pot just the way you like it and it's a fine bouquet. It might even look better than ikebana.

Those days are over
It is a common trend in the whole world. In every date guys pay the bill. Well, it is about time this manner changes. Girls should start paying the bill and start being more active. This will only help them get out of the stereotyped subordinate life.

Junk it now
Men with unshaven bristly face, rough lips and skin, dirty fingernails, shirt unbuttoned half way to the chest, these notions of macho personalities are totally out. Junk it now. Show your human side, be polite, act natural, respect women and show interest in their way of life. Women these days are sensitive about these issues.

By Shahnaz Parveen




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