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guesthouse dining room

When friends come over for the evening, the attention is often centred on the meal. A little consciousness about dining room's decor and lighting can make even the simplest meal memorable.

If we look back a couple of centuries, we will find that a separate room for dining did not become common until the Victorian era. Before that, a special room for eating was a luxury not to be found in average homes. Modern living often dictates a return to earlier practices and the custom of a separate room for dining is no longer the common rule. Frequently, smaller living spaces demand that the dining room must be combined with another room such as the living room or kitchen and space has been made in hallways to accommodate this function. Properly designed dining rooms are like successful restaurants. Our focus this week is on the decor of the dining room of a guesthouse. When people feel relaxed and comfortable in the dining area, they usually have a favourable overall opinion of the establishment.

The pictures show the 'Green Goose' guesthouse, which is a rather well known guesthouse in Gulshan-2. The owner of the guesthouse became bored with the decoration that existed previously. Designers believe that the old decoration can be effectively updated to create a dramatic change. The new atmosphere can really affect the boarder's attachment to the guesthouse.

The floor was very old, and covered with discoloured mosaic. This was replaced by 2'-0"x1'-0" porcelain tiles. A graphic art design was created, using different coloured tiles and a black granite border. An eye-catching curved design on the floor brings a whole new dimension to the area. Tiles or marble are essential for the floor of the dining area, because these are easy to clean and maintain.

A symmetrical design was also arranged in the ceiling to mirror the graphics on the floor. The main ceiling surrounds a curved white low false ceiling. ½" molded beats are also set on the edge of the ceiling.

Lighting is very important for the living area. A good source of bright, indirect light is essential in any lighting plan for the dining room. Designer arranged a series of tube lights as well as indirect lights in the false ceiling. Installing a source of indirect light will provide excellent shadow-less illumination for paying bills.

As furniture in the past was made to order, fully matched dining sets were not in existence. Instead, the customer usually commissioned appropriate chairs to be made as a set for the room but tables were a separate item and not purchased to match. Matched sets did not appear regularly until the 1880's, when mass-produced oak sets were constructed.

When planning the room, the first things to be determined are the number of people; how many people dine there on a regular basis. At this point when decisions should be made regarding the shape and size of the table. A small square table was arranged for the guesthouse boarder. The designer used the same fabric in the chair and the top of the table. The tablecloths are also of similar fabric, and mat set and napkins are also matched. The dining area is partitioned into two sides. One side is long and other side is square. The ceiling was very high in the long section, so a curved false ceiling was placed there.

The long window was covered by curtains with simple curved striped maroon drapes of a fabric similar to the upholstery of the chair. Each window in the guesthouse can be a showcase for beautiful fabrics and daring design, but successful window treatments must go beyond decoration to enhance a window's function. Windows mediate between the world outdoors and the world within. In warmer climates uncomplicated drapes and curtains can help streamline the transition between indoor and outdoor living space. Hence, the long window was chosen for good treatment.

Clearance space for chairs is very important. A normal chair will occupy 1'-6" to 1'-10" of space. For serving, a traffic path of 1'6" to 2 feet around the table should be planned.

The guesthouse dining room is also a place for relaxation. A small TV corner has been arranged for the boarder's entertainment. A music system also can help put people in a good mood. An L-shaped sofa was set in the corner, to make it comfortable.

The door to the dining room is also very important. The door shown in the pictures is a change from the dark situation that existed previously.

Plants were arranged around the sofa, and the spotlights were trained to illuminate these. This, combined with the dazzling floor, gives the whole area a calm and cosy feel. The dining room is now ready to receive guests.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant,
For further details, contact: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Mr. Mohidul Haque













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