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Shop talk

Assorted biscuits
Those of us who love tea are also fond of savoury biscuits. Biscuits dipped in hot tea taste great during the breakfast. Today the shelves of supermarkets are lined with biscuit tins most of, which are imported from Malaysia. With tiny packets inside containing a wide variety of creamy, non-creamy, chocolate and non-chocolate biscuits, one of such tins is worth purchasing each month. There are too many brands to choose from, there are Summer Day, Golden Treats, Golden Delights, Topmix etc. Each of these biscuit tins will cost you around tk.200 in the general and superstores of Dhaka.

Blank CDs
CDs are great for saving big files; the floppy diskettes have too limited capacity and they are going out of date. Superstores like PQS have blank CDs in their collection. Those one-time-use blank CDs will cost you about tk.35 while the re-writable ones are available at well over tk.150.

Fresh fruits
Diseases like typhoid, jaundice and chicken pox are on the rise. And in this season, it's good if you drink a lot of liquid and a lot of fresh fruits to keep these diseases at bay. Try purchasing those stimulating green coconuts from the local fruit vendors. Washing your face with water of green coconut will also fade those marks left by chicken pox. Each green coconut now costs within tk.8 to tk.10. Chapa, which a small-sized breed of banana, taste sweet and a tad tangy and is great for health during this season; each dozen will cost you around tk.12. Sugarcane is also good for fighting diseases during this season. If possible, extract the juice of sugarcane and drink to keep yourself healthy.

Australian fruit juices
Australian fruit juices are renowned for their purity and nutrition. Pacific Orchard's fruit juices are available in small bottles of 250 ml in PQS. These fruit juices are free of any kind of added colours, sugar or preservatives. Available in flavours apple, apple & blackcurrant, orange etc, each 250 ml bottle will cost you tk.60. This summer try some invigorating fruit juices keep your body steady and healthy.

Cute cushions
In the branches of Aarong, you can get hold of a variety of multicoloured and multi shaped cushions to add good taste to your abode. Available in forms of heart, moon, fish and so much more, these colourful cushions are worth purchasing and giving that cute look to your and your child's bedroom. Prices will vary by size, but within tk.150 you can buy one of these lovely cushions to enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

Food essence
To add the desired flavour to your foods and drinks, food essences are essential indeed. Foster Clark's food essences are available in fruit flavours like banana, lemon, strawberry, orange and so much more, in the outlets of PQS. Each little bottle will cost you about tk.35. So add your favourite essence to your foods and wait to hear words of appreciation from friends and family.

By Wara Karim

Hair today, gone tomorrow
It's a thought that causes many people to have sleepless nights. Hair has such a strong hold on people’s lives that a silly statistical survey for a silly university course has shown hair raising results. People on average will rate having hair as more important than having three meals a day. Some would even kill for someone else's hair and that is in the literal sense. It is amazing the lengths people will go to for having hair.

Hair colour
It is said that white hair is a sign of wisdom. All the sage people in movies dealing with wisdom of a thousand years show people with flowing white hair. There's Rayden of Mortal Kombat and the masters from Kill Bill and Karate Kid. Okay, so Master Miyagi of Karate Kid didn't exactly have it flowing but you get the drift. People in general don't want to be so blatant with their wisdom. They conceal it with all kinds of colouring, which has become a fashion trend. Women especially are using it to cover their grey strands with black or any other colour. The big name branded hair color products can be found in selected outlets of the big shopping centres of the city. Quality products by Godrej, L'oreal, Garnier etc are available in multiple shades and colors between 280-580 taka.

Hair colour oil
Such oils are available that help to darken graying or dull hair. It is oil with a little dye that helps to colour while nourishing the roots without damaging the scalp. Dulhan, Kesh Kala, Vasmol, Godrej Kesh Kala etc are well known brands costing 120, 70 and 50 taka respectively.

Hair band
No matter how hot looking the hair, long hair kept untied just seems to intensify the effect of the summer sun. It seems to create a hot blanket over the back and shoulders. To create a stylish respite from the heat, hair bands are available in different colours to create your desire 'do'. Pony tails help in this regard. The ring type bands are especially helpful for typing up short length hair by raising it above the neck. School going young girls looks smart and cute with these accessories costing within 10-30 taka. These can be found in all cosmetic shops.

Hair fluid
Do you get tied up in knots when your hair is in a knotty condition? Before you go off to become acquainted with a pair of scissors try out a lotion named Livon Silky Potion. Applying lightly over wet or damp hair helps prevent torn tresses during combing. It removes the roughness of the hair leaving a non greasy sheen. It also has vitamin E to help nourish the hair. Found in select stores it costs 280 taka.

Sunscreen face powder
Along with lotion and cream there is now also powder joining the fight for shelf space in the war of sunscreens. Ponds has released its face powder with sunscreen that takes about 30 seconds to get a face that looks bright and remain bright. As a result the product is called Angel face. The price is 30 taka.

Body spray
Body odour can be a problem. Well, maybe not as bad as TV ads showing people losing jobs over it but it is a problem in this heat. These are lightly scented with many different floral scents and prices ranging between 80 taka and 150 taka. Big stores like Nipun, Agora and PQS have such collections with reasonable prices for you to pick on the run. If you are really on the run and if ads are to be believed, body spray will throw off the odour-sniffing tracking dogs running after you.

By Sultana Yasmin Translated by Ehsanur Raza Ronny





Essentials Special

Why do we need water?
Water is a necessity for all things living. Without food, human beings can survive for weeks but without water, it is impossible for them to last for more than a few days. The human body is approximately 70 percent water. The only thing more important than water for human body is oxygen. Here is why water is so important for us: Water maintains our body temperature. It aids us in digestion and to metabolise fat. It lubricates organs, transport nutrients to body parts and flushes out toxins. Our body constantly excretes water through sweat and urine. It is extremely important to replenish human body with plenty of water every day. Average human body requires at least eight to 10 glasses of water a day, and during a typical tropical summer like ours you should simply double the intake.

Saving water resources
Summer takes its toll in many forms. Along with the unbearable heat, dehydration, and seasonal diseases, comes load shedding, water crisis and so many other problems. In many areas of Dhaka, water crisis has already reached the highest point. Those who suffer most live in the slums. It is crucial that we save our water resources. It is not very easy to do but it is absolutely worth trying.

Here is what you can do
Never put water down the drain when there may be another use for it such as watering a plant or garden. Repair all the faulty lines and leaks. Sometimes toilets flushes run constantly; replace them immediately. We often dispose tissues, insects and other such waste by flushing in the toilet. Instead of doing so trash them in the garbage can. Use a bath tub or a bucket to take a bath instead of standing under the shower. Showers waste a lot of water. Do not let water run while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your face. Try avoiding washing dishes under running tap instead fill in the sink with water and then wash. Do not use a hose while washing the car or watering the garden instead try buckets. It wastes hundreds of gallons of water. It is possible to save gallons of precious water, if everyone of us perform these minor duties on a personal level.

By Shahnaz Parveen





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